TN 10th Social Science Syllabus 2024-25: Check Chapter-Wise Topics

Result Date: 10 May '24
Roumik Roy
Roumik Roy

Updated on - May 7, 2024

The TN 10th Social Science syllabus 2024-25 includes chapter-wise topics for subjects such as History, Geography, Civics and Economics. Students should study the syllabus in-depth before appearing for the TN 10th Exam 2024 to know about the chapter-wise marking scheme and topic allocation in the question paper from the syllabus.

The syllabus helps candidates and teachers to understand the framework of the academic structure and learning outcomes. Candidates should review the Tamil Nadu 10th Social Science syllabus 2024-25 thoroughly and check the chapters and topics that will be covered in the curriculum. 

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TN 10th Social Science syllabus 2024-25: Download PDF

The Directorate of Government Examination, Tamilnadu has provided TN 10th syllabus 2024 for all subjects including Social Science. The syllabus is available in Tamil and English Medium. 

The table below contains the TN 10th 2024-25 Social Science syllabus that candidates can download in PDF format.

TN 10th 2024-25 Social Science Syllabus PDF
Particulars PDF Link
TN Class 10 Social Science Syllabus 2024-25 (Tamil) Download Now
TN Class 10th Social Science Syllabus 2024-25 (English) Download Now

A brief overview of the syllabus for TN Class 10th Social Science syllabus is illustrated below. 


Tamil Nadu 10th Social Science Syllabus 2024-25: Exam Pattern

The Tamil Nadu 10th Social Science syllabus 2024-25 provides a comprehensive understanding of question patterns and the different types of questions that will be present in the exam. Students can learn about the TN 10th exam pattern 2024 through a detailed review of the syllabus.

The question paper of TN 10th exam 2024 for Social Science will contain 44 questions with a total of 100 marks. Check the brief analysis of the TN 10th exam 2024 for Social Science illustrated in the table below. 

TN 10th 2024-25 Exam Analysis
Sections / Questions  Marks Question Types
Part I 14 Objective Type/MCQ
Part II 20 Very Short Answer Questions
Part III 50 Short Answer Questions
Part IV 16 Short Answer Questions

TN 10th 2024-25 Social Science Syllabus: Chapter-Wise Topics

The TN 10th 2024-25 Social Science syllabus contains a total of 15 chapters which include 5 chapters in History, 5 chapters in Geography, 3 chapters in Civics, and 2 chapters in Economics. The chapter-wise topics covered in Tamil Nadu 10th Social Science syllabus 2024-25 are provided in the table below.

TN Class 10 2024-25 Social Science Syllabus - Chapter-Wise Topics
Chapters Units Sub-Topics No. of Periods
History Unit 1 Rise of Imperialism 6
Factors-forms-methods conquest of India
China and its effects
Unit 2 First world war-causes, 8
Course-Effects.League of Nations and its failure.
Unit 3 The world between the world wars 10
Economic depression – Rise of Fascism andNazism
Unit 4 Second World War - Causes, Course, Effects 15
UNO and its achievements
Unit 5 The Great Revolt of 1857 6
Social, and religious reform movements
Cause for the rise of National Movements
Pre-Gandhian Era and Gandhian Era.
Unit 6 The Social-Religious Reform Movement in the 19th Century 7
Raja Rammohan Rai
Anne Besent
Dayananda Saraswathi
Swamy Vivekananda
Ramlinga Adigalar
Unit 7 Causes for the rise of National Movements 22
Era-Role of Tamilnadu in Freedom Struggle
Unit 8 Social Transformation in Tamilnadu 8
Geography Unit 1: India Administrative Divisions 26
India - Physiography
Unit 2: National Resources Soil 35
National vegetation
Unit 3: Agriculture and Industry Agriculture – types and distribution 22
Industries- Location factors- Agro and mineral-based industries
Unit 4 Environmental issues 6
Unit 5: Trade, Transport, and Communication India’s internal and international trade 17
Land transport - roadways and railways
Water transport and air transport
Personal and mass communication
Remote Sensing - Meaning and Types
India’s remote sensing programs
Geographic information system and global positioning system -their advantages and uses
Economics Unit 1: National Income Basic Concepts- Methods of Calculating National Income 3
Need for the study of National Income
Role of Government in Economic Development
Unit 2: Indian Economy After Independence Objectives of Five-year Plans 3
Eleventh Five-year plan
Agricultural Development
Economic Reforms of 1991
Science and Technology
Communication and Information Technology
Educational Achievement
Socio-economic development in Tamilnadu
Civics Unit 1 India and world peace 4
Unit 2 Democracy - Unity in Diversity 10
Unit 3 Consumer Rights 6

TN 10th Social Science Syllabus 2024-25: Preparation Tips

The TN 10th Social Science syllabus 2024 is a blueprint for candidates preparing for the upcoming board exam. Candidates should review every aspect of the syllabus to prepare for the exam effectively. Some of the preparation methods are provided below, which candidates should follow to prepare for the exam with the help of the syllabus.

  • Candidates should prepare a routine and timeline to finish the syllabus. 
  • Check the whole syllabus and highlight the important topics that need to be prioritized before the exam. 
  • Cover the whole syllabus to attempt all the questions in the exams. 
  • Check the marking allocation in the syllabus and prepare accordingly. 
  • Candidates should practice the sample papers and previous year's question papers and check how topics are allocated in the question paper.  
  • Take short notes which will help with the last-minute preparation. 
  • Candidates should revise the entire syllabus before the exam and check for chapters or topics that are not covered yet. 


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