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Karnatak University, [KUD] Dharwad Infrastructure Details

Facilities :-

    • Green Library
      University’s vision is to reinvent a green space for students and culture. A clean area for students with new dimensions, informative signage boards, corners for deep studies & group discussions, a space for heritage walks, a centre for photographs, paintings and water colours. This concept of Green Library provides a study atmosphere in a natural-green environment with lush greenery. This system is a blend of heritage and modern aesthetics with all facilities, including scope for group discussions in the silence of the green space. Keeping this in view, the University has taken every care to see that the Green Library is given a facelift both in terms of maintenance and infrastructure, incorporating modern pergolas, Gurukul Huts, open granite mantaps, granite tables with benches beneath the trees, solar lightings, etc.

    • The Campus
      Karnatak University Campus is spread over about 750 acres of land. Efforts have been put to maintain the beautiful greenery in the campus. Teaching and non-teaching staff members are provided with quarters to stay on the campus. There are about 80 quarters of different categories for Lectures, Readers and Professors and there are about 50 quarters for Non-teaching staff inclusive of class IV employees. The top officers of the University - Vice-chancellor, Registrar, Registrar (Evaluation), Finance Officer, Resident Engineer are provided with free quarters.

    • University Canteen
      University Canteen is situated in the premises of University Near Ghandi Bhavan. It provides various varities of eatables like Idli Sambhar, Vada, Dosa etc., Beverages like coffee, tea, cold drinks etc. It is open on six days except Sundays and gazetted holidays.

    • Co-operative Store
      The Cooperative Store is situated in the premises of Karnatak University. It is run by University on no-profit no-loss basis for the general public. It sells all the items of everyday use like toiletries, stationary etc.

    • U.E.I.G.B (University Employment Information and Guidance Bureau)
      University Employment Information and Guidance Bureau (UEIGB), located in the Students Home, was established in the year 1970 under the joint auspices of the Karnatak University Dharwad and the Department of Employment and Training, Government of Karnataka. The bureau provides employment information and guidance to the students and the Alumni of the University.

      To evolve in to a highly vibrant organization capable of meeting the needs of employment information and career guidance for students in most suitable manner, so as to achieve the distinction of being one of the best employment information and guidance bureaus in the country.

      To cater very effectively to the needs of students as well as their parents to be able to appreciate various courses of action available to them in educational career choice and employment.

    • University Health Center
      The Health Center is situated in the premises of Karnatak University. Health Center has been provided with modern facilities such as, computerized ECG Machine, Electronic Blood-Sugar, Blood-Cholesterol and Urine analysis Machines.Chief Medical Officer for the health center is Dr.Tanuja K.N.

  • International Student Advisor
    Karnatak University, Dharwad has an office of the International Students Advisor. This is an assignment of the Indian Council for cultural Relations, Ministry of External Affairs Government of India.
    This office is a link between Foreign Students, studying in Post-Graduate Departments of Karnatak University, and in constituent colleges and the University Administration.

  • Prasaranga
    The Extra-mural or Extension wing, the "Prasaranga" is the publication and the Extension wing of the University. The Prasaranga was established in the year 1949. Within three years of the establishment of Karnatak University, its founders succeeded in launching Extramural or Extension activities of the University so that the knowledge generated by its teachers and researchers is carried to the door steps of the common man. A committee, with Shri Channaveera Kanavi, now a celebrated Kannada poet, as its Secretary was constituted and it started extension lectures in the mofussil areas. The first lecture camp was arranged at Gadag on 8th and 9th of November, 1952 marking the beginning of a worthwhile and long sustained activity. Very soon a publication wing was added and the two wings, Extension and Publication, merged to form the 'Prasaranga' with Shri Kanavi as its first Director.

  • University Press
    The Karnatak University Press commenced to function in 1969-70 with Letter Press Technology, which was the then best technology. The press is modernized time to time and it caters the requirement of the university departments, academic section, examination section and Prasarang.

  • Sports Facility
    Sports section of Karnatak University was established during the year 1970. The department began functioning with a director of physical education and sports along with seven coaches for various disciplines.Kreeda Bhavan
    Kreeda Bhavan which houses the Sports Section and the Physical Education Dept. has an office, class rooms, 20 furnished rooms to accommodate sportspersons.

  • Student Welfare Section
    The Karnatak University strives to maintain the standards of excellence as an Academic Institution. In this regard the University ensures that the best possible environment exists for all students, irrespective of their socio-economics class. For this purpose the University has established a STUDENTS WELFARE SECTION to execute University polices concerned to welfare of the students. Nearly 5000 post graduate and 80,000 undergraduate students, studying in the constituent and affiliated colleges, are covered under the wide variety of welfare Programmes run by the University.

    Students Welfare Section has a great deal to offer to students. It administers a number of University policies concerned with hostels, welfare schemes, youth festivals, student complaints etc. Approximately Rs.15,00,000/- budgetary provision is made every year to oversee all aspects of students welfare.

  • USIC (University Scientific and Instruments Center)
    About the Center: University Science Instruments Center (USIC) is a multi-purpose cluster of sophisticated analytical instruments serving the community of research scholars and faculty over thirty years and is at level III as per UGC recommendation. The Center offers services for carrying out advanced scientific research and is backed by qualified and dedicated technical staff (Table 1). The number of instruments (see Table 2) cover wide ranging disciplines from physical, chemical, biological and earth sciences; others include nanoscience, materials science, biotechnology, pharmacology, medical and agricultural sciences. Besides offering services, production and distribution of liquid nitrogen, repair and servicing of small instruments are also done at the Center. Students and faculty of Karnatak University as well as outside colleges and universities regularly visit the Center for measurements.

  • Women's Welfare Board
    Board of Women Welfare, is constituted with the following members with effect from 07-01-2004.

  • Workshop
    The Central workshop was established on 15th August 1959 an instrumentation workshop, wherein fabrication and repairs of scientific instruments and apparatus for the use of post-graduate science departments of the University, are undertaken. As per the requirements of the research scholars designing is taken up before the fabrication. Instruments so fabricated are delivered to the departments concerned. If any modification is required, during the course of experiments it will be carried out by this workshop. In addition, repair works of instruments and apparatus are also undertaken. There are precision machinery and equipments.

  • University Computer Center
    The Computer Centre of the Karnatak University, Dharwad established in the year 2007. The center was established with the objective of providing computational environment for the academic and research community of the university. The Centre offers training and software development apart from being a support service for the faculty, students and staff.

  • Information Technology (IT) Section
    The entire operation of IT Service Management of the campus is look after by IT section. The University comprehensive IT policy helps IT Section to function systematically. IT Section maintains post warranty systems and monitors the smooth operation of the systems.

  • Day-Care & Women’s Facility Centre
    The Day-Care and Women’s Facility Centre, was constructed with munificent grants received from theUGC and was declared open on 25th October 2013. An exclusive and imposing building with good landscape is maintained by the Research Centre for Women’s Studies and assisted by the Building Section of the University. The objective of the Day-Care and Women’s Facility Centre is to facilitate the women employees and the female research scholars and students to rest during their leisure and have lunch. It also exclusively has the provision of taking care of the toddlers of the working mothers in order to help them pursue their jobs and/or academic career.

  • Horticulture Department
    The department of Horticulture was established in 1949 associated with building department and became independent in the year 1957. The department was initially headed by Shri. G.S. Nanjundayya as Garden superintendent in the year 1958. At present department has independent building and a Nursery and is headed by Dr. G.S. Mulgund as a I/C. Horticulture Officer.

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