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National Entrepreneurship Olympiad Preparation 2021

Initiated by the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, the National Entrepreneurship Olympiad is an examination aimed at building an entrepreneur in young minds. The exam duration is one hour, and students of classes 6 to 12 can write it. In this article, we elaborate on some National Entrepreneurship Olympiad preparation tips that could help the candidates to clear the examination.

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National Entrepreneurship Olympiad Preparation Tips

Some students may have self-doubts about cracking the NEO exam. Due to various factors, they may not be able to do active learning. However, most of it happens because of the lack of a plan or systematic study. The interesting fact is that every one of us goes through this kind of situation at least once in our life.

Below are the study tips to be followed while preparing for National Entrepreneurship Olympiad

  1. Create A Study Space
  2. Make a Timetable
  3. Set a Daily Target
  4. Use Technology
  5. Draw, Don’t Write
  6. Organize Study Groups With Friends
  7. Teaching is the Best Way to Learn
  8. Plan the Day Before Exam

Create A Study Space

Get creative. Don’t just stop at a table and chair. Instead, built for yourself a castle or even a dungeon. You cannot think of the ways the space around you influences your study and thoughts. The brain likes to absorb the things you have studied in a calmful ambience. So make sure you are in a place where no one can disturb you. If you don’t have enough materials to get creative, remember we are humans, and we’ve got the superpower of imagination.

Make a Timetable

Know the important dates of the exam and make a rough timetable in your head. Calculate how much time it will take for each of your subjects. Give more time to the subjects which need more attention according to you. After the rough timetable is set in your head, draw it down into a sheet of paper neatly. Use colourful pens or markers because our brains grasp the colourful letters faster than the mundane colours. Or think of what works for you.

Set a Daily Target

Be your boss and stick to the timetable you have made without anyone’s help. Set a daily target and make sure you have achieved that target before the end of the day. Organize your priorities.

Use Technology

As everyone knows and fails to admit, technology is the best and worst thing that ever happened to humanity. In the case of examinations and studies, no better thing can help you than technology. Technology allows you to research more into a topic or chapter that you may be weak at. In addition, students can study at their own pace than at the pace of the whole class.

Draw, Don’t Write

Use flow charts and diagrams to make the theories more interesting instead of writing them a hundred times. Make stories based on textbook theories or relate them to some real-life incidents. Visuals can be more helpful than writings when you revise.

Organize Study Groups With Friends

Studying with friends can be fun and more effective. Our brain can process the things you study more easily when you are happy. Ask yourselves and your friends to be focused for an agreed amount of time. Take breaks in between to let your brain absorb what has been studied. Your friends may have questions to ask and vice versa. Clear each other’s doubts, which brings us to the next point.

Teaching is the Best Way to Learn

Try to explain and, more importantly, teach it to your friends. When you explain something to someone or when you say it aloud, you learn it more effectively yourself. It makes the idea clear in your head, and when they ask you doubts, you study more to be able to explain it to them.

Plan the Day Before Exam

Make a list of things you might need for your exam, and make sure you have taken all the things on that list. Make sure you know the directions to the examination centre. Arrive on time. As someone said, “Early is on time, on time is late and late is unacceptable,” the importance of time is the greatest lesson we learn in life. Write your exam peacefully.

National Entrepreneurship Olympiad Preparation Booklet

The National Entrepreneurship Olympiad team gives all the necessary materials that could help you pass the exam. In addition, students can also research entrepreneurship, the definition, the types etc.

The preparation booklet covers all the topics mentioned in the NEO syllabus. The booklet can be a useful guide to the aspirants of entrepreneurship.

The National Entrepreneurship Olympiad preparation booklet is available here in PDF format.

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