Germany is one of the study destinations that ensures high employability with affordable study costs. It is also noted for the largest international student population when compared to other countries for studying. It also has highly qualified professionals with a nominal study cost and affordable living expenses. The German universities are known for offering fast unique and emerging courses that are globally recognized. The cost of studying is one of the factors that are to be considered while choosing to study abroad.

Germany Tuition Fees for International Students

The cost of studying in Germany is one good option to be known by the students before choosing the state. Among all the European countries, Germany is one of the countries that provide free higher education for students across the world. The German tuition fees for international students were made free to enhance the learning opportunities for students in Germany. Few universities charge tuition fees from the students which are considered to be minimal and affordable. 

Germany Visa Fees

Germany Visa fees depend on the country of origin and type of visa applied. The German student Visa cost of the application will be around EUR 80. Students are required to submit some of the documents for the visa application. They can also apply for a residence permit for a residential stay in Germany which costs around EUR 110. This is another way of choosing living options.

Germany Visa Fees in Indian Rupees

India is one of the Schengen Area Member States that has succeeded in an agreement with Germany. The German study visa cost is the same for all the member countries and it is applicable also for India. Depending on the currency exchange rates, the Germany visa fees from India range around 4,786 rupees.

India to Germany Flight Cost

India is the global hub of air transport with several flights departing to the study destination of Germany from important metro cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, and Hyderabad. The minimum cost of the flight was around 17,000 - 20,000 rupees. February is considered to be the cheapest month for German travel with June and July as the costliest.

Study Cost in Germany for International Students

Though the study cost is free in Germany, students cannot avoid the living expenses. The cost of living in Germany is comparatively expensive than the other cities across the world. This can be handled by proper budgeting of expenses by the students. The average cost over living expenses in Germany is provided below:

  • Food: $205
  • Transport: $115
  • Work/Study Materials: $25
  • Other Expenses on Internet, Phone, etc: $38

Undergraduate Germany University Fees

Students are required to pay the semester contributions, transportation tickets, and several other student support services. The literal tuition fees for the students are free in most of the public universities and charged affordably by some other colleges. Several other fees paid to the university vary for each university and level of study. 

The fees charged on the enrollment and administration in the college are around EUR 250. The Transportation ticket is charged to the student for the transport expenses per semester that ranges around EUR 500. Several German universities provide financial assistance to the students through scholarships, grants, and loans to overcome their financial difficulties.

Masters in Germany Cost

The Postgraduate tuition fees vary for each university between EUR 20,000 - EUR 30,000. MS in Germany cost is free for the students securing consecutive degrees in Germany. The tuition fees for the doctorate studies are completely free for the students Which enhances the research-based study opportunities in Germany. 

  • The cost of MS in Germany for Indian students vary for each university that ranges between 11,825 - 2,74,000 rupees
  • The cost of MBBS in Germany is completely free for students across the world. Such aspiring students have to be aware of their living costs in Germany.

Germany, being the home of several best universities provides a free-of-cost education in several sectors with globally valid degree certificates. The universities charging fees also provides several scholarships for the students to enhance their financial availability for the academic expenses. 

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