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Reviews on Infra/Hostels of Assam Engineering College, [AEC] Guwahati

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] Reviews

Bachelor of Engineering [BE] (Chemical Engineering), batch of 2019

There are in total 8 hostels, 7 for boys and 1 for girls. Each hostel houses about 50-80 students whereas the girl's hostel houses about 200-300 students. The fees paid is mediocre, with mess fee about Rs.3,000/- per month. For students who like a little privacy, there are plenty of PGs and rooms available for rent in the vicinity of the college, at the walking distance apart. The cost of PGs is average, about Rs.6,000/- per month. The classrooms in AEC are good, each having a projector screen, and wifi available in some of the classes. There is AC in some department classes as well.

Bachelor of Engineering [BE] (Electrical Engineering), batch of 2019

There is 7 boys hostel and one girl hostels recently another girl hostel is completed. Hostels are ragging free. About the hostel's food and infrastructure, Infrastructure is average. We get food in college and from the canteen. Quality of food is good. Quality of classrooms, labs, libraries are very good. Dining tables are not there. Only some good quality small tables are there in the canteen. Wifi is there in some particular places like the computer room, auditorium etc. Overall infrastructure is average or up to some extent good.

Bachelor of Engineering [BE], batch of 2020

There are a total of 9 hostels in Assam Engineering College. Hostel 1 to 7 are for undergraduate boys. Hostel 8 for girls. And Hostel 9 for post graduate students. (Though there is one girl's hostel. It doesn't mean the ratio of girls is less. In fact, the capacity of the girls' hostel is 3 times than that of any boys hostel). Hostels in AEC are very cost efficient. The average expenditure on hostel is Rs. 2,000 only per month (includes boarding, food and establishment). There is also WiFi in the hostels, which provides a fast Internet service to students.

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Assam Engineering College, [AEC] Guwahati Infrastructure Details

Infrastructure facilities at Assam Engineering College, [AEC] Guwahati:


  • Assam Engineering College Library came into existence along with the foundation of the college in 1955.
  • It bolsters the teaching, research and extension programs of the Institute.
  • All students, faculty members of the Institute are entitled to make use of the Library facilities on taking library membership.
  • There is a well-stocked Reading Room, which subscribes to a large number of dailies, weeklies, periodicals and journals on a variety of subjects.
  • The Library, besides having a huge collection of books on engineering, science, management and humanities, serves as a resource center and aims to develop a comprehensive collection of documents useful for faculty and students of the Institute and provides an efficient dissemination of knowledge.

Computer Lab:

  • Central Computing Centre (CCC) is a central facility, established in Assam Engineering College which caters to the needs of academic departments and various sections of the institute.
  • CCC is instituted in a separate building. Centre has one of the envying infrastructures in the region in terms of computing facilities, Internet facilities and Campus-wide Networking.
  • Centre is well equipped with the latest machines. It provides Internet facilities to the users in the CCC, all Departments, Library, faculty rooms and Administrative office.
  • The same facility has also been extended to all the hostels.
  • Each member of the institute is provided with a unique log-in ID to make the best use of the facility.
  • The Central Computing Centre is dedicated to create and maintain a computing environment providing quality professional services to students, staff and administration.
  • Students are encouraged to make full use of the facility for academic learning besides training themselves in modern computer applications and software skills.


Hostels of Assam Engineering College for over half a century have been providing force and fuel to the life and motion of College’s liberal, innovative academic culture. From the day of their establishment, they have been "a home away from home" for a generation of engineers. Though students can choose to be day-scholars, campus living encourages independence and helps students with the ability to adapt. Most of them have even celebrated their Golden Jubilee to mark 50 years of their glorious existence.
  • Elegantly designed and surrounded by lawns and flower beds, each hostel is divided into a number of blocks and provides residential facilities to undergraduates from all across the state of Assam.
  • There are presently seven boy’s and one girl’s residential complex.
  • All the eight hostels on the campus offer well ventilated, comfortable rooms available on single or double/multi sharing basis. Each hostel has a fully furnished Common Room attached to it that provides moment of leisure as well as a glimpse of laurels earned by the boarders.
  • Apart from it, the hostels boast of a Table-Tennis room, a fully-equipped Gymnasium, 24/7 wifi network with internet access and a spacious Dining-Hall which is maintained hygienically for students to enjoy their meals.
  • The hostels have a cooperative mess that is managed by the boarders themselves.
  • They also subscribe to a large number of national dailies and magazines to keep the students aware of the happenings in the world.
  • Assam Engineering College has as many as 5 grounds for playing various kinds of sports like cricket, football, hockey and other outdoor sports.
  • It has a hard court for basketball and also a hard court for tennis.
  • Courts for volleyball and badminton are also there within the campus.
  • Table Tennis board is available in the common room and in all the hostels for the students.
  • There is a gymnasium hall in the campus which is well equipped with all the modern equipment.
  • Overall it has good sports facility for the students. AEC has always performed well in all the inter-college championships.
  • It has emerged as champions in cricket and football in the inter college championships.


  • The college canteen is a spacious food joint newly constructed for the purpose of serving wholesome, nutritious food to the AECians.
  • The canteen is situated near the Main Building and remains open from 7.00 A.M. to 7.00 P.M. on all working days. A wide variety of Indian snacks and dishes are available.
  • During lunch time, meals are available at very reasonable prices. A Cafeteria is also facilitated at the New Assam Type Building.
  • The canteen besides being hygienic also provides swift service.
  • It is frequented perhaps more by the hostellers looking for a change from hostel grub than the occasional visitor.
  • The ever-busy canteen bustling with inquisitive minds is a recreational -cum-hangout place for the members of AEC family.

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