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Estd 1969

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Dawson College is an English language CEGEP located in the heart of Montreal, Canada. It offers excellent faculty to its students and also an innovative learning experience both inside the classroom and lab environment and within their community. Professional and support staff offers students every opportunity to succeed in their studies and extracurricular activities with specialized services designed to their individual needs. Today, Dawson College has a student population of 10,000 with 600 teachers and 400 non-teaching staff.

When was Dawson College Established?

Founded in 1968, Dawson College received its charter to become the first language, English-language CEGEP in the Quebec network. In September 1969, the College and its 111 teachers welcomed the first incoming class of 1,655 students.

Where is Dawson College?

Dawson College is located in the heart of Montreal, Canada, and is the largest CEGEP in the whole of Quebec.

Dawson College Affiliation

Dawson College Canada is affiliated with the Colleges and Institutes Canada (CIC), Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA), Quebec Student Sports Federation (QSSF), and many others. 

Education at Dawson College

Dawson College offers around 26 pre-university programs and technical courses. Pre-university programs are offered in various disciplines such as social science, science, visual arts, and many more. Technical courses are offered in several fields of study such as nursing, graphic design, interior design, etc.

Why Choose Dawson College?

Dawson College is a vibrant and inclusive community dedicated to providing quality higher education. It is located in the heart of downtown Montreal, linked directly to the Atwater Metro station by a tunnel and close to activities, restaurants, museums, and all the other exciting things this city has to offer. Some of the highlights of Dawson College are shown below:

  • Academics: With 26 innovative programs in the sciences, arts, social sciences, and more, there’s something for everyone.
  • Location: Dawson College is easily accessible downtown, and connected to the Atwater Metro by an underground tunnel.
  • Student Life: There is always a lot going on, with many activities to choose from that make an interesting student life.
  • English-language CEGEP: It was the first English-language CEGEP when it started offering classes in 1969. Today, it is the largest CEGEP in Quebec.
  • Facilities: Dawson College offers an amazing library and gyms, and other facilities, like labs, fitness, and combat rooms with the latest in technology and equipment. 
  • Great Student Experience: Thousands of students have graduated from Dawson College over the last 37 years. The students get a great education and had a good time doing it, and they are doing good in their careers. 
  • Athletics: You can join one of 17 intercollegiate and competitive teams or show up to cheer on the Dawson College Blues at a game.

Dawson College Students Enrollment

Dawson College is home to over 11,000 students from all over the world enrolled in various pre-university and career/ technical programs. The detailed student enrollment at Dawson College is mentioned below: 

  • Pre-University Students: 5,626
  • Career/ Technical Students: 2,614
  • Total Students who graduated from Dawson College: 2,613
  • The Total Enrollment of Students in 2018-19: 8,266

Dawson College Programs

Through its 26 pre-university and technical programs, Dawson College offers students different kinds of educational experiences. Also, it is a leader in pedagogical research and innovation at the college level and strives to ensure that teaching practices that engage students and contribute to their academic success permeate throughout all programs. Given below are the different programs offered at Dawson College for international students:

  • Career Programs: 3-year programs that allow its graduates to enter the workforce or to pursue their studies at a university level.
  • Pre-University Programs: 2-year programs that will lead its graduates to pursue their studies at a university level.
  • Special Areas of Study: Dawson offers various choices for certificates and special fields of study

Special Areas of Study

  • Hellenic Studies
  • Jewish Studies
  • New School
  • Peace Studies Certificate
  • Reflections
  • Women’s/Gender Studies

Academic Departments at Dawson College Canada

Dawson College offers a wide range of pre-university and career programs to students from all over the world. These programs are offered in several fields of study through the many academic departments. Some of the academic departments at Dawson College for both pre-university and career programs are:

Pre-University Programs

  • Health Science
  • Pure & Applied Science
  • Environmental Science
  • Social Science (Profiles)
  • Arts, Literature & Communication (Profiles)
  • Visual Arts
  • Liberal Arts

Career Programs/ Technical Programs

  • Nursing
  • Electronics Technology
  • Interior Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Computer Science Technology
  • Marketing and Management Technology
  • Radiation Oncology Technology

Financial Aid and Scholarships at Dawson College

Dawson College offers over 120 awards, bursaries, and scholarships to academically excellent students and encourages perseverance in education. Some of the scholarship options for international students at Dawson College are:

  • Aditya Youth Trust Fund
  • Glay Sperling Prize
  • Tony Proudfoot Outdoor Education Award
  • William McCallum Memorial Scholarship

Student Services 

Dawson College offers various resources and services for the students. In more than 1 million square feet of interior, space, It houses a massive library, modern active learning classrooms, a rock climbing wall, a theatre, and gyms for the benefit of the students. Some of the support services offered at Dawson College are listed below:

  • Academic Advising
  • Academic Skill Center
  • Language Lab
  • Library
  • Awards & Scholarship
  • Counseling and Career Development
  • Mentor Program
  • Financial aid
  • Health Services
  • Housing (Off-Campus)
  • Ombudsperson
  • Student Employment
  • Bookstore
  • International Development
  • Multimedia Center

University Stats

Student Population at Dawson College Canada

Located at the heart of Montreal, Dawson college offers a variety of courses to its diverse classrooms of students. It was one of the first English-speaking colleges that started in 1969. Dawson College has around 10,000 enrollments each year in the various courses offered across its campus. It offers about 7 pre-university programs to international students.

