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Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] Reviews

Bachelor of Engineering [BE] (Computer Engineering), batch of 2020

There is one hostel each for girls and boys. Hostel fees per month are 1900 for food and stay cost 17,000 per year. Hostel food is personally not liked but 1st year is compulsory to stay there. There are many hostels and PGs as the city is a student city full of students. Cost of hostel varies according to choice and facilities it provides. Classrooms are quite populated with basic requirements. Labs are facilitated with air conditioners (only for computer and IT). Libraries provide 12 hours reading the room. Wi-Fi is provided on registering of personal computers brought on their own

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech], batch of 2019

For the infrastructure the college is nice and we'll maintain. The library is having a collection of more than 20,000 books and 1000 journals and research papers. you get PC for any work in libraries and college itself. Now, the hostel of GCET is separate for girls and boys. Major of the students are not localite so they stay as a hostel or PG. Hostel of GCET is worst I would say, the fees is 18,000 per year. But if you are looking for good hostels there are many like the AVD (ATMIYA VIDYA DHAM) WHICH I would rate 4.5/5.You can also stay on PG as every home near college offers at low cost. Quality of classroom is good they are ventilated, ac in the classroom. But they are quite cool. The labs are well maintained here and play a major role in our infrastructure. You do get Wi-Fi at the cost of 1500 per year. Now for accessing the college contents like notes, ppts, nptel lectures you get intranet known as GIS which I would rate (4.7/5 ) very efficient. The mesh of college hostel is not good but as I said you will definitely need to opt for another good hostel. And Ya if you are a first-year student than its compulsory to pay first-year hostel fee whether you live their or not (INR 18,000 rupees).

Bachelor of Engineering [BE] (Chemical Engineering), batch of 2018
  • One main boys hostel is there and another building with no special facility is there, boys hostel has WiFi with no connectivity, College also has WiFi that also with no connectivity, hostel fees is Rs 1200 per Month and 30% of deposit or caution money they take as a fine even if u never stayed at hostel for a single day.
  • Quality of classrooms is good, library is ohk not so great, labs are also average , WiFi facility provided for sake of name only, and no other key infrastructure.

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GH Patel College of Engineering & Technology [GCET], Vallabh Vidyanagar Infrastructure Details


The Central Library began its existence way back in 1996. Since then, it has grown in size and content along with the GCET to take the present shape. All these years, it has been the lifeline for the academic activity of the institute. At present, it stands as one of the best libraries in terms of the number of books and journals, an undergraduate degree engineering college can have a modem library with a lot of automation.Central Library serves the academic needs of about 1879 UG students and nearly 114 faculty members and about 56 technical, administrative staff of our institute. Besides its services are extended to a number of other organizations also.The Library resources stand at about 34,032 volumes of books, and back- volumes of periodicals, CD, audiocassettes, thesis and standards. The journal subscription goes beyond 125. While all journal subscriptions are available in the present form, some are available in CD ROM form also.

The Library collection also includes a large section of expensive reference books, a large number of text book collection meant to cater for the courses running in the institute and a collection of books ear-marked for needy students (under fund available through GAA Book Bank).

The Central Library has been catering to the needs of the undergraduates, faculty and staff members of the 8 departments of our institute The book collection has been supporting the teaching, research, development and other professional activities of these departments. The demands of the ever-growing research areas multiple disciplines is being catered with the help of latest volumes, in almost all fields Engineering, Science, Technology and general areas.

GCET campus is covered with WIFI technology. Keeping in mind the technological needs of all students and staff members, 7 wireless routers have been used for extensive network coverage. Authenticated students and staff members can access the high speed internet service 24/7 round the year from GCET campus.


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