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James College of Engineering and Technology, [JCET] Kanyakumari Infrastructure Details

Central Library

The Central Library of the college has been designed with the objective of collectively supporting the teaching, research and extension programmes of James College of Engineering and Technology.

All students, faculty and other staffs of the Institution are encouraged to embark upon maximum utilization of the library facilities. The JAMCET library, besides having a huge collection of books on engineering, management science and humanities offers a wide range of path-breaking services through its numerous segments.


Separate and brand new hostels are available for both men and women. The intensity of homely feeling felt in our hostels can never be explained in words but can only be experienced. Some of the facilities in the hostel include indoor and outdoor games, music, laundry, in-house hospital and a margin free shop to provide stationary, books and essential commodities.

Elegant rooms have been inspiringly created so as to be conducive for the promotion of the intellectual and psychological well-being of the resident students.


College Cafeteria is a dynamic and social network dedicated to bring students, academics and enterprises together. The canteen provides a platform to unwind, relax, while at the same time providing an option for purposeful communication. It provides excellent service to the students, providing snacks and food items at a reasonable rate to the students.


James College of Engineering and Technology operates its own brand new college buses in Kanyakumari District ,Tirunelveli District and some parts of Kerala in order to ensure the safe, punctual and comfortable conveyance of the students and staff of the college.


Good food, good health and good life are inter-connected. With this perception in mind, the Management of James College of Engineering and Technology has left no stone unturned to provide our students the tastiest and healthiest of delicacies one has the imagination to invent. In other words, James College of Engineering and Technology has literally embarked upon what is called a Food Revolution.

Under the guidance of versatile doctors of family medicine and experts in dietetics, the vibrant chefs of James College of Engineering and Technology make the most delicious of meals in all its varieties - continental, Western, Kerala, South Indian, etc, at the same time, taking meticulous care not to include junk food, transfats and unwanted calories.

Special food is made under medical supervision for the students who are allergic to egg, milk, marine food, rice etc. When students fall ill, special diet is prepared for them under medical advice. All the above-said pampering from the James College of Engineering and Technology, to c

ut a long story short, go to make James College of Engineering and Technology a home away from home!


All the hosts are connected to Storage Area Network which provides access to consolidated block level data storage. By using SAN effective disaster recovery process is enabled.

Lab Facilities

All labs in our campus were connected by robust, reliable, high speed OFC Back bone.Each computer in the network is connected through Gigabit LAN.

Internet Facilities

Our Data Centre is connected to the World Wide Web with the help of a 10Mbps leased line connection from Airtel and 4 Mbps from Reliance. Routing and load balancing were done with the help of Sonicwall Enterprice Class with firewall. Illegal and unwanted website access was blocked with the help of firewall. Content filtering Gateways were used which deny access to specific websites to a specific group of users.

Wi-fi Facilities:

All the labs are connected to the core switch through fiber. Wireless LAN facility is provided in the campus and its infrastructure is maintained by Motorola and Ruckbus products. The students and staff can get connected to internet through Wi-fi with their own AD username and password. These permits to track student's online activities.In case of requesition guests are also provided with guest passwords.

Internet Facility

Our college has dedicated Internet Leased line of 34 Mbps, connected throughout the Campus. Students and faculties are free to access internet after the regular working hours. This helps the students to prepare papers on the latest technologies to be presented in various symposiums and seminars. 24 hours Internet facility is provided. Internet facilities in the well-equipped internet lab, providing high speed of connectivity the student can surf the net together unlimited information. The Internet allows classroom teachers and those with distance-learning classes to post lectures, notes and presentation documents on the college's network.

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