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IAIS Mathematics 2023 Results

IAIS announces its IAIS Mathematics result on its official website. Students are requested to keep their IAIS Mathematics admit card 2023 with them as hall ticket will be required to enter details like enrollment numbers to access their results.

 IAIS Mathematics Results

On this page, students can check the steps to check the results and other result details with the latest updates.

Procedure to Check IAIS Mathematics Result

IAIS Mathematics 2023 dates will be updated from the Macmillan Education official website. Since the IAIS Olympiad is canceled for the year 2023, it's been kept on hold by the management. Any information on the exam getting conducted once released by the management will be updated here. Given below are the steps to check the results.

  • Visit the official website.
  • Click on the school results or student report depending on what you are looking for.
  • Enter the details required. The school should enter the 8- digit school code and password to access online reports.
  • For student registration, candidates should enter the 10- digit TAP-ID and PIN to access online reports. Contact the nearest Macmillan office or ICAS helpdesk to get the school code & Password and TAP-ID & PIN.
  • Login to ICAS and then download the report.

The results of IAIS Mathematics will be given in the form of a diagnostic report. There are two types of diagnostic reports.

  • ICAS school report
  • Student report

Note: Schools and students can check their online reports on the official Macmillan Education website.

IAIS Mathematics 2023 Result Details

A diagnostic report comprises two sections.

  • Section 1: The section comprises a school report summary describing the scores of each class and comparing it with the average score of the region. They also have a page that shows all the average scores of classes regarding the average score of the region on a common scale.
  • Section 2: The section is broken down into multiple smaller sections, each showing different sets of infographics to better show the strengths and weaknesses.
  • Section 2.1 and Section 2.2: The section gives a summary by class and a breakdown of scores depending on the analysis of skill areas.
  • Section 2.3: The section gives you an analysis of questions and arranges them according to the difficulty according to the region's responses. The first column named question content provides the skill which needed to be used to solve the question.
  • Section 2.4: The section gives you the student response analysis, which tells you what percentage of students in the school selected each option.
  • Section 2.5: The section called student results-class order, which shows the list of a student's international, regional, and school percentile. It also shows the certificate that the student was awarded.
  • Section 2.6: The section is called student results in achievement order arranges the students from the highest score to lowest and also arranges questions from the greatest difficulty to the most moderate difficulty.
  • Section 2.7 and Section 2.8: Gives a comparison of class X students over time.
  • Section 2.9: Reports a particular student over the years.

IAIS Mathematics Preparation Tips

Practice as much as you can because practice is the key to getting a good score in the exam.

  • Take All-India Level mock tests: Give time-bound mock tests in a completely exam-like environment to improve your performance at attempting questions.
  • Clear all the doubts: Discuss and clarify doubts with subject experts to better understand concepts.
  • A study from the best sources: NCERT and several recommended books for IAIS Mathematics is the minimum resources you need.
  • Revision is necessary: When you go through a formula or concept, maintain notes in the form of bullet points. These notes will be useful when the exam is closed.

Note: For any queries/questions on the Olympiad Exams comment below.

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