ANM Jobs:

A large number of lucrative, promising, and exciting job opportunities are available to the graduates of Auxiliary Nursing & Midwifery ANM course:

  1. Application Specialist - Medical & Nursing Education
  2. Nursing Tutor
  3. Home Care Nurse
  4. Certified Nursing Assistant
  5. Staff Nurse
  6. Senior - Nurse Educator
  7. ICU Nurse
  8. Healthcare Nurse
  9. Community Health Nurse
  10. Infection Control Nurse
  11. Teacher - Nursing School

The employment areas for Auxiliary Nurse Midwifery [A.N.M] (Nursing) are:

  1. Rural health centers
  2. Government hospitals
  3. NGOs
  4. Old age homes
  5. Government health schemes
  6. Community health centers
  7. Government dispensaries

Salary Scale for ANM Course:

The range of salary packages and the median salary of a graduate of A.N.M course is depicted below:

Salary Offered for Auxiliary Nurse Midwifery [A.N.M.] (Nursing)

Source: Payscale

For freshers, the starting salary is around the region of INR 10,000 - INR 12,000 per month. The figure will rise gradually along with work experience. The minimum salary of an employee with a degree in Auxiliary Nursing & Midwifery [A.N.M] is INR 2,30,000 per annum, and the maximum salary may be INR 3,20,000 per annum.

Average Salary based on Job Position for Auxillary Nursing Midwifery [ANM]:

The average salary and the range of the same in various job prospects for Auxillary Nursing Midwifery [A.N.M] graduates are listed below:

Sl.No. Job Designation Average Salary [INR]
1 Lecturer/Speaker 294,525
2 Nurse Educator 435,781
3 Nurse Instructor 258,000
4 Nurse in Intensive Care Unit [ICU] 141,860
5 Marketing Executive 185,261

Salary Offered for Auxiliary Nurse Midwifery [A.N.M.] (Nursing)

Source: Payscale

Key Stats for Auxiliary Nurse Midwifery [ANM]:

The demographic distribution of salaries and gender ratio of pay scale of Auxillary Nursing Midwifery [A.N.M] graduates is displayed below:

Key Stats for Auxiliary Nurse Midwifery [A.N.M.] (Nursing)

Source: Payscale

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