Diploma in Health Inspector Jobs:

A health inspector is a very responsible job position in which the responsibilities include inspection of health institution and public a public place and enforcing health mandates which are able to prevent infection and illness and to improve overall health and safety of the public.

The job areas where employment opportunities are available are: 

  • Hospitals 
  • Nursing Homes 
  • Restaurants 
  • Medical Facilities
  • Housing Facilities 
  • Care Facilities 

Diploma in Health Inspector Jobs for freshers:

Fresher graduates of diploma in health inspectors have job opportunities in the medical science Sector. The diploma in health inspector course has the major subjects which are related to health and hygiene, the employment opportunities are provided  for a graduate is listed below:

  • Health Inspector 
  • Hygiene Supervisor 
  • Hygiene Inspector 
  • Floor supervisor 

Diploma in Health Inspector Government and Private Jobs:

Health Inspectors have a huge requirement in both government and public sectors. Some of the employment opportunities which are available are:

  • Health Inspector 
  • Hygiene Inspector 
  • Hospital Facilities Supervisor 
  • Sanitary Inspector 

Diploma in Health Inspector Key Stats:

Source: Payscale 

Other Related Job Scope and Salaries:

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