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Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA], batch of 2016
With its glorious history for 150 years, St. Xavier's College (Autonomous) have had countless of International students year in and year out. This is despite the fact that the college has never formally approached the international community to take up studies at the college. International students from around the world, particularly from Japan, China, Korea and neighbouring countries came to study here on their on volition because of the quality of the programmes and the quality of programme delivery in the most professional way, the majority of the academic staff have international education and training at the highest level.Today education has taken a global form. So much so that over the past five years more than 20 universities from around the world - UK, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, US, Canada, Korea to name but a few - have approached the college to set up joint curricula in science, arts, commerce and media studies. The college has already signed a number of Memoranda of Understanding with a number of universities from these countries. St. Xavier's Students Exchange Programmes with Canada and the US are highly successful.   Opportunity for International Students at St. Xavier's College (Autonomous), Kolkata It is fitting, therefore, that the College on its 150th Birthday has decided to go global and invite international students to come to one of the most prestigious institutions of India, St. Xavier's College (Autonomous), Kolkata, is ranked 3rd in India by India's most prestigious journal "India Today" consistently over the past five years ever since the ranking of colleges started. We now formally invite the international students to join one of the following highly acclaimed 3-year Honours Degree programmes from July 2010: B.Sc. (Honours) in Biotechnology[5-year Full-time integrated M.Sc. is available] B.Sc. (Honours) in Microbiology [3-year Full-time] The above honours degrees are awarded by the Calcutta University.   International Link on 2 + 2 Mode The college has a very active international link with both Canadian and US universities. To further this link the college has signed relevant Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada and the College of St. Benedict / St. John's University, Minnesota, USA. This has created a unique opportunity for students both in India and our neighbouring countries - Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka etc - to study on a unique 2 + 2 programme agreed with the University of Manitoba, a very top ranking State University of Canada.Under the above agreement students will study the first two years at St. Xavier's College (Autonomous) in Kolkata. Upon successful completion the students will progress on to the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg for further two years of study to complete the honours Degree. The degree will be awarded by the University of Manitoba.  

St. Xavier's College offers one of the best BBA programmes in the state. It is meant for students who are motivated, disciplined, ready and eager to move ahead in the business world. It may sound a little too far fetched but our students appreciate that they learn theory as well as practical applications. It is based on the premise that the true mark of learning is not just what you know but what you can do with what you know. Our priority is to provide students a top-notch curriculum where emerging business leaders can build on their professional experiences and successfully contribute to their firms. This innovative programme is facilitated by multi-media learning environment enriched by face-to-face faculty mentoring and coaching. Ultimately, students will be able to demonstrate mastery of more than 30 business competencies - the skills that employers are looking for today.This department is aware of the needs of our students specially keeping in mind the nature of today's business environment. We believe that in order to produce good students, we need excellent teachers. It has been our constant endeavour to attract faculty from a diverse field. Our current faculty comprises of professors from this college, big and reputed corporate and management institutes like IIMC and XLRI.We constantly evaluate the effectiveness of current pedagogy and incorporate new pedagogies appropriate to the discipline. As and where required we have incorporated technology into teaching and learning.

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