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Reviews on Infra/Hostels of Tezpur University, [TU] Tezpur

Master of Arts [MA] Reviews

Master of Arts [M.A.] (Mass Communication & Journalism), batch of 2018
  • There are 7 men's hostel and 8 women's hostel in the University, facilities like running water, bed, table and chair, food, washing machine, and security is provided, and the monthly fee is Rs 1600.
  • As it is a residential University, there is no PGs outside the University.
  • Food in the hostels is average and taste varies each day and the mess fee is included in the hostel fee. There are food eateries inside the campus where you can treat yourself with snacks.
  • The classrooms are big and equipped with projectors, labs are also equipped with the required instruments, the library has books related to all courses and one can also study in peace there, and the University has one Wi-Fi connection that is strong. 

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Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] Reviews

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Mechanical Engineering), batch of 2021

Tezpur University is a central university. Since it is centrally funded, its infrastructure is quite superior compared to the other universities in the state. Hostels have a wide range of facilities. Overall there are 14 hostels: 5 boys and 9 girls! 3 Wi-fi routers are available in each wing of the hostels and they give superb Net Speeds up to 2-3 Mbps. Hostel Canteen is opened up to 2:00 at night. Mess food is satisfactory and definitely worth the money, though it differs from hostel to hostel. Bathrooms are quite hygienic and equipped with tiles and shower facilities. 24hr Water Supply and Electricity is available. Washing machines are there too! Regarding Sports Facilities, there is a huge central playground with heavy floodlights. One mini indoor stadium, two volleyball courts, two basketball courts and one tennis court is situated inside the campus. A newly inaugurated swimming pool is also present. Labs are well equipped and air-conditioned Computer Labs have the latest OS and also very advanced CPUs. The Central library is huge with more than 80000 volumes altogether. Online Renewal facility is given. A health center is also situated inside the campus with complementary 1st aid and counseling. Together with a gymnasium and a music practice room, the infrastructure is quite up to the mark one must say. Campus life is amazing. Classrooms are spacious, wide and have projector facilities too.

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Computer Science and Engineering), batch of 2020

6 Men's hostel and 8 Women's hostel. Hostel Infrastructures are very good, well maintained, Hostel fee per month is about Rs.1500. Various food items are available and prices are average. Classroom and labs are well maintained and neat, heavy Infrastructures. A central library is available, all required books and study materials are available, E-books are also available.The campus is having 24hrs WIFI.

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Electronics & Communication Engineering), batch of 2017
  • There are 7 girls' hostels and 5 boys' hostels present on Tezpur University campus, each of these furnished with cupboards and beds, desk and chairs.
  • There are mostly 2-sitter rooms in the hostels but the two scholar hostels have single rooms. Mess, kitchen, bathrooms are all fine working and kept clean regularly.
  • Hostel fee is Rs. 2000 per semester and are included in the admission fees. 
  • The hostel food is very much like home-cooked food and not very spicy and is a mostly balanced, well-rounded meal. It includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • The mess is run by the students themselves, who are part of the mess committee of the month. The mess managers keep changing monthly.
  • Wifi is available in every hostel, department building, and library and is pretty fast.
  • A vast 24x7 library is a key to the learning process of all the students here.
  • The library is always very helpful to the student.

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Master of Science [M.Sc] Reviews

Master of Science [M.Sc] (Mathematics), batch of 2012
  • There are 10 hostels in total, 5 girls and 5 boys hostels. 1 girls and 1 boys hostel is reserved for research scholars. Hostel fees vary from hostel to hostel, average is Rs. 1,000 per month.
  • PG's or other accomodation is not available and is not required also.
  • Food varies from hostel to hostel, still it can be called average. Food cost is included in the hostel fees.
  • Classrooms are average, nothing too modern. Library is somewhat average, it does not have a lot of books, but has all the required ones. Wi-Fi is available but does not work properly

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Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com] Reviews

Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com], batch of 2019

There are 13 hostels overall out which 7 are for girls and 6 are for boys. The fee is per month is INR.1650.

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Tezpur University, [TU] Tezpur Infrastructure Details


Central Library:

  • The library is functional since 1994. Currently, the central library possesses more than 77,000 books, over 2200 CDs and over 7000 volumes of journals. It also has online journals and database provided by e-ShodhSindhu consortium and DeLCON consortium. Theses resources allow the students to conduct and do extensive research as may be necessary for their academics.

Computer Centre:

  • It was established in 1997 to enable its students to keep up with the latest technology.
  • The Campus-Wide Local Area Network (LAN) that is maintained by the computer center spreads over 261.47 acres of land.
  • All Academic Departments/ Administrative Blocks/ Hostels/ Health Centre/ Library/etc. are connected with high speed Optical Fiber Cable (OFC).
  • The University's Intercom System (IP-PBX) is also administered and monitored by the CC. They also operate two computer labs and a Central Server Room.
  • Cluster-I, is equipped with 60 latest configured Desktop Personal Computers(PCs) and is housed at the Academic Complex 2 and the Cluster-II has about 68 latest configured PCs housed at the School of Engineering (SoE) complex. 

Health Centre:

  • It was established in 1995 and has been providing health care facility to all students and faculty since then.
  • It is headed by Medical officers, Dr. D. K. Goswami (CMO), Dr. (Mrs.) J. S. Goswami (SMO) and Dr. (Mrs.) L. Hazarika (MO). Health Centre has its own ECG machine, auto analyzer, Ultrasound scanner and X-ray machine for different common investigations to benefit the University community. Medicines and investigations are available free of cost.


  •  There are five hostels accommodating the boys studying in the university. There are seven hostels accommodating girls studying in the university.

Yoga Centre:

  • It has been set for the students to take care of their mental, physical and psychological health and to remain fresh and energetic.

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