Webel Fujisoft Vara Centre of Excellence in Industry 4.0

  • Kolkata, West Bengal
Rohini Pandey Updated on Aug 29, 2022 by Rohini Pandey
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Webel Fujisoft Vara Centre of Excellence Facilities

Webel Fujisoft Vara features state-of-the-art infrastructure which is designed to enhance the learning experience of individuals. The institute has high-tech laboratories for Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning & Machine Learning, 3D Manufacturing, Cyber Security, IoT & Embedded Systems. Classrooms are spacious and candidates are exposed to unique teaching techniques. 

  • Classroom
  • Laboratories
  • Co-working Spaces
  • Meeting Rooms

Classrooms: Smart classrooms are designed in such a way to enhance the learning experience of the students. They are fully equipped with wi-fi, audio-visual equipment and all the technology required to create a “plug and learn” environment.

Laboratories: The labs offer cutting-edge infrastructure, technologies, and high-speed data processing capabilities to run complex analytics. It offers seven high-end 3D Printers from the world's top manufacturers. There is also a 3D Experience Centre.

Co-working Spaces: Co-working spaces are designed to enhance and support collaboration and creativity. There are different types of office spaces.

Meeting Rooms: The campus has a spacious meeting room that can accommodate 100 people. There are 2 conference rooms with podium pods. They are booked on a first-come, first-serve basis. 


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