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Campus Life

RVIT is known to complement the academic component of the university and enhance the overall educational experience of students through a wide range of extra-curricular programmes, facilities, services and activities. These events provide students and other members of the university exposure to a variety of social, cultural, intellectual, recreational opportunities and challenges.

Such experiences enrich the lives of students and help them fulfil their potential. An exclusive office headed by a Students' Welfare Officer plans and executes these activities.
Co-curricular and extracurricular activities are planned and executed through a number of associations, clubs, societies and students' chapters of professional bodies. They are owned and managed by representatives of students and are monitored by the faculty in-charge.



RVIT library has got all what it takes to gain an insight into core technical concepts and thus it acts as a place of learning and "Automated Lib Guru " software makes it possible to make it easily accessible to its students. The library consists of a lagre number of books on various  subjects ranging from the core recommended standard books mentioned in syllabus to other reference books, a large number of social books, magazines and journals for B.Tech and diploma students. 

The library has a rich collection of resources including training manuals,reports and books than what a student expects. The library is managed by efficient staff and all the facilities such as issuing and returning of books and searching books is done comprehensivley. RVIT library with its updated and latest collection of knowledge resources and innovative information facilities plays a vital role for the academic community in their intellectual pursuits.


Every effort has been made at the R.V Institute of Technology to provide the best facilities for students who live on campus. Every student has access to a wide range of activities, facilities and support. Besides the regular hostel dining facilities, there are affordable food services on campus that provide inexpensive and easily accessible lunchtime or evening options. 

Separate hostels are provided for both boys and girls. All rooms are well furnished with basic amenities provided.

Hostel residents enjoy the transport facility to visit the city on every weekend. For the security of girl residents, the hostel attendants accompany them. Facilities like TV, Newspaper, Indoor Games (Carom-board, Chess) are also available in the hostel.


The institute has provided Gym in the hostel.We believe that a student must be healthy and fit so as to learn and study properly. Hence to fullfill this requirement gyms are provided in hostel campus which are very well maintained with proper ventilation systems and well-equipped machines. The gym in the campus is equipped with proper machines so that every one can take care of their health and fitness.


The RVIT Canteen is perfect when it comes to adherence to all world-class norms pertaining to health and hygiene of the food served in the canteen. The utmost objective is to achieve and maintain best hygienic conditions and provide healthy meal to its students.

Some of the key features of the canteen are as : fully trained and experienced staff making use of completely modern kitchen utilities prepare the food: Most of the vegetables and other products available in the canteen are grown through organic farming which is done at the backyard of college campus. Moreover the management of RVIT always looks forward for the feedback and suggestions from students and other staff members to raise the benchmarks of hygiene and quality of food available in the canteen.


RVIT has its own fleet of buses, which bring students and staff members from various destinations.

24*7 Facilities

The internet in today's world is the basic need of every student because every student want to learn in faster way and they can achieve it through internet . The campus of RVIT provides :

Wi-Fi Facility

The internet in now a days become a very useful source of knowledge. To increase the students abilities, campus provides the facility of wi-fi , so that the educational skills of students not only garnished by the faculty but students can also learn as fast as they can from Internet. The wi-fi campus not only fulfill the requirements of education but it also makes a connection with outer world from any part of the campus very easily. There is a separate cell for maintaining the proper and fair uses of College Internet, so that no illegal activities would  go un-noticed and proper actions can be taken if any one found indulged in these things. To fulfill all the needs of SPEED, the bandwidth of the campus increased to 10Mbps which will be increased in future if required.

Internet Labs

The internet labs are also provided in the campus with well maintained computers . The students are provided proper education with all facilities that can make them learn as fast as possible . The Internet not only make the educational help but also make students connected with their outer world .

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