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Parvathy Krishnakumar Parvathy Krishnakumar | Dec 28, 2023
Parvathy Krishnakumar
Parvathy Krishnakumar

Updated on - Dec 28, 2023

“With its world-class infrastructure and top-notch faculty members, Woxsen School of Business has managed to gain recognition among the highly regarded Business schools in the country. Yet, it is behind in having a good alumni network.”

GetMyUni's Verdict on Woxsen School of Business

Though it is a relatively young institution, Woxsen School of Business, under Woxsen University, has managed to attain recognition among the top B-schools in the country within a short period. The university boasts a stunning campus with state-of-the-art facilities, highly qualified faculty members and world-class education. However, the fee structure here is not affordable to all, which makes it inaccessible to students from diverse backgrounds. 

As it is a newer institute, there are mixed reactions from its students, with some being extremely satisfied with their career outcome and others being disappointed due to the lack of it. Anyhow, the institute has a decent industry connection, which makes it popular in the field of Commerce. This makes it attractive to national and international companies and organisations. 

Despite there being several placement offers, students have mentioned that the salary packages are unsatisfactory to the point where they take years to get the return on investment they did to complete their courses. Even though the institute has impressive infrastructure and experienced professors with significant pedagogical impact, the inconsistent placement rates and high fees make students second guess their choice of being a part of the Woxsen School of Business.

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Wide Array of Unique Business Programs

The education provided by the institute is well-known for its modern curriculum and teaching methods, which prepare the students for the ever-changing business industry. While there are traditional courses at the undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels, it also offers unique specialisations for niche industries and hence caters to a diverse range of fields.

The flagship programs offered by the institute for students who aspire to obtain managerial jobs are as follows.

  • General MBA with specialisation in Marketing/ Human Resources/ Finance/ Operations/ Artificial Intelligence/ Data Analytics
  • MBA in Business Analytics
  • MBA in Financial Services.

Woxsen University Students

Apart from the primary courses mentioned above, the institute also offers several other programs that cater to niche interests, prepare students for a thriving digital environment, and help them discover the various business aspects of evolving digital technologies. The main programs that make the institute stand out in the lot are below.

  • BBA (Hons) in E-Commerce & Digital Marketing
  • BBA (Hons) in AI & Data Science.

These niche programs have great scope in the future as more companies are getting their hands on the development of different technologies and trends. The curriculums for the BBA programs are curated to ensure students have hands-on experience in the field through practical learning experiences and industry exposure. However, the comparatively limited recognition in the area makes it difficult for students to achieve good career prospects.

Woxsen University Classes

The institute also offers PhD programs across various Management disciplines. The interdisciplinary doctoral programs available at the institute are said to be satisfactory to students who are interested in pursuing a career in research and academia in the Business field. 

Though these programs are rigorous and demand solid dedication from the students, the experienced faculty members and the collaborations with different companies provide students with the opportunity to gain advanced knowledge in their respective fields.

Highly Expensive Education

As mentioned earlier, the courses offered by the institute are highly exorbitant and unaffordable to students from underprivileged socioeconomic backgrounds. The course fees are significantly higher than those of other reputed institutes in the country. The institute offers residential and non-residential programs, and the prices vary for both. As the job opportunities available here are inconsistent and unreliable, the return on investment is not assured.

The annual course fees for the flagship MBA programs are different based on specialisations and residential status. Nonetheless, the course fees for residential MBA programs range between INR 12.2 lakhs and INR 20.30 lakhs, and for non-residential programs, they are between INR 10.2 lakhs and INR 18.30 lakhs.  

Similarly, the yearly fee structure for BBA programs also varies depending on the specialisation and residential type. The course fees for BBA programs fall between INR 8.5 lakhs and INR 10 lakhs for residential students, and they range from INR 6.5 lakhs to INR 8 lakhs for non-residential. Though the exact fees for PhD programs vary depending on the specialisation and area of research, the yearly fees mostly range from INR 8 lakhs to INR 9 lakhs.

It must be noted that the course fees for residential programs also include tuition fees and other expenses, like the hostel and food fees. Furthermore, the institute offers various merit-based scholarships and financial aid schemes to make it more accessible for students from all walks of life.

Attendance Policy

The institute has strict rules and regulations that require the students to maintain a minimum attendance of 75% across all subjects. However, there are minor variations in the attendance requirements for undergraduate and postgraduate students. While the undergraduate students must compulsorily maintain the minimum attendance, it depends on the specialisation and faculty for MBA and PhD students.

