D.El.Ed Syllabus & Subjects:

Diploma in elementary education or we can say DELED is a course that is mandatory for teachers that want to teach Secondary And Higher Secondary classes under this De.led subject is 

    1. The development of children education 
    2. contemporary society 
    3. Education Society and many more.

The main aim of the subject is to make teachers understand the psychology related to children that make them understand children well.

DELED subject and the DELED Syllabus are constructed to educate the teacher on all the terms related to teaching the student well, as the Deled syllabus focuses on the language that means the teacher should be proficient in English to explain students better. And for this, aim the DELED second-year syllabus covered for an internship.

The subjects for 2-year Diploma in Elementary Education is tabulated below

Sl. No D.El.Ed Subjects Of Study
1 Childhood and the development of children
2 Contemporary society
3 Education Society
4 Towards understanding the self
5 Pedagogy of English language
6 Mathematics education for the primary
7 Proficiency in English
8 Work and education
9 Cognition, sociocultural context
10 Teacher identity and school culture
11 Leadership and change
12 Pedagogy of environmental studies
13 Diversity and education
14 School health and education
15 Fine arts and education


The syllabus of the 2-year D.El.Ed course is as below:

D.El.Ed Syllabus - YEAR I D.El.Ed Syllabus - YEAR II
Childhood and the development of children Cognition, sociocultural context
Contemporary society Teacher identity and school culture
Education, society Leadership and change
Towards understanding the self Pedagogy of environmental studies
Mathematics education for the primary Diversity and education
Proficiency in English School health and education
Work and education Fine arts and education
Pedagogy of English language Internship

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