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Estd 1967

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Overview Content

College Francois-Xavier-Garneau is a French-language college that was brought into operations after the merger of several institutions which became public in 1967. The college takes pride in being home to approximately 8,000 students who are enrolled in different programs offered by the college. Almost 1,500 students graduate every year from the college and the college believes that the dedicated faculty members and the student’s continuous effort have made such success possible.

When was College Francois-Xavier-Garneau Established?

College Francois-Xavier-Garneau was established in 1969, the college was established after the merger of two colleges, Collège des Jésuites (Jesuit College) and École normale Laval (Laval Normal school). 

Where is College Francois-Xavier-Garneau? 

College Francois-Xavier-Garneau is located in the heart of the Province of Quebec, Canada.

College Francois-Xavier-Garneau Accreditation and Affiliations

College Francois-Xavier-Garneau is affiliated to ACCC , CCAA , QSSF and AUCC

Education at College Francois-Xavier-Garneau 

College Francois-Xavier-Garneau offers two types of programs: pre-university and technical. The pre-university programs, which take two years to complete, which is similar to the additional year of high school prepare students for their university journey. 

The College Francois-Xavier-Garneau offers 33 programs in the following categories-

  1. Technical
  2. Academic
  3. Intensive College Diploma
  4. Springboard College Diploma
  5. Continuing Education

Why Choose College Francois-Xavier-Garneau?

There are several reasons why College Francois-Xavier-Garneau has been one of the most preferred study destinations for students all over the world. Some of the reasons are listed below:

  • College Francois-Xavier-Garneau offers both on-campus and off-campus working facilities to the students
  • It welcomes around 6000 students every year planning on university studies after a two-year study program
  • Almost 6,000 students are enrolled in regular programs and 2000 are enrolled in continuing education programs
  • Internships, as well as work opportunities after graduation, are provided to the students
  • Both on-campus housing as well as off-campus housing facility is provided to the student

Student Services and Facilities at the College Francois-Xavier-Garneau

The college provides all types of amenities and facilities that play an important role in the overall growth and development of the students. From residential facility to research centers, the college makes sure that the students do not have to face any issues due to the unavailability of the resources or equipment. Here is the list of facilities provided by the college:

Residential Facility

Other Facilities

 158 rooms, lounge, the television set.

Sports activities, well-equipped library, research centers.

Wireless internet facility

Recognition programs

Regular cleaning, laundry rooms.

Socio-cultural activities

University Stats

Home to approximately 8,000 students, College Francois-Xavier-Garneau is known for its remarkable contribution to the field of education. The college takes pride in successfully being able to impart quality education and create highly competent individuals over the years. From providing on-campus work opportunities to placement opportunities at top companies, the college has always made sure that every student's interest, passion are uplifted and encouraged. 

College Francois-Xavier-Garneau Rankings

A French-language college Francois-Xavier-Garneau named after François-Xavier Garneau, a nineteenth-century French Canadian notary, poet, has always been recognized for its contribution in imparting quality education to the students. Some of the achievements of the college are listed below:

  • Ranked 221st in Canada among Canadian Universities as per the "Webometrics Ranking of World Universities" 2018.
  • Affiliated with the Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC) and the Canadian Colleges Athletic Association (CCAA).

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Student-Faculty Ratio


Male-Female Ratio


International Students


Total Enrolment


Admission Details

How can I get into College Francois-Xavier-Garneau?

The admission criteria at College Francois-Xavier-Garneau differ according to the program in which one wants to get enrolled in. The students can select the program depending upon their interest, eligibility from the college website, and make sure that every criterion is fulfilled. One can check the admission requirement for the selected programs at SRACQ (The Regional College Admission Service of Quebec).

Acceptance Rate

Minimum Score
TOEFL Requirements


Minimum Score
IELTS Requirements


Application Website

Accepts Direct Application


Accepts Common Application


Total Applications


Average Tuition Fees

The tuition fee charged by College Francois-Xavier-Garneau varies from course to course. Thus, the students might face differences in the fees charged depending upon the College Francois-Xavier-Garneau programs that they have enrolled in. The tuition fees charged to international full-time students may be approximately $5,682 and for domestic full-time students, the tuition fee may be approximately $1,430 per session.

Degree Type Tuition Fees
Diploma $5,682
Undergraduate -
Post Graduate -

Application Details

The application procedures for different programs are different at College Francois-Xavier-Garneau and every student has to fulfill all the requirements of the program in which they wish to get enrolled in. The eligible applicants are required to create a profile on SCARQ and fill in the online application along with the required application fee. Along with the application form, documents like a copy of the passport, official transcripts are to be provided.

Events Dates
Application Deadline

Other Fees

What is the Annual Average Cost to attend College Francois-Xavier-Garneau?

The other fees that may be charged by College Francois-Xavier-Garneau depend completely on the programs one has enrolled in and also the facilities availed by the student. Along with tuition fees, the students are required to pay accommodation fees if one has availed of the residential facility provided by the institute. The accommodation fee may vary from $399 per month to $480 per month, depending on the type of accommodation one has chosen to stay.

Average Annual Tuition Fees
Average Accommodation
Application Fees

Courses Fees

The course fees that are charged are different for part-time and full-time students at College Francois-Xavier-Garneau. For domestic part-time students, the tuition fee is approximately $2 per hour and for international part-time students, the fee is approximately $27.64 per hour. However, the fees are subject to change depending upon the policies of the institute.

Diploma Courses:

Diploma in Business Management

Course Fees: $

Diploma in Natural Sciences

Course Fees: $

Diploma in Human Sciences

Course Fees: $

Diploma in Accounting and Management Techniques

Course Fees: $

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Contact Information

For any queries related to admission and other college details, one can contact telephone number +1-418-688-8310 or one can visit the institute for necessary details during working hours at the location: 1660 Boulevard de L'Enfant, Ville de Quebec, QC G1S 4S3.

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