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Reviews on Infra/Hostels of Shri Ramswaroop Memorial College of Engineering and Management, [SRMCM] Lucknow

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] Reviews

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Electronics & Communication Engineering), batch of 2017
  • There are 3 hostels present in Shri Ramswaroop Memorial College of Engineering and Management. Two for the boys and one for the girls.
  • Hostel fees are Rs. 60,000 per year.
  • The quality of food is not so good. But the infrastructure is well maintained.
  • The classrooms are neat and tidy.
  • The library is very well kept.

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Civil Engineering), batch of 2017
  • Hostels are available within the college premises. Hostels are good with two seater rooms.
  • Hostel fee per year is about INR 68,000 including mess.
  • There are lots of PGs nearby as the area has many colleges within 2-3 Km ranges. costing INR 45,000 per year. (Excluding mess)
  • Nice classrooms. Good Practical Labs. Hostel Wifi. Big Playground for Cricket, Football,etc.

Anand Pratap
Anand Pratap
Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Computer Science and Engineering), batch of 2017
  • There are 240 rooms set Hostel  Facilities available .
  • Hostel fee is 60,000 Rs./Anuaal
  • there are many PGs and other private hostels outside college and Lucknow and cost are same 55,000-60,000
  • there are many cafe and canteen inside and outside college which is so cheaper than another place .
  • fully AC lab and classroom is fresh you never feel uncomfortable .
  • and there is a Cental Libary which have a lot of books and you also got 16 type of newspaper in this library daily.
  • The campus is fully wi-Fi with speed of 4 Mbps .

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Bachelor of Computer Application [BCA] Reviews

Bachelor of Computer Applications [B.C.A.], batch of 2017
  • The hostel facility is good at Shri Ramswaroop Memorial College of Engineering and Management.
  • Quality classrooms, labs and library are average.
  • The overall experience is fine.

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Shri Ramswaroop Memorial College of Engineering and Management, [SRMCM] Lucknow Infrastructure Details


Computer Centre Facility

The college has the following highly sophisticated and well equipped laboratories in accordance with the requirements of various courses. The fully air conditioned, state-of-the-art, sophisticated and spacious computer centre is a matter of tremendous pride for the college. Extensively equipped with the latest hardware and software, the 304 systems are interconnected through a Local Area Network to the centralized server. Windows N'T, Novell Netware & Linux co-exist as operating platforms. The Centre has been divided into seven laboratories, with about 35 systems in each lab, in accordance with the various programmes run by the college. Also, networked systems as an extension to the main labs have been provided for easy access to every academic and administrative department. Easy access to internet is available round-the-clock through dedicated Broadband connection.


A library is the soul of an academic institution. Since its natal in 2001, SRMGPC, Lucknow has taken great care to see that the library would be one of the finest libraries of Technology & Management in U.P. In these years, the library has grown steady and uncompromisingly in the means if its resources, facilities and services. Today, the Library of SRMGPC, Lucknow is centrally air-conditioned, modern & digitalized library having LibSys 4 library management software. he library also has KIOSK OPAC system.he library has online question papers (mid & end sem),video lectures and tutorial seats.It has collection of almost all the types of documents available in various Medias in the field of Technology and Management. The Library of SRMGPC, Lucknow today has a total collection of around 50,000 books with approx 7891 number of titles. Apart from this, there is also a significant collection of 204 print journals (National/ International), 4474 online journals of Engineering Management, Magazines, Project reports & Non-print materials that includes 3051 CD-ROMs & Audio Cassettes etc. The Library has the membership of IIM,LUKNOW.The library subscribs the IIM cases from IIM,Ahemdabad.The library also subscribing E-resources of IEEE/IEL, ABI/Inform Complete: PROQUEST & Science Direct through INDEST-AICTE Consortium. Through this subscription the institute can access 950,000 online documents from over 12,000 publications including 4474 Journals (International), Transactions, Magazines, Conference Proceedings, and IEEE Standards. This covers almost one third of world current Electrical & Computer Science literature. Books are arranged by Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) scheme & Cataloguing is based on AACR II.


The college as got well equipped lab with latest technology. Over and above the regular curriculum prescribed by luck now university the students are also provide with additional lab input in form of workshop to train them latest software’s like JAVA, TALLY etc for enhancement their technical skills.

Seminar Halls

Seminars are the platform to meet the people with same interest and learn a lot at one clip with most material compressed in short. Some seminars have sessions where personal experiences are shared, which provide a great deal of practical information. Infact those are great morale boosters. Seminars also offer the ability to refresh old skills and also gain state-of-the-art information about various topics. Not having to devote more than a couple of days learning a new skill with others who share similar problems and needs is very useful. Most times you learn as much from fellow attendees as you do from the instructor. SRMGPC have two Seminar Halls fully Air Conditoned one capacity of 700 and another one is capacity of 400 having excellent quality of Audio/Visuals Aids.

