Lambton College Rankings: World, National & Subject rankings

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Estd 1969

Updated on - May 06th, 2022 | 12:13 PM By Venushree Agarwal

Over 50 years Lambton College is a world-renowned higher education institution that has been supporting Canadian and foreign students by providing a good education. Originally founded in 1966, the college is the second-largest public college in Ontario but has always been consistent and in line with today's global labor market demands.

Lambton College Ranking Highlights

  • Lambton College ranks #2 in Canada by middle college partnerships.
  • It ranks 5th and 6th in Canada, respectively, in the areas of research persistence and research development.
  • Lambton College is #8,454 in the world and #121 in Canada in 2020.
  • Lambton Research and Innovation wins Gold Award at Sicon Applied Research and Innovation Excellence Award-2020
  • Research Infosource Inc is ranked #3 in Canada for research in 2020.

Lambton College World Rankings

Lambton College is ranked # 1 among the top 50 Canadian colleges in 2018. Lambton Research Groups at Lambton College allows students to reach the edge of fast-growing academic disciplines and participate in real-world projects. Given below are some of the world rankings awarded to Lambton College:

Ranked By World Ranking 2021
Times Higher Education -
QS World University Rankings -
Continental ranking 2085
World Ranking 8531

Lambton College National Rankings

Lambton College is ranked in the top 50 colleges in Canada. It is highly ranked by many national and international agencies. Lambton College positions are awarded based on several status factors, such as employment status, research research, funding and awards, reputation, etc.

  • Ranked # 1 among research colleges in Canada in terms of research revenue.
  • Middle College ranks # 2 in Canada in partnership numbers.
  • Ranked # 5 in Canada for the strength of its research.
  • Ranked # 6 in Canada for research development.