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Life at the IZee Campus is not only about challenges and academics!

We believe in the importance of recreation and entertainment as a means for our hardworking students to de-stress, as well as contribute to their all-round personality development. By providing opportunities to encourage their latent talents and opportunities, IZee encourages its student body to prove themselves as multifaceted individuals, equally at ease in the boardroom as well as in the ballroom.

A few of the extracurricular activities available to IZee student's are:

Fresher's Party- The first month of college is often an intimidating experience. The new environment, people and staff tend to unnerve students unused to the unfamiliarity of their previous surroundings. However, at IZee we provide new students with the warmest of welcomes and break the ice with a fresher party as an opportunity to get to know their new classmates, batch mates and seniors. Nothing brings people closer than fun and games and good food and great conversation, which is why the fresher's party goes all out to be one of the most memorable days in a student's life.

College Fests - IZee students take their fests seriously. How else could a streak of victories at the most prestigious college level management fests be explained? From management skills to dance, our students thrive with the spirit of competition and have done us proud at events in the city's most prestigious colleges.

Industrial Visit – Periodical industrial visits help break up the monotony of the classroom and give the students a more practical, hands-on experience to revitalize their enthusiasm and give them real world experience. These visits help students gain invaluable knowledge and experience which is of much use In the long run.

Trekking – A healthy and active lifestyle does wonders for the mind! Trekking is a fun and exciting activity that not only strengthens bonds, but also encourages teamwork and the ability to overcome obstacles. The skills inculcated from these trekking trips are of equal importance in the corporate jungle as it is in nature!

Charity Events- Charity events organized on campus and off campus by our responsible and forward thinking students are indicative of the spirit of philanthropy and social responsibility which thrives on campus. Charity events are a fun way of raising money & awareness for various noble causes and our students don't need to be asked twice to do their bit for society!

International Tours- International tours to countries such as Malaysia, help students understand the best of international industrial and business practices as well as provide them exposure to new and exciting environments, which helps considerably broaden their world view.

Amusement Parks- No matter how old you might be, an Amusement Park never cease to thrill the little kid in us all! The rides and bumper cars can be considered a metaphor for life itself, with its twists and turns and ups and downs, but it is also part of the roller-coaster ride that is IZee!

Outdoor Activities – The great outdoors have fascinated mankind for eons, especially so since the advent of the Industrial Revolution and urbanization. At IZee, we encourage students to get back to our roots in the wild with regular trips outside the safe confines of the city for fresh air, leafy surroundings and exercise!

Competitions- A fierce but healthy competitive spirit is one of the hallmarks of a potential top manager and the best way for our enthusiastic students to demonstrate this spirit is by means of various intra and inter college competitions that help them give life to their competitive urges.

Sports – Sports is integral for both physical and mental development. It's a lot more fun than exercise, and you learn as much about co-operation, teamwork, planning and strategic thinking in a single game of football, cricket or tennis than you could in a corporate seminar!

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