Diploma in Civil Engineering Subjects & Syllabus:

The year-wise breakup of the course syllabus is tabulated below, The syllabus may vary based on colleges which are offering the course.

Diploma in Civil Engineering
Year 1 
Professional Communication Applied Mathematics 1
Applied Chemistry Applied Physics
Applied Mechanics Engineering Drawing
Computer Application for Engineering Building Material
Year 2
Electrical Electronics and Mechanical Engineering Strength of Materials
Hydraulics Public Health Engineering
Thermal Engineering Building Cost and Maintenance Engineering
Concrete Technology Surveying
Civil Engineering Drawing  
Year 3
Design of Steel & Masonry Structure Design  of Reinforced Concrete Structure
Transpiration Engineering Estimating, Costing and Valuation
Construction Management, Accounts, and Entrepreneurship Development Surveying II
Civil Engineering Drawing II Irrigation Engineering
Earthquake Engineering Environmental Pollution and Control

The subjects which are included in the curriculum of the course are:

Diploma in Civil Engineering Subjects 
Semester I 
SI No Subjects
1 English Communication
2 Engineering Mathematics
3 Engineering Physics
4 Engineering Chemistry
5 Engineering Graphics
6 Workshop Practise


Diploma in Civil Engineering Subjects 
Semester II 
SI No Subjects
1 English Communication-II
2 Engineering Mathematics
3 Applied Mathematics
4 Engineering Physics II
5 Engineering Chemistry II
6 Engineering Graphics II


Diploma in Civil Engineering Subjects 
Semester III 
SI No Subjects
1 Engineering Mechanics
2 Construction Materials and Construction Practice
3 Surveying - I
4 Civil Engineering Drawing I
5 Material Testing Lab - I
6 Surveying Practice - I
7 Computer Application Practical


Diploma in Civil Engineering Subjects 
Semester IV 
SI No Subjects
1 Theory of Structures
2 Theory of Engineering
3 Surveying Practise - II
4 Estimating and Costing - I
5 Material Testing Lab - II
6 Surveying Practice II
7 CAD In Civil Engineering Drawing - I


Diploma in Civil Engineering Subjects 
Semester V 
SI No Subjects
1 Structural Engineering
2 Environmental Engineering and Pollution Control
3 Building Services
4 Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering
5 Civil Engineering Drawing II
6 Construction Practise Lab
7 CAD in Civil Engineering Drawing II


Diploma in Civil Engineering Subjects 
Semester VI 
SI No Subjects
1 Construction Management with MIS
2 Hydraulics
3 Town Planning
4 Earthquake Engineering
5 Advanced Construction Technology
6 Estimating & Costing II
7 Hydraulics & Plumbing Lab

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