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IAIS Science Syllabus 2023

Exams conducted by IAIS are contrasting to what most other Olympiads conduct. The exams assess student's competitiveness and qualitative skill in areas of science.
IAS Science Syllabus

IAIS Science 2023 Syllabus

Subject areas where students are tested are given below. The difficulty and the depth of questioning for each area vary for each class.

  • Earth and Beyond: from the end of the universe to the inner workings, astronomical bodies, and phenomena. It is further divided into,

    • Earth Sciences: it is prominently divided into geology, geography, atmospheric science, oceanology, and planetary science.

    • Astronomy is the study of the universe beyond Earth, about its formation, evolution, and phenomenon occurring in this space beyond Earth.

  • Energy and Change: The area relates to physics and physical phenomena like matter & its different states. There are a plethora of laws from the law of conservation of energy to Newton’s laws, optics, etc.

  • Life and Living: The area deals with living beings and their environment. It is divided into,

    • Biology: The subdivision deals with the living, including their structure, function, growth, and taxonomy.

    • Ecology: The area deals with how living beings interact and the environment in which they do so.

  • Natural and Processed Materials: It deals with chemistry, including chemical reactions, properties of these reactions, and different chemicals along with their molecular formula. Besides, it deals with the basic principles of chemistry, and the subject area focuses on natural & man-made materials and their properties.

IAIS Science Skill Areas

These skills areas vary from subject to subject. Skill areas for IAIS Science are given below.

  • Observing and measuring

  • Interpreting data: to understand graphically represented data like diagrams (with parts named) and tables & graphs (bar, line, pie, etc.)

  • Applying data: Use the given data to conclude, observing patterns, and inferring new ideas from the given information.

  • Investigating: To probe into and scrutinize to understand hidden concepts and to develop new ones & experiment on these ideas.

  • Higher-order skills: divided in reasoning and problem-solving.

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