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The library at BSAIE complies with them and has an open-access system. The Library provides services to the faculty members and students for both courses that are running in the Institution. In this regard, the library has acquired app. 10,000 books and more than 100 educational CD’s. The library subscribes to nearly 25 periodicals including magazines, journals and newspapers. The library is constantly enriched and new material is added to keep abreast with latest changes and advancements in the field of education.Besides this the students have free access to many online journals.


Educational Psychology lab is equipped with a number of renowned standardized Psychological tests such as Castell’s 16 PF personality test, performance test of intelligence developed by P.G.I. Chandigarh, Stanford-Binet intelligence test , etc. The college acquaint the would be teachers with the knowledge of scientific methods of Psychological testing and classroom evaluation through the practical exposure.


21st century being the age of technology necessitates the use of technology in the classroom and so the college expose their prospective teachers to the latest technology being used in the classroom with the help of Over Head Projectors, LCD Projector, Slide Projectors, Epidiascopes, DVD Player, Tape Recorder, T.V., Digital camera etc. The faculty use these facilities in their classes. The students are also given specific demonstrations about how to use these facilities.


A well-equipped Science Lab comprising of apparatus and material related to Physics, Chemistry, Biology is used by the students for conducting the practical work related to the theoretical principles. The students are encouraged to improvise and make indigenous scientific apparatus from waste and low cost material. Computer lab is equipped with 25 P-IV branded computers & 5 printers. Round the clock internet facility with Radio link connectivity is also available to the students. B.S.A.E.I. provide basic knowledge of computer such as MS office & internet, etc. to the would-be teachers.



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