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BA English Batch 2019
Miranda House, Delhi University
Overall Rating: 3.8

Reviewed on Jul 15, 2021
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Placements and Internships


Since I was in an English course, we didn't primarily have a dedicated internship cell for the department. Still, Delhi University has an environment of availing internships on your own. You can apply in publishing or content creating online or via internship fairs organized in the university. Some people also participate in research conferences to get experience in the field of research if you are later interested in getting a PhD. The usual stipend for content writing internships ranges from anywhere between 5000k to 10000k, depending on the time you are ready to invest while juggling with your academics. On the other hand, most people pursue a Masters's in English if they are interested in a lectureship.

Entrance Exams and Admissions

Miranda House is affiliated with the University of Delhi, and its entrance is based on the final percentage in the 12th examination. The college releases its cutoff list every year for different courses. One can apply for the college by submitting the required documents if one is clearing the cutoff list. The college authenticates your documents and marks, and if you are clearing the cutoff, you are admitted. I enrolled in B.A. Honors (English) course and the cutoff for general category was 95.75%. The cutoff has usually ranged from 96% to 98% over the last few years for the general category. You can see the past year's cutoff on the website of the college for each course.

Academics and Faculty


The class timings are usually from 9 AM to 2 PM with many breaks in between depending on the classes you have taken. Saturdays are lighter as compared to the rest of the days. In the third year, both Saturday and Sunday are off. Apart from the regular classes, Wednesdays are mostly reserved for tutorials which involve a smaller group of students interacting with the professor.
The quality and method of teaching are excellent. The professors are very qualified and are always there to guide you. The classes are very enriching in the English department and usually have a discussion-based approach. I learnt a lot from the qualified faculty, who were very kind and encouraging at all times.

Fees and Scholarships


The course fee was decent at around 12000 a year. So it was very affordable for all the students coming from any economic background. But if someone still needs a scholarship, they can avail of it. The website of Delhi University has several scholarships available if they fulfill the required academic merit and proof of financial instability. Students from the reserved category can additionally avail Dr. B.R. Ambedkar State Topper Award.

Overall Rating



Placements & Internships


Fees & Scholarships


Academics & Faculty


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Academics & Faculty : The college, recognised under the University of Delhi, strictly follows the curriculum offered under the University guidelines. Nonetheless, the college tries it's best to suit the needs of students to adjust the lectures on different slots. Also, the remarkable faculty tries it's best to imbibe the course with some good lessons for everyday well being. The best part of being in the college is its very accommodating surroundings, ranging from a chaotic society practice to serenity. The infrastructure adds to the overall experience and is one of the best in Delhi University. Academically, students find it hard to score good in the different projects and they have to word extraordinarily hard to stand out. All in all, once you enter into the college, you know you have made a good decision, as it offers a combination of factors which help to deal with adulthood with flying colours

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Academics & Faculty : Miranda House has a great environment. The classes held are not just about a particular subject but also teach us how to survive in the world and face challenges of life. Yes, a lot of assignments are given but its all related to what we observe and see around us. The method of teaching is a co-operative teaching method where we discuss doubts with concerned teachers in small groups. The faculty is available to us and we can easily share our problems with them because of their friendly nature.

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Academics & Faculty : This semester there had been a change in the duration of classes( previously it was 55 minutes and now it is 60 min) and so it is quite tedious. And I believe our lunch break and coffee breaks which are for 20 min and 15 min respectively are too short to refresh oneself. Assignments are usually last minute rushes however am amazed at my peers' works. There is always enough time to study before examinations so no need to worry if one have missed most of the classes or have plenty to mug up before the semester exam. Most of the well experienced senior teachers' classes are worth attending (even if it means waking up at 7.00 on a cold winter morning).However some of the guest lecturers are quite a bore and its better to sleep through the whole lecture. Miranda House has a lot to offer in the overall development of an individual.The groups and societies of the college provides a space for one to renew their passion in art,music,dance and so on. The campus does not lack its own share of festivities

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