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Placements and Companies visited at Siddhpura Institute of Management and IT, Ahmedabad

Institute acts as a guide, partner and a friend for student looking for real world job opportunities. Institute has established a well resourced Career Center to connect with students on this front. Since the first day, students are put through a process of identifying their interest areas and competencies, and correlating them to current career opportunities. Group of experts at the institute creates and delivers specifically designed sessions to educate students on opportunities in diverse sectors, focusing on what it could hold as potential interest areas for them. Institute believes that if the basic building blocks of the education process are put right, then students not only get a job, but a career too. As planning and building a career is no small task, therefore, the institute counsels the students to ensure that their first step is in the right direction. And while helping them to master the complications of the career plan, it manages to pay attention on the smaller but equally important aspects, to help them get financial assistance, local accommodation, supervised internships and much beyond.

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