Top Class Professors

The institute is widely recognised for its highly educated and well-experienced faculty members from diverse sectors. The real-world experience that the professors at the institute hold helps students understand their respective fields better. The professors at the institute are a healthy mix of national and international teachers, which provides students with exposure to both local and global concepts, applications, and fundamentals.

The institute has a fair share of professors who are either alumni of reputed global B-schools or have immense experience through their jobs at top positions in prestigious companies. Their knowledge, insights and teaching styles are highly appreciated by the students. 

Woxsen University Classrooms

As the institute mainly consists of professors from globally recognised reputed universities, they contribute significantly to the world-class pedagogy inspired by that of the best institutes in the world. Moreover, the brand value that the institute holds attracts some of the best professors. The professors incorporate modern and innovative teaching methods to ensure all students understand the complex concepts and support them in exploring their desired fields.

Additionally, the institute invites top leaders in the field to conduct guest lectures, which also creates a significant impact on the students and helps them understand the various aspects of the area. Both the permanent and guest professors at the institute help in the holistic development of their students. 

Woxsen University Clubs

The faculty members at the institute are also active researchers who publish their papers in premier journals, and therefore, they are well-connected with the industry. This helps them provide relevant and updated information to the students, which makes it easy for them to obtain successful career opportunities. Overall, the faculty at the institute is one of its strongest pillars that has helped in making the institute rank among the top universities.

Stunning & Unique Infrastructure

One of the best features of the institute is its cutting-edge infrastructure, which has impressive facilities that provide a distinct lifestyle for students. According to the majority of the students, the institute has one of the best infrastructure among the business schools in the country.

From its modern architecture to well-equipped academic facilities, the institute's infrastructure is highly regarded by the students. The campus is a visual treat that features a blend of various elements in contemporary architecture. 

Woxsen University Events

Spread across 200 acres of land, the institute includes all the essential facilities that cater to the academic and extracurricular needs of the students. Though certain features require improvements, its infrastructure has impressed almost every student who has been a part of the institute. The facilities are well-maintained and are spacious enough to accommodate large groups of students.

The state-of-the-art classrooms at the institute are well-equipped with modern audio-visual aids to enable interactive learning. The features included in the classrooms include projectors, whiteboards, etc. Most classrooms are air-conditioned and have comfortable seating arrangements. 

Though it is primarily a business school, the institute has laboratories dedicated to different specialisations, such as AI and robotics, that enhance the educational experience of students by providing them with hands-on experience with modern technologies.

Woxsen University Indoor Sports

The library at the institute houses an extensive collection of books, journals, and electronic resources that enable students to access vast amounts of knowledge both online and offline. The journals and magazines available at the library help the students stay well informed regarding new developments and updates in the commerce world. Additionally, the substantial seating areas in the library provide students with a peaceful environment to read and study. 

A prominent attractive feature of the institute's infrastructure is its sports complex. It includes numerous facilities, such as a swimming pool, cricket ground, basketball courts, badminton court, table tennis, snooker, etc. The facilities are top-tier and well-maintained. The sports facilities are among the highly appreciated facilities in the institute. It also has a well-equipped gym to ensure students can maintain their physical health alongside their academics.

Woxsen University Gym

The canteen/cafeteria at the institute is nothing less than a premium space with glass walls, air-conditioning and comfortable seating areas. It offers various food and beverage options with diverse cuisines. Students have praised the hygiene and cleanliness of the place, along with the quality of food served.

The items available at the canteen are reasonably priced. An interesting fact is that the canteen conducts special events and curates themed menus which excites the students' dining experience.

The institute's infrastructure is imposing, and it elevates the campus experience for students. Though the course fees are extremely high and the fact that it is located on the outskirts, the features available give a luxurious life to the students, making it worth it. 

Luxurious Housing Facilities

Based on the reviews from past and present students, residing on campus is one of the best experiences as the housing facilities provided by the institute are almost luxurious. The hostel buildings are of contemporary architecture, and the rooms are both spacious and well-maintained. Both male and female students have the option to choose from double and triple-sharing rooms. All the necessary facilities and amenities are provided in all hostel blocks. 

The facilities available at the hostels include air-conditioned rooms, laundry facilities, internet connection, and common areas for recreational activities. The hostels are located within close proximity to the campus, making it convenient for the students to access the facilities available at the institute. 

Even though the housing facilities are one-of-a-kind with ample amenities, the hostel fees are exorbitant, and they have strict rules and regulations regarding the curfews, guests and noise levels, which are restrictive according to the students' reviews on online platforms. Nonetheless, living in the hostels form a sense of community among the students as it houses students from diverse backgrounds. 