Dawson College Rankings

Dawson College is an English language CEGEP located in Montreal, Canada. It has been ranked at the top by several national and international ranking agencies. Its rankings are awarded based on several ranking factors such as employment rate, research excellence, funding and endowment, reputation, etc. Some of the Dawson College rankings awarded by different ranking agencies are given below:

  • Ranked #78 in the Consensus World University Rankings for Canada.
  • Ranked as one of the best 100 universities/ colleges in Canada.
  • Science and Social Science at Dawson College ranked #1 by the CEGEP Ranking Program of Quebecor.
  • Mechanical Engineering Training at Dawson College ranked #2 by the CEGEP Ranking Program.

Student-Faculty Ratio


Male-Female Ratio


International Students


Total Enrolment


Admission Details

How can I get into Dawson College Canada?

For international students, official high school or university transcripts, IELTS score of 6, and TOFEL score of 61 are required. The application process to the different Dawson College programs might vary according to the type of the course and the admission requirements of the relevant departments. Dawson College admissions are accepted in three intakes which are Summer, Fall, and Winter. Find below the other Dawson College admission requirements for international students:

Acceptance Rate

Minimum Score
TOEFL Requirements


Minimum Score
IELTS Requirements


Application Website

Accepts Direct Application


Accepts Common Application


Total Applications


Average Tuition Fees

The Dawson College tuition fees for international students are program-based. The tuition fees vary from term to term depending on the program of study. International tuition fees for full-time students range from $6,119 to $9,486 per semester. Given below are the average Dawson College tuition fees for international students at different levels of study:

Degree Type Tuition Fees
Diploma $12,238
Undergraduate $9,300
Post Graduate -

Application Details

Dawson College accepts all its applications and official documents through its online application program. The application deadline is November 1, 2022 for the Winter 2022 semester and March 1, 2022 (Closed) for the Fall 2022 semester. The steps to be followed for the Dawson College application process are: 

  • Decide which program is right for you by reading about our offering. 
  • Check the admission requirements of each program
  • Complete your application, upload the required documents, and pay the fees.
  • Check your application status regularly for updates.
Events Dates
Application Deadline

Other Fees

What is the Annual Average Cost to attend Dawson College?

Apart from the Dawson College tuition fees, the students need to consider residence cost, living cost, and other monthly expenses. Dawson doesn't provide housing facilities. Meal services are also limited for the students. You can get the housing database if you are interested to live in Montreal. Given below are the other Dawson College fees applicable to international students:

  • Accommodation: $1,350 - $1,660
  • Food: $350 per month
  • Books and Supplies: $500 - $1,000
Average Annual Tuition Fees
Average Accommodation
Application Fees

Courses Fees

There are three types of Dawson College programs offered which are career programs, pre-university programs, and special areas of study. The 2 types of schedules that are offered for the students are– Day & Evening. Full-time international students in a program may pay an amount of $6,372 to $9,877 per semester depending on their program. International students who register part-time pay an additional amount of $28.99 to $46.05 per course hour depending on their program/ course. Find the Dawson College courses and the respective fees details for the international students below:

Diploma Courses:

Diploma in Computer Science Technology

Course Fees: $9270

Diploma in Accounting and Management Technology

Course Fees: $9270

Diploma in Marketing and Management Technology

Course Fees: $9270

Diploma in Civil Engineering Technology

Course Fees: $12001

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Technology

Course Fees: $12001

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Dawson College, Montreal, Montreal FAQs

Dawson College, Montreal, Montreal FAQs


Why choose Dawson College?

Several ranking agencies have ranked Dawson College among the top public colleges in Canada. As per UniRank university rankings, it is ranked 103rd in Canada and is listed as one of the top 25% institutions in the world. In addition to this, it is placed among the top 5000 institutions in the world by Cube Rankings.


Is Dawson College good?

Dawson College's graduate employment rate is 90.3%. This college is renowned for its student satisfaction and graduate employment rate, with nearly all of its graduates finding employment within six months of graduation.


What is Dawson College known for?

Dawson College aims at delivering exceptional learning opportunities, career-focused programs, and unique paths to success. It is known for providing real-world career training since 50 years, offering more than 200 undergraduate, graduate, diploma, and certificate programs in a wide variety of subject areas.


How many students are there at Dawson College?

At Dawson College, there are more than 43,000 students enrolled in different programs. The college is also home to over 6,500 international students representing more than 100 different nations.

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Dawson College is located at 3040 Sherbrooke Street West, Montreal, Quebec H3Z 1A4, Canada. Find the location and other contact details of Dawson College below:

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