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Scholarships of ACN College of Engineering and Management Studies, [ACNCEMS] Aligarh

ACN College of Engineering and Management Studies, [ACNCEMS] Aligarh Scholarships

Current Engineering Student Scholarships

We strongly recommend that all students applying for below mentioned scholarships complete the following to maximize financial aid packages:

ACN Foundation Scholarship Application 
College of Engineering Scholarship Application
Academic base scholarship 
Government of India Minority Scholarship 
Government of India SC/ST Scholarship 
Please read before completing your scholarship application.

All new or currently enrolled students who wish to renew their scholarship no (1) and (2) above need to put application on or before respective dates. The College will no longer accept paper applications beyond that.

Please read the following helpful hints before completing your application for scholarships.

Helpful Hints

You will need to answer a wide variety of questions which may not seem relevant to you, but keep in mind that the application is designed to match students with as many scholarship opportunities as possible.

Prepare a Personal Statement before starting the application. You will have the opportunity to cut and paste the information into the application (Word is preferred). Please note that the Personal Statement is expected to be not more than 1 page in length. The quality of the essay is a significant factor in determining scholarship recipients. The essays should be well organized, concise, and provide the scholarship committee with relevant information about the student that is not already included on the application form or that might need further explanation.

Please make sure that you certify the application at the end of the process. It is critical that you complete this section. IF IT IS NOT COMPLETED, YOUR APPLICATION WILL NOT BE EVALUATED. Upon successful certification and submission of the application, you will receive an email confirmation.

Scholarship Contacts – If you have questions about scholarships, you should contact the College of Engineering Scholarship Coordinator, Sajjad Chaudhry, at [email protected] E-mail is the preferred method of contact.

Academic-based Scholarships Only

Every year ACNCEMS award and recognize their students who are University performer, irrespective of whether he/she is availing other scholarships or not. If you find yourself fit in such award criteria, you need to inform ACNCEMS scholarship office at once. The Scholarship Committee will make selections and notify recipients during odd and even semesters.

For engineering majors, the most important part of the application is the Personal Statement section. You should use the Personal Statement to tell us about your specific interests, experiences and goals as they relate to your current engineering studies and future engineering career. For example, your interests could be as general as manufacturing or consulting. An ECE major might be interested in power distribution or circuits. If there is a specific company that you are interested in, be sure to mention that. Discussion of classes and internship/ experience is also appropriate. While most of the statement should focus on engineering, it is also appropriate to discuss your financial situation. And if you answered yes to any of the application questions, please include a paragraph in your Personal Statement to provide details.

Virtually all of our scholarship accounts are awarded based on academic performance. Some of our accounts have additional criteria such as financial need, campus leadership, service activities or county of residence – but academics is the primary focus.

International students are eligible to apply for engineering scholarships (both departmental and College), as most of our funds are available to all engineering students regardless of nationality. Please note – scholarships for international students are usually small and range from around $500 to $1,500 per year.

Merit and Need-based Aid

To be considered for Scholarship no (4) and (5), you must file the Scholarship Application directly to GoI through our support and application recommendation. It is important to apply by the scholarship deadline, please keep yourself in contact with Mr. Sajjad Chaudhry for regular updates.

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