Woxsen University Extracurricular Activities

The safety and security of students are assured as security guards are patrolling the premises 24/7. Along with that, students have access to medical and housekeeping services, which ensures a comfortable and safe living atmosphere. 

The hostels have mess facilities nearby that offer a variety of menus at affordable prices. The mess facilities generally use fresh ingredients and are maintained hygienically. The surroundings are also kept clean. However, there is a limited availability of food and snacks late at night. 

Overall, the housing facilities available at the institute are well-maintained, spacious and convenient. Yet, the high fees at the hostels may not be affordable to students from economically challenged students. 

The annual hostel fee for non-air conditioned triple rooms is around INR 1.25 lakhs, while for double occupancy rooms, it is slightly more than that. There are additional charges for air conditioning, mess, and laundry facilities. A sum of INR 1.47 lakhs is to be paid per year for hostel mess and INR 24,000 for laundry facilities. 

In addition to the hostels provided by the institute, students can also opt for off-campus housing facilities available near the institute, such as PGs and private hostels. The monthly rents for the PGs vary depending on the luxuries provided.

Bustling & Enriching Campus Life

Apart from providing quality education of international standards, the institute also has a vibrant campus environment that allows students to enjoy their college life to the fullest. Numerous student-led clubs and activities foster students' various interests and hobbies. The institute also conducts various cultural and sports events that pulsate the campus with energy. 

The diverse clubs at the institute organise movie nights, theatrical performances and competitions that allow students to showcase their talents and skills. Apart from that, the clubs also inculcate a strong sense of community where students can form long-lasting bonds with like-minded individuals.

Woxsen School of Business Students

To ensure students have an entrepreneurial spirit, the institute conducts various workshops, guest lectures by industry personnel and incubation programs that prepare students for the dynamic world of business. Its collaboration with industry leaders also translates into different career opportunities for students across various sectors. The practical exposure these programs offer to enhance the students' experience helps in forming successful careers. 

Despite offering a vibrant campus environment, the location of the institute hinders students from having urban life, which may be an issue for students who aspire to lead careers in metropolitan areas.

Diversity on Campus

Although there is gender disparity, with more male students than females, the institute promotes inclusivity and strives to create a welcoming environment for students from all walks of life. Due to the high course fees, there is a lack of representation of students from lesser privileged socioeconomic backgrounds.

Nevertheless, the institute provides scholarships various scholarships and financial aid options to provide students with a chance at gaining a quality education.

Dress Code

Though there is no defined uniform for the students at the institute, students are required to follow a specific dress code for certain days. Students must wear formal attire from Monday to Thursday, and they can wear casual clothes on the other days. Those who are planning to join the institute are advised to go through the detailed dress code available online.

Consistently High Placement Rates

The institute has a strong track record in placements, with the majority of its graduates acquiring good positions in reputed national and international companies. Based on the previous year's records, the MBA batch has obtained a 100% placement rate.

The highest salary package was INR 17 LPA, with the average salary package for MBA students being INR 9.09 LPA. According to the records for undergraduate students, the highest number of placements are for banking, finance, services, IT, business strategy, ed-tech, and real estate sectors. 

The institute's active collaboration with industry partners is beneficial for students as the internships provided by these companies help them improve their career prospects. The different skill development programs organised by the institute are also insightful for the students as they receive proper guidance on choosing the right profession based on their talents and interests.

However, based on students' reviews on online platforms, there are inconsistencies in the placement opportunities as the niche specialisation has limited companies and therefore, the competition level is higher for students who belong to these disciplines. Moreover, as the institute was recently established, there is a limited alumni network, which is disadvantageous for the current students.

Overall Impression on Woxsen University

It can be concluded that Woxsen School of Business is one of the top private B-schools in the country. The brand value of Woxsen University plays a significant role in helping the institute be recognised among the top schools. The institute is highly regarded for its world-class facilities and top-tier academics. However, as it was established recently, there are fewer alumni, but it has managed to maintain a decent placement record over the years.

Some of the pros and cons of the institute are listed below for better understanding.

Pros Cons
Modern infrastructure with cutting-edge facilities Exorbitant academic and hostel fees
Unique and updated curricula Located on the outskirts of the city
Top-tier professors with international experience Less diversity in the student body
Strong focus on entrepreneurship Limited alumni network
Impressive placement records  

*Source: Woxsen University Facebook

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Placements & Internships : 100 % summer internship and 100% placements. Great companies come for both like KPMG, Deloitte, Dell, CK, Marico, Zomato, HDFC, Yes Bank, etc.

Entrance Exams & Admissions : 4 parameters are considered:

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