Royal Military College Ranking

13 General Crerar Crescent, ON K7K 7B4
Estd 1876

Updated on - May 25th, 2022 | 08:15 AM By Venushree Agarwal

Royal Military College is a renowned institution for the military quality of education provided for students across the globe. For its excellence and way of teaching, RMC has been ranked by several agencies. 

Royal Military College Ranking Highlights

RMC is acknowledged by agencies such as Ranking web of universities, Unirank, Research infosource at global and national levels for its academic excellence and research opportunities provided. The highlight rankings of RMC are given below. 

  • The rank of  62 in Canada and 2837 in the world by Ranking Web of Universities,
  • 66th rank in Canada and 2518th in the world by Unirank.
  • My Canadian University gives Royal Military College a rank of 9 in Canada
  • 2nd best Research University of the year in 2009 by Research infosource

Royal Military College World Rankings

The world rankings received by RMC are given by Unirank, Ranking Web of Universities, Edurank etc. 

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Ranking Web of Universities




Royal Military College National Rankings

Royal Military College has received a rank of 62 in Canada by Ranking web of universities and 66 by Unirank. RMC has also obtained a rank of 6 in Canada given by My Canadian University and a rank of 55 by Unirank.