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SilverZone IOEL Registration Form 2024 - Download IOEL Application form

The SilverZone iOEL registration forms are sent to all the registered schools from the foundation. Even the schools that are not registered with the foundation can send mail requesting a prospectus. After successful registration, the schools must return all the SilverZone iOEL registration forms correctly filled in and completed in all aspects before the due date. Students must register only from their schools; no individual participation is encouraged.

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SilverZone iOEL 2024 Application Dates

SilverZone iOEL exams are the talent search exams to improve the English reading and writing skills. The interested students need to apply for the examination under the guidance of the school coordinator or teacher-in-charge of the respective schools. The registration ended on 31st October 2024 for offline mode for all the different categories. Still, students can register themselves 15 days before the examination date through the online registration mode.

Tabulated below are the application dates for the iOEL exam.



iOEL Exam

Important Dates

Registration Start Date

April 2024

Registration End Date


Exam Dates 


SilverZone iOEL 2024 Application Process

Students wishing to apply for this Olympiad can check the details of the application process. An interested student can only apply from their respective schools, with a minimum of 20 members who should apply from a school.

The iOEL application form links are available on the official website of SilverZone. The iOEL application form comprises three forms, one for the student, second for the school, third for the parents.

Below is the process to apply for the online registration for the iOEL 2024 exam.

  • There is an only offline mode to apply for English Olympiad 2024
  • Students can visit the official website to download the SilverZone iOEL, 2024 registration form.
  • Students can apply only through their respective schools and submit the required registration fee to the school coordinators.
  • The registration fees payment mode can be either through DD or online transfer.
  • Participating schools can send their filled-in application and DD to the address mentioned below.
    • B-2, Ansal Chamber II, BhikajiCama Place, New Delhi - 110066, India.

SilverZone iOEL Application Details for Coordinators

SilverZone had started receiving applications, and the last date falls under August 2024. Schools should download the SilverZone iOEL 2024 registration from the official website to start the application process.

Some important notes that the coordinator and students should follow during the iOEL exam registration are as follows.

  • For students participating in their respective schools, the venue for this exam will be their respective schools.
  • Since iOEL does not encourage and permit individual participation, a minimum of 20 students from every school should participate.
  • The registration sheet for the schools and the information booklet will be delivered to schools all over India.
  • Schools' coordinating teachers are responsible for generating the roll numbers for students as per the given guidelines and instructions.
  • After complete registration, the school coordinator must send a copy of the roll numbers with a candidate registration and school registration sheet.
  • The registration forms and fees must be given to the foundation office within 30 days of the iOEL exam.

SilverZone iOEL Registration Fees

The registration form of iOEL can be availed from any of the SilverZone school centers till 31st August 2024. The authority has published no online process for registration in iOEL 2024 this year. The fees are different for children in the home country and host countries.

iOEL Registration Fees for Schools in India

The iOEL 2024 registration fee is Rs.120 per student, out of which Rs.20 will be retained as expenses by the school towards compensation of the invigilator and other expenses like postal expenses, DD charges, and photocopying, etc.

iOEL Registration Fees for Schools Other than India

The iOEL Olympiad registration fee is USD 8 per student. USD 2 can retain for its expenses towards an honorarium of the supervisors, invigilator, and other charges like postal, DD and photocopying, etc.

After applying, students should start their preparation for the examination. Schools should train students for this examination. iOEL 2024 exam syllabus is based on CBSE/ICSE and state boards.

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