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Kraftshala Overview

Kraftshala was established in 2016 and is a pioneer institute in the field of online learning for entry-level roles, manager roles, and B-School students. Its programs are built on frameworks and examples from the best in the industry and are consistently updated with the latest, cutting-edge tools & learnings from the field. All the programs offered by the institute are IndustryCreds certified, which is the benchmark for hiring all the marketing and sales talent in India.

The courses are very well designed and executed. Also, the founders and co-founders of Kraftshala are from the best business schools in India. The automated checkpoints created trigger interventions to ensure high-quality learning outcomes, and the students experience a warm and personalized learning journey. The Kraftshala programs are based on the 70:20:10 learning model, which means the project contributes to 70% of the learning process, and the content contributes to 10% of the learning. The rest, 20%, is covered under personalized learning.

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Kraftshala Quick Insights

Kraftshala is one of the most sought-after online platforms whose IndustryCreds™ certification is used by leading firms' Sales and Marketing recruiters when hiring. Its major highlights are mentioned ahead.

Kraftshala Quick Insights
Inception Year 2016
Founders Varun Satia and Eshu Sharma
Programs Based on  70:20:10 learning model

Kraftshala Courses

The courses offered by Kraftshala fall under the marketing and sales domains. IndustryCreds™ certification is earned upon successful completion of a Kraftshala program. Candidates are assessed in Kraftshala based on SuccessKeys, which are parameters that reflect leadership, sales, and marketing aptitude that reflect their learning from the program. The courses are offered not only for entry-level roles but also for manager roles and B-School students. Some of the significant courses and their departments are listed below.

 Departments Courses
Marketing The Marketing Launchpad
Management Professional Brand Management
Sales Sales Leadership
Marketing Digital Brand Building
Marketing Brand Building 

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Kraftshala Admission

 All programs in Kraftshala have a screening test that one needs to clear to secure admission. The Screening Test in Kraftshala tests one on their logical ability, user-centricity, and ability to grasp and apply concepts. The practice material is shared beforehand, and this is an elimination step. Offers are rolled out based on one's profile and performance in the test.

Kraftshala Eligibility Criteria

All the programs in Kraftshala have a different set of eligibility criteria. The same is mentioned below in detail as follows.

The Marketing Launchpad Eligibility Criteria

Anyone who wishes to kickstart their digital marketing career in a high-potential role is eligible to apply to the digital marketing course and learn right from the fundamentals.No prior work experience is necessary.

Professional Brand Management Eligibility Criteria

This program is designed for people with the potential to become marketing leaders. The applicants are selected based on their performance in the Screening Test and overall profile in Kraftshala. It's relevant for current and aspiring B2C and B2B brand builders.

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Why Choose Kraftshala?

The programs in Kraftshala help one gain access to industry-driven content, solve real business problems and get personalized coaching from industry experts. The person becomes a part of India’s most promising talent in just 3-6 months.

Kraftshala Academic Advantages

Each program in Kraftshala has projects on which students start working from day 1 of the program, in groups of 3-4. The learning modules in Kraftshala serve as a guide on solving the tasks, and discussions with group members enhance the experience for every student. Some other academic advantages are.

  • One gets to join the community of the most successful mentors, coaches, interviewers, and alumni who now lead some of the most successful businesses. 
  • Based on the 70:20:10 learning model n Kraftshala programs, the project contributes to 70% of the learning process, and the content contributes to 10% of the learning. The 20% is covered under personalized learning.

Kraftshala Placements

Kraftshala follows a pay after placement policy where one only pays after getting a job of 4.5LPA +. An option between the two specializations- Content and Social Media and Digital Media Marketing is also offered. The institute owns the end-to-end placement process for fresh graduates without experience or networks, connecting with recruiters to deliver 100% placements between 4.5 - 8 LPA. In the case of working professionals, the support starts with helping them sharpen their profile based on a focused career strategy and then extends to assisting them to get shortlisted and finally get on the fastest path towards marketing leadership roles. The approach is called Career Acceleration Module for Professionals(CAMP).Some of the leading recruiters at Kraftshala are as follows.

Nyka Coursera Mobstac
John Jacobs  Performics Hive Minds

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Kraftshala Faculty

Kraftshala has a diverse team ready to change the future of education. Some of the renowned names are listed below.

  • Nishtha Jain, Marketing & Training
  • Shivang Sethiya, Marketing & Training
  • Supriya Pushkar, Admissions
  • Sumona Shetty, Human Skills Training

Kraftshala Alumni

Kraftshala alumnus is a unique blend of various marketing and sales warriors. Some of the notable names are listed below.

Notable Alumni  Profession
Surabhi Tripathi  Assistant Brand Manager, Sunfeast Bounce
Nakul Kumar Cofounder and COO, Cashify


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