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Updated On - Dec 14, 2021

GNA University [GNA], Punjab Scholarships

Scholarship at GNA University [GNA], Punjab

GNA University helps economically backward students with financial assistance. It offers different sets of scholarships to domestic students and students from Nepal/ Bangladesh/ Bhutan students. Financial assistance is also provided to the students who take the GU-Scholarship Eligibility Test. Scholarships are announced every year for the students under the following categories

  • GU Scholarship for Meritorious Students
  • GU Scholarship for Defence Personnel
  • GU Scholarship for Single Girl Child
  • GU Scholarship for Children of GNA Employees
  • GU Scholarship for GU-SET Awardees
  • GU Scholarship for Sports Persons

Meritorious Scholarship for Meritorious Students of Undergraduate Program


90% of Tuition Fee

70% of Tuition Fee 60% of Tuition Fee 40% of Tuition Fee
30% of Tuition Fee

Criteria for Scholarships

Marks above 95 % in the qualifying exam

90% to 95% in qualifying exam"}">

> 90% to 95% in the qualifying exam

81% to 90% in qualifying exam"}">

> 81% to 90% in the qualifying exam

72% to 81% in qualifying exam"}">

> 72% to 81% in the qualifying exam

63% to 72% in the qualifying exam
= 95% in GU- SET"}">

Marks >= 95% in GU- SET

90% to 94.99% marks in GU-SET

80% to 89.99% marks in GU-SET

70% to 79.99% marks in GU-SET

50% to 69.99% marks in GU-SET

JEE (Main) marks more than 200

JEE (Main) marks from 171 to 200

JEE (Main) marks from 151 to 170

JEE (Main) marks from 126 to 150

JEE (Main) marks from 100 to 125

CAT/ XAT percentile more than 98

CAT/ XAT percentile more than 96 to 97

CAT/ XAT percentile from 95 to 96

CAT/ XAT percentile from 90 to 94.99

CAT/ XAT percentile from 85 to 89.99

MAT/ CMAT percentile more than 99.99

MAT / CMAT percentile from 98 to 99.99

MAT/ CMAT percentile from 96 to 97.99

MAT/ CMAT percentile from 95 to 96.99

MAT/ CMAT percentile from 90 to 94.99

Other Scholarships for Domestic Students

Scholarship Eligibility Fee Waiver
Girl Child Scholarship Single Girl Child / only girl siblings 15% of tuition fee
Corporate Employee Scholarship  Corporate Employee Additional 5% of tuition fee
GNA Employee Additional 7% of tuition fee
Sibling Scholarship Siblings studying in the institute 5% of tuition fee

Scholarships for Nepal/ Bangladesh/ Bhutan Students

Category Marks
Amount of Scholarship (INR)
1 60% and Above
50% of tuition fee
2 50% to 59.9%
40% of tuition fee

Sports Scholarships

Category Detail
Amount of Scholarship
Grade A International Sports Player
80% of tuition fee
Grade B National Sports Championship/ International Sports Competition
70% of tuition fee
Grade C State Sports Championship
60% of tuition fee
Grade D School Games of CBSE/KVS/NVS/ICSE
50% of tuition fee
Grade E State Federation Games
40% of tuition fee
Grade F

Participation in the state school games/ participation in school games of CBSE/KVS/NVS/ICSE


Participation in district federation games/ participation in inter-school games of CBSE/KVS/NVS/ICSE

30% of tuition fee

Educational Loans at GNA University [GNA], Punjab

Students of GNA University can apply for educational loans from the banks that are run under the RBI guidelines

  • The educational loan can cover the full cost of the tuition fee under the current education loan scheme.
  • This loan is repaid gradually once the student will be working.

GNA University [GNA], Punjab Reviews

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Purushotham | Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Mechanical Engineering), batch of 2021

Reviewed on May 08, 2019

  • 4
  • Fees and Scholarship 4
Fees and Scholarship

The course fee for Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Mechanical Engineering) is INR 1,32,000 per annum. Scholarship for students is up to 80% based on previous standards marks like +1 &+2. Students get a scholarship in my branch is 100-150. At maximum no loans are needed, in any case, loans are needed as per student Karur Vysya bank is the best option.

Technical | Bachelor of Computer Application [BCA], batch of 2020

Reviewed on Dec 12, 2017

  • 5
  • Fees and Scholarship 5
Fees and Scholarship

My course fees are Rs69400(INR)P.A. and the scholarship starts at 25% and goes to 90%.

Manoj | Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech], batch of 2020

Reviewed on Dec 11, 2017

  • 2.5
  • Fees and Scholarship 2.5
Fees and Scholarship

25,200k(INR) per annum. Scholarships are available for only SC and St students. Loans are not compulsory but they will be given by bank of India and KVB.

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