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Pratiki Patra Pratiki Patra | Dec 11, 2023
Pratiki Patra
Pratiki Patra

Updated on - Dec 11, 2023

When it comes to medical science education in the country, AIIMS Bhopal is one of the pinnacle institutions. With enriching campus life and the latest technologies, students get a holistic experience.

GetMyUni's Verdict on AIIMS Bhopal

Championing medical science and its education in the country, AIl India Institute of Medical Sciences is no new name. In fact, it is the first and the most prominent name that comes to mind at first. AIIMS Bhopal is the same at that point. A decade into its inception, the institution has won several accolades and awards. 

So, what makes the institution one of the most desired by the students to choose after cracking one of the toughest exams in the country? The answer lies in the heartwarming relations that the students share among themselves and the faculty-student ratio as well. It is also for the unparalleled latest technologies and expert mentors. Such things make the campus life more holistic. Needless to say, since AIIMS Bhopal is one of the top-tier medical institutions in the country, the graduates are in high demand as medical professionals and earn well. 

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Exceptional Quality Courses

Students do not think twice before choosing AIIMS Bhopal. It most certainly provides the most top-notch curriculum. Currently, the institute offers graduation and postgraduate courses. It has a medical college and a nursing college. 

The courses include MMBS, MD, MS, MCh, MSc Nursing and more. Each of these courses is finely crafted to deliver the best of the results to the students. Being a government institution, the college fees are affordable. There are also various scholarships that the students can apply for to reduce their expenses.

The course curriculum is rigorous and equally challenging are the semester exams. When it comes to attendance, students must maintain the required attendance percentage. This is done to ensure that the students use their time correctly.

Cordial and Expert Faculties

AIIMS Bhopal, being a medical institution, the faculty members themselves are doctors and are experts in their own fields. Not only do they impart unmatched and unprecedented theoretical knowledge, but also practical lessons. They are dedicated and help in all possible ways to achieve the student's academic goals. 

AIIMS Bhopal Doctors

In spite of such credible faculties, only some students have raised concerns on various online portals about a handful of faculties who deliver 'boring' lectures. Medical Science subjects get intense and are knowledge-heavy. Students often expect faculties to make the lessons enjoyable to increase their grasping power. Hence, sitting inside an uninteresting lecture becomes a tedious affair for the students. Nonetheless, the quality of teaching and the contents are maintained.

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

AIIMS Bhopal possibly has one of the best infrastructures in all of AIIMS across the country. The laboratories and their equipment are the latest in the fields. Since the institute also serves as a hospital, students have access to several laboratories. This also highlights the fact that the students are exposed to numerous medical cases in their day-to-day lives, which enriches their medical science lessons. 

The students have expressed their deep satisfaction with the student-to-laboratory equipment ratio. Everyone gets their fair and equal share in the labs or other practical areas. 

AIIMS Bhopal Campus

The classrooms are spacious, well-maintained and adequately ventilated. It consists of digital as well as green boards. The central library is stocked with a large variety and a number of books. The resource has a plush seating arrangement as well, which only aids the students in concentrating. The college is also equipped with WiFi connectivity.

AIIMS Bhopal has an elaborate sports complex housing a basketball ground, football field, and more. However, with such an extensive and rigorous course curriculum, students probably need more time on their hands to pursue their sports interests. The college comes with an auditorium that hosts seminars as well.

Comfortable Hostels

AIIMS Bhopal has accommodation facilities for both boys and girls. The hostel comprises all the basic amenities required for a comfortable living. There is a dedicated mess facility that provides meals four times a day. Although many students have expressed strong opinions about the poor quality of food. The hostels also have indoor and outdoor facilities for games, making the lives of students in the hostel enjoyable.

AIIMS Bhopal Seminar

It also has recreation rooms and an internet connection. There is a 24x7 security inside the hostel. Hence, students and parents can both be assured that the premises are safe and secure. Barring some general rules and regulations, there are no strict rules that need to be followed by the students. When it comes to affordability, students can assured that it is worth it. There are also several PGs available in the vicinity of the institution that the students can avail.

Great Prospects for the Graduates

AIIMS Bhopal graduates are in high demand in the medical profession. Students get a high salary and are required by reputed organisations. That is because they know that the student's knowledge is unparalleled. The average package is approximately INR 12 LPA.

AIIMS Bhopal Class

Cheerful and Memorable Campus Life

Students spend a considerable amount of time giving their prime years and time at AIIMS Bhopal. The memories they create are irreplaceable. The bonds they make go beyond and help in their personal as well as professional development. Several cultural festivities are celebrated inside the campus, making it joyous. The college also hosts its annual college festival, in which several students from various colleges across the country participate. 

Diverse Campus

Since AIIMS Bhopal draws students from the far corners of the country and they come from various social backgrounds, the diversity among the students is quite evident. There is a robust cultural exchange among the students. As far as dress code is concerned, there is no strict uniform inside the campus. However, proper uniform and strict protocols are to be maintained as per the guidelines inside laboratories or other sensitive areas. 

Is AIIMS Bhopal Worth it?

There is not an ounce of doubt that AIIMS Bhopal is one of the best medical colleges in India. Students need to score a high percentage of marks in one of the toughest exams to get admission. The institution has the latest technologies and equipment with equally remarkable faculties. Even though the course curriculum is highly rigorous, it only makes the students prepared for the professional world. The campus is full of life that leaves a lasting impact on the students.

Here’s a quick look at the pros and cons of AIIMS Bhopal:



Best Course Curriculum

Intense and Rigorous Course Curriculum

Remarkable Faculties

Average Mess Food

Latest Equipment and Techonologies


Affordable Course Fees


Affordable and Comfortable Hostel


Great Campus Life


*Source: aiims_bhopal_official

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