Lecture Hall

I really enjoyed the diversity of my course, which covered modules from impressionist art to medieval lectures. However, I found the skills I learned inside the lecture theatre equally beneficial to my career. Starting work , I realised that businesses are built on relationships, and SRMGPC gave me the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, with different backgrounds and experiences. My first year in one of the SRMGPC residences really developed my interpersonal skills.

Hostels Facility

Separate For Girls And Boys 1. BOYS Hostel I) Dr. C.V. Raman Hostel II) Dr. Radha Krishnan Hostel 2.GIRLS Hostel I) Sraswati Girls Hostel The hostel facility at SRMGPC will enable you to experience the fully residential way of learning even though you are away from your home. This is to enable you to focus on overall self development in the scholarly atmosphere that is the characteristic of a high quality profesinsional training college. Separate well furnished hostels for boys and girls, independently equipped with all types of modern amenities, such as water purifiers, water coolers, hot water supply, telephone facility, indoor games and to make you physically fit, we have a well equipped gymnasium, the library and internet facility is available for the hostel inmates separately.


The College runs 17 buses as per requirement, plying on different routes starting from various points like PGI, Airport, UPTU. Under the present road conditions the travel time is between 35 minutes to 50 minutes. Besides the above bus service for students/faculty-staff, there are 6 small vehicles which are used for movement of Management and Students participating in college activities within the city. The mini bus is provided for excursion/picnic etc. on payment.

Medical Facility

The SRMCM is equipped with efficient Ambulance Facility. It has standing arrangements with reputed hospitals in the vicinity for emergency medical aid and an ambulance which is at service for 24 hours. Free medical checkup is conducted to ensure sound health. Moreover, all the students are medically insured to cover all the ailments according to general insurance norms.


Collective vitality and well being of people provides strength to the society, so for healthy mind and body we havea sports club. Sports inculcates the values of team work and fair play, it imparts the capacity to treat success and failure alike. It also arouses the determination 'to strive, to seek and not to yield'.


Our cafeteria is situated a little further from the P.G.D.M. block. It is housed in a separate structure which is disjoint from the main institute i.e. at the rear side of the college building near boy's hostel; still, it is the all time favorite place of all students. Our college canteen is always crowded by students. It is the place where students feel free to enjoy and they are relaxed of the burden of studies and tension related to it. We all love our college canteen as it serves us with sweet memories and some funny & naughty activities done by our friends, which will make us remember college life even after we pass out from college.

Our canteen servers a good quality food and it is economical too. Most of the dishes are less than Rs.25/- like that of "Mc Donalds" and we all say" we are loving it". The canteen provides us drinks like tea, Amul milk, cold drinks, coffee, Appy fizz, Lassi etc.


As it's a well known saying that "A sound mind resides in a sound body"........ In gym, we have the access on high quality equipments. Such equipments include different varieties of dumbbells, barbell, cardio machine, weight lifting machines, and other equipments for your exercise. Because of the availability of facilities for several exercises, you can do a lot of exercise for your routine. There are also available trainers, staffs, and other members in gym whom you can ask questions about your exercise. Professionals such as dieticians, gym instructors, physical therapist, yoga instructors, bodybuilders, and aerobic teachers are available in gym. You can ask them on how to exercise and utilise the facilities the right way and have a good diet for your training . Joining a gym is advisable for releasing the daily routine pressure of the mind.

Swimming Pool

Swimming is good exercise (that's obvious). Swimming is a lifetime sport that benefits the body and the whole person! But what is it that makes swimming good, specifically? That depends on what you are trying to accomplish. Swimming is a healthy activity that can be continued for a lifetime, and the health benefits swimming offers for a lifetime are worth the effort it takes to get to the swimming pool. It works practically all of the muscles in the body (if you do a variety of strokes). Swimming can develop a swimmer's general strength, cardiovascular fitness and endurance. Why do you swim? For the health benefits to your heart and lungs? For the chance to be with some of your friends at the pool? Because, in your case, running every day hurts? Because you like the feeling of floating and sliding through the water? Or is it something else?If you are looking for a break from the heat of the summer, then a dip in the water is exactly what you need; swimming is a way for you to cool off. Maybe you are a runner, training on a regular basis, and want to find an activity that keeps your heart rate up but takes some of the impact stress off of your body. Perhaps you have been doing some other form of land exercise, and now an injury prevents you from putting weight on a knee or ankle. Swimming can help you. Kicking workouts, water aerobics, pool running, or a regular swimming workout can all give you a great exercise session without the weight of your body pounding you with each move. The above are the benifits of Swimming pool. SRMGPC provied a well facilitate swimming pool.

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