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Hummingbird Spelling Competition 2023 Syllabus

Spell Bee competition develops students for their academic and career success. Basic knowledge of English vocabulary guarantees a better understanding of all the subjects. Humming Bird Spell Bee syllabus is framed by experts and assists students in writing books or scholarly articles. The students of classes 1 to 12 are eligible to attend the Humming Bird Spell Bee competition. The syllabus and pattern for all the classes are discussed on the page.

Table of Contents

Humming Bird Spell Bee Syllabus

Humming Bird Spell Bee competition is not only about words and spelling. It also helps students to learn more about Etymology (through root words) and Phonology.

Most reading comprehension topics are from historically essential and famous letters, poems, news articles, dialogues, and product labels.

Humming Bird Spell Bee competition is split into three sections: word analysis, GK, and phonetics. Word analysis covers 60% of the questions, whereas 30% of the questions will be from the general knowledge section. Finally, the phonetics sections cover the remaining 10% of the questions.

The Humming Bird Spelling Competition 2023 syllabus contains the following topics mentioned in the table below.




Spell it right


Inflicts and collocations


Find the correct sentence


Words and meanings


Form the correct sentence


Reading comprehension




Word weaving


Compound words and kinds/types of words


Synonyms and antonyms


Idioms, phrases, and proverbs


Presenting an argument

Humming Bird Spell Bee Rounds

The Humming Bird Spell Bee enhances a student's knowledge of crosswords, idioms, phrases, presenting an argument, and reading comprehension. The exam is conducted at various, and the syllabus changes accordingly. Details of the same are given below in the table.

Here are the rounds and questions asked in the Humming Bird Spelling competition.



Word Analysis

Word clusters will not be provided.

6 questions will be from the exercise.

2 questions will be from the example words given in the 30 root words study content.

2 questions will be example words for the 30 root words study content (but not mentioned in the book).


6 questions will be from the exercise.

2 questions will be based on the books, authors, or characters mentioned in the exercise questions.

and 2 questions will be based on any recommended book for the student’s age (outside of the preparatory books).


6 questions will be from the exercise.

4 phonetic expressions (from words A-Z) will be given for which words have to be written (groups 1-5).

4 words (from A-Z) will be provided for which phonetic expressions have to be written (groups 6-9).

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