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Institute of Business Management and Technology, [IBMT] Bangalore Infrastructure Details

Infrastructure Facilities at Institute of Business Management and Technology, [IBMT] Bangalore:


  • The campus is being designed as a fully integrated facility.
  • IBMT was the first campus to integrate WiFi.
  • The system is equipped with broadband facility.
  • The Institute is equipped with multiple state-of-the-art specialized labs.

Computer Lab:

  • All students are expected to use computers in their day-to-day study.
  • All students have personal laptops yet they all have free access to the Computing Lab to do their work any time of the day.
  • In addition to the computers, there is access to wide range of facilities including documentation, advice, and training on supported software.
  • These facilities are an integral part of the curriculum.

Internet Lab:

  • All students are provided training on Internet and Web Management and assigned individual E-mail IDs.
  • The high-speed Internet connectivity provides an extended access to vast intellectual resources.


  • The quality of student accommodation is an essential ingredient in academic success and enjoyment of student life.
  • Befitting the standards of the participants in a professional education program, the Institute has evolved a system to provide lodging and boarding facilities through professional catering and active participation of residents.

Language Laboratory:

  • This is one of the most distinguished facilities at the institute.
  • IBMT recognizes that in the age of globalization and interculturalism, learning foreign languages has become a strategic necessity.
  • In order to ensure effective learning, the institute has set up a state-of-the-art language laboratory.

Indoor Games and Gymnasium:

  • In order to ensure a well-rounded personality development, it is necessary to provide a balanced mental and physical activity.
  • With this objective in view, the Institute has set up separate gyms in both boys and girls hostels.
  • Apart from necessary gymnasium equipment, there is Table Tennis facility in boys’ hostels.

Executive Lounge:

  • Attached to the Executive Development Centre is My Tea House which doubles up as the Executive Lounge.
  • The lounge is open to all the members of IBMT.
  • It is meant to provide a quiet and cozy environment for relaxation and informal exchange of ideas.

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