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Unified Cyber Olympiad Awards and Scholarships 2023

Unified Council distributes UCO awards and scholarships for students who have achieved higher scores to acknowledge students' efforts in the UCO Exam. Prizes are distributed to the country toppers, state toppers, and also city toppers. Unified Council selects the cities that are eligible for city topper prizes.

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UCO Awards 2023-24

Awards are distributed to the national top scorers, state top scorers, and city top scores. Besides, Unified Council will award all the national and zonal rank holders of classes 1 to 10 with a voucher INR 400 by UCO also awards certificates and Cyber Diagnostic Report (CDR) to all the participants.

UCO topper is granted a cash prize of INR 2 lakh cash prize. Unified Council will declare the topper who scores the highest percentage of marks among all the classes.

Given below are the details of the awards that will be distributed in 2023-24.

  • Unified Council will award the top 3 rank holders with a Tablet PC, a memento, and a medal.
  • Unified Council will award a cash prize of INR 1000 each for students between ranks 4 to 10 (under each class).
  • Unified Council will award a cash prize of INR 500 each for students with ranks between 11 to 25 (under each class).

Unified Council will award the top 100 rank holders from each class with the following awards.

  • Britannica Encyclopedia of India and The Weather
  • Reasoning trainer plus book
  • A Medal
  • A Certificate of Appreciation

UCO Prizes for Zonal and Class Toppers

Unified Council will award the top 3 rank holders in each zone with the following prizes,

  • 2 CD pack of Britannica encyclopedia of India and the weather (2 CD pack worth INR 1090)
  • A Medal
  • A certificate of appreciation

Unified Council will release zone-wise ranks after excluding the top 100 positions across the country. Also, the Council will declare the top 3 rank holders from each class.

  • The student who scores 100% marks in any of the classes will get prize money of INR 2 lakh. If none of the students scores the same, then the student who achieves the highest percentage of marks among all the classes will be awarded INR 1 lakh.
  • If more than one student achieves the same highest marks, the prize money will be distributed equally.

UCO Certificates and Reports for Students

Unified Council provides student and school reports along with the merit list. Here are the details of reports provided by the Unified Council.

UCO Cyber Diagnostic Reports (CDR)

Unified Council provides Cyber Diagnostic Report (CDR) to every participant. CDR holds the following details mentioned below.

  • Subject-wise and skill-wise performance in graphical representation
  • Overall ranking at the national level
  • Group highest mark
  • Group average mark with CDR feedback on learning
  • Unified Council will generate CDR free of cost to all the students

UCO General School Cyber Diagnostic Report (GSCDR) For Schools

An extensive General School Cyber Diagnostic Report (GSCDR) will be delivered free to all participating schools.

  • GSCDR analyses the performance of students participating in the examination (subject-wise and class-wise).
  • The report, in a graphical format, will be having a histogram graph.
  • A histogram graph is a useful tool for marking the areas of weaknesses to improve performance.

UCO School Cyber Diagnostic Reports (SCDR)

SCDR examines students' performance by dividing the questions for different skills (subject-wise and class-wise). SCDR report serves as a tool for the schools to improve the students' performance in the future by marking the areas of weaknesses. SCDR will also be free of cost.

UCO Merit and Participation Certificates

The Unified Council distributes the merit/participation certificates to all the participants based on their performance.

In case more than one student scores equal marks, preference for awarding ranks will be according to the marks acquired in the following specified order of subjects given below.

  • Mental Ability
  • Reasoning
  • Computers and English

UCO Institutional Awards

Unified Council will present one best performance school award to the top-performing schools in each zone (17 zones). And the certificate of appreciation will also be offered to all the school coordinators.

  • Best performance award (for school)
  • The principal and the teacher-in-charge of the respective schools will be awarded the best contribution to the computer education award and a cash prize of INR 3000 each.

Zones Eligible for UCO Awards

Here is the list of zones eligible for awards and scholarships.

Zones Eligible for Unified Council Awards

Andhra Pradesh

New Delhi





Tamil Nadu

Himachal Pradesh






Uttar Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh




West Bengal









Arunachal Pradesh


NCR excluding Delhi


Union Territories



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