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Placements and Companies visited at Apollo Priyadarshanam Institute of Technology, [APIT] Chennai

Soft skills are significant part among the various skills set imparted to Apollites. On graduation, Apollites step into their career with confidence and are able to perform as per the expectations of industry. Now a days HR selection process is competency-based and Apollites are given practice in Industry-demanded skills and are ready to face the selection process.
Trainings are imparted to Apollites to enhance their skills and to achieve good placement in various Industries. Apollites are equipped with life skills. Along with technical expertise, development of a holistic personality is taken care of.
The Apollites are trained to work with significant independence and are made strong in leadership qualities. Apollites are trained to have adequate competence to perform the designated duties in effective manner. Apollites are trained to be pro-active and committed and also to be effective team-players and to have passion for learning at the work place. Apollites are trained to have capability to leverage the knowledge and promote cross-functional learning.
Trainings are imparted to enhance the capabilities of Apollites by developing talent, creating knowledge through institutional solutions such as creating digital resources and creative technology solutions for class room learning.
To enable Apollites to acquire the targeted industry requirement for recruitment process, the following aspects are carried out.

Assessment of Students

Performance and learning levels are assessed by the examinations and these are formative feedback mechanism. Mock tests are conducted to separate students according to their intelligence level.


Apollites are categorized according to their intellectual abilities. This is mainly based on the assessment tests conducted during the course work and students are categorized according to their standards. Then knowledge is transformed based on their perception and intelligence levels.

Non-Verbal Presentations

Learning aids like charts, data sheets, work sheets, slides, power point presentations, models, animations, multimedia, audio/video aid, projector/LCD, desk top/lap top, internet, etc., are used for reaching expected levels of intelligence.

Group Discussions

Different kinds of topics are framed and the deliberation process is thrown open to the whole group of Apollites. Apollites are required to exchange ideas and opinions amongst group members on a specific and familiar topic. Apollites are trained to articulate different types of situations through adequate discussion till they reach a satisfactory level. They are required to contemplate real life situation and arrive at possible solutions. To ensure this, mock group discussions are conducted to make them effective and efficient.

Language Proficiency

Apollites are trained for proficiency in language and on aspects such as syntax, phonology, etc.

Factors Considered during Training

The following factors are considered during training of Apollites:
Apollites are encouraged to consider past experiences and relate their skills learned to present and future work experience.

Reasons for studying or going through assessment are discussed.

Plan and follow up are created to reinforce the abilities of Apollites.

Expectations are defined and schedule is designed for desired behavior.

To foster the employability skills, the following activities are conducted:

Work place-based approaches are used for fresh graduates because of authentic context in which employability skills can be demonstrated and applied.

Practical case studies, simulations and activities with Industry representatives are arranged to help to address the lack of awareness at real work station.

Flexibility and working in different assignments help Apollites a chance to learn, explore and innovate during their work and to evolve new techniques for better efficiency.

Apollites are provided with lots of opportunities to get to know about successful people, employers and alumni to help develop confidence.

Because of the above Trainings Apollites

Stand out among others and become able to secure lucrative and esteemed positions

Are Empowered to create various opportunities in various sectors of industry

Are Helped to advance in their careers during different levels of work

Are Helped to grow beyond money motivation and to promote them in their future endeavors

Reviews on Placements of Apollo Priyadarshanam Institute of Technology, [APIT] Chennai

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] Reviews

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech], batch of 2017
  • The college website claims that its students have been placed in companies like Google, HCL, Infosys and many other IT companies. However, the first batch hasn’t come out yet.
  • The college does provide some soft skill training before the placement process.

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