Amity Institute of NGO Management, Noida Infrastructure: Library, Hostel, Labs, Gym, Auditorium & Other Facilities

  • Noida , Uttar Pradesh
  • Computer labs
  • Medical Hospital
  • Cafeteria
  • Laboratory
  • Library
  • Auditorium
  • Hostel
  • Sports
  • gym

Infrastructure & Facility :

Classrooms - The Theatres of Knowledge :

All classrooms at Amity campuses are spacious and air-conditioned & most of them are amphitheatre style. They provide the most conducive atmosphere for dynamic and focused discussions.

Classrooms at Amity have been designed to bring together analysis with action and are augmented with integrated audio-visual teaching aids for lectures, presentations etc.

Auditoriams - A Platform for Interface :

State-of-the-art auditoriums with a combined seating capacity of over 3,500 act as a common ground for students, faculty and corporate personalities for regular interfaces, conferences and other events.

Sports Facilities - A Winner's Playground to Nurture Champions :

At Amity, sports form one of the important aspects of a student's development. From increasing concentration levels and working as a team to inculcating a winning spirit; sports help students build a strong character and a well rounded personality

Amity Riding & Polo Academy - Riding towards excellence :

The Amity Riding & Polo Academy provides Amity students and patrons access to state-of-the-art horse riding and equestrian facilities. Bringing together the best breeds and riding arenas, the academy offers introduction, training and practice opportunities for riders at all levels and disciplines, including Dressage, Show Jumping, Grid Work and Cross Country.

Accommodation :

Home Away from Home for 15,000 Students Amity offers comprehensive hostel facilities for boys and girls separately within the University Campus. Caring wardens and a vigilant security ensures a pleasant stay allowing students to focus on academics. The air-conditioned residential apartment suites consist of 4 single rooms with an attached bathroom and sitting lounge equipped with sofa, cable TV and refrigerator. Normal Non-A/C hostel rooms are also available.

Other Facilities :

Deartmental Store :

Fulfilling Daily Usage Needs

Inspite of big malls nearby, I like to stock daily necessities from the departmental store within the Campus.

On-Campus Teksons Bookshop :

Books, greeting cards, stationery... I get everything at the popular Bookshop on Campus.

Stationary :

On-Campus Pencil, Paper & Print Shop

No more running for stationery items or borrowing pens and pencils from friends. Amity has the popular P3 stationery store on Campus.

Personal Care : 

Enhancing Appearance & Building Confidence

Why wait for Sundays or holidays for personal grooming? Amity has the world famous L'Oreal Salon on Campus offering world-class hair & skin care solutions.

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