Doctorate studies are aimed to focus more on research-oriented studies. However, in order to broaden their learning vision, some core related subjects are included in the curriculum so as to equip the graduates with the technical knowledge required for their thesis. The subjects pursued will have a greater emphasis on the foundations pursued in undergraduate and master's degrees. The subject split up is done into 3 sectors, while paper 1 and paper 5 are mandatory subjects for research and thesis formation, paper-2 consists of several professional optional courses from which the candidates can choose one stream. The number of specialized electives depends upon the institute's course structure which isn't fixed. Following subjects are included in the curriculum which lies greater emphasis on the subjects pursued in undergraduate/ masters study and are followed by major universities across India:

PhD in Philosophy Subjects:

Some of the subjects included in the Ph.D. Philosophy Syllabus are: 


Ph.D. Philosophy Syllabus
SI No Subjects
1 Introduction to Research Methodology
2 Literature Survey
3 Data Collection and Organization
4 Principles of Thesis Preparation
5 Research tools and studies


Ph.D. Philosophy Syllabus
SI No Subjects
1 Theory of knowledge
2 Advanced course in philosophy of science
3 Advanced course in logic
4 Advanced course in formal methods
5 Philosophy of statistics
6 Philosophy of the computer and information science
7 Decision theory
8 Philosophy of mathematics
9 Value theory
10 Philosophy of language
11 Philosophical aesthetics
12 Art Technology
13 Critical Reading in Philosophical Texts
14 Political philosophy
15 Environmental philosophy
16 Philosophy of language
17 Philosophy of Social Sciences


Ph.D. Philosophy Syllabus
Paper-3 Elective(Indian Philosophical Studies)
SI No Subjects
1 Nagarjuna- Mulamadhyamikakarika
2 Sankara’s Commentary on first Four Sutra
3 Isvarakrishna- Samkhyakarika
4 Carvaka- Lokayata,
5 Jaina- Pancastikayasara
6 Early Buddhism
7 The Nyaya Theory of Knowledge
8 Vaisesika Sutra
9 The First and Last Freedom
10 Reason and Tradition in Indian Thought
11 New Perspectives in Indian Philosophy Chapters


Ph.D. Philosophy Syllabus
Paper-4 Elective(Western Philosophical Studies)
SI No Subjects
1 Kant- Critique of Pure Reason,
2 Plato
3 Wittgenstein- Philosophical Investigations
4 A Treatise of Human Nature Book
5 Logical Atomism
6 Some Main Problems of Philosophy
7 How To Do Things With Words
8 Concept of Mind
9 ‘Freedom and Resentment’ and Other Essays
10 Being and Nothingness
11 Being and Time


Ph.D. Philosophy Syllabus
SI No Subjects
1 Thesis presentation
2 Comprehensive Viva Voce

Other Related Syllabus and Subjects:

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