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E-CLASS ROOM: It was established with the financial assistance of UGC/additional assistance. It is akin to a mini-seminar hall to host meetings. It has all the audio-visual equipment to give presentations and to deliver lectures.

LABORATERIES : The institution has well equipped and well furnished laboratories in various departments. There are 16 laboratories for the UG and PG students to train students in their respective disciplines.

Nine science labs viz, Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Statics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Electronics and Bio technology labs received financial assistance from UGC under BSR(Phase-1) grants for their Upgradation. The grants was successfully utilised and all science departments are now equipped to undertake all experiments prescribed in undergraduate science syllabus besides undertaking minor research work. The college also has an English language lab and a commerce lab. The English lab has 20 client systems connected to one server. In which language learning software designed by “LE-LOGICEL” is installed. Some selected students undergo training in proficiency in English. The commerce lab has about 40 systems connected by LAN. Multi user Tally is installed in all the computers and all the commerce students undergo training in learning Tally.


Origin and Growth: The Adoni Arts and Science College Library was established along with the college in 1962. Sri.Y.V.Subrahmanyam was the first Librarian.
To meet the increasing demand for books and to cater to the academic need of the under graduate students and the staff, a new Library block was constructed with the aid of the U.G.C in 1977.
LIBRARY TIMINGS:The Library works from 8 A.M. to 6 P.M. without any break for lunch to facilitate the students to utilize the library in their leisure hours to enrich their talents knowledge and intellectual faculties. The students are allowed to retain the books with them during examinations.
E-LEARNING CENTRE:In keeping pace with the technological advancement, the Library was fully computerized in 2003.The Internet facility has been extended to the library during the academic year 2006-2007. During 2010-2011, an E-Learning Centre with six computers was commissioned with the UGC-CPE Grants. We subscribe to INFLIBNET with which the staff and the students can access to 750 E-Journals. The E-Learning Centre is kept open during the library working hours. A nominal amount of Rs 5/- per hour charged for browsing the net.
Library Books & Periodicals:There are 55913 books on the racks of the library at present. The library subscribes to 50 magazines, 18 daily newspapers and 10 journals.
Mode of Issue of Books:Books were issued to the staff and the students on producing the library tickets issued to them. But this practice was dispensed with, after the installation of LIBSOFT Software which was purchased under the UGC-CPE Grants. Circulation of books is carried out by using this software. All the books in the library were affixed Bar Code Sheets. All the students are issued Library ID Cards and they are issued books on producing their respective cards. The books are scanned with the Bar Code Reader and the issue date is fed into computer. Thus, the books are issued to the staff and the students and their record is maintained .in the library.
Every member of the teaching Staff is allowed to borrow 15 books. Of them 10 are departmental books, two Non-Departmental books and three magazines. Every student is allowed to borrow two books. Besides, meritorious students are issued two more books under U.G.C. sponsored Book Bank Scheme. All the students who score more than 60% marks in the previous year Public Exams are eligible to avail themselves of this scheme. Each student has to renew the book fortnightly. If they fail to renew the book a nominal fine of 25 paise on each book per each working day is collected. The amount collected through fines is credited to the library fee fund account. Physically Challenged students are exempted from periodical renewal of their books. They can keep the books borrowed for an academic year unless they want to change the book.
LIBRARY COMMITTEE:The Library Committee of the college consists of the Principal, the Correspondent and 5 members of the staff nominated by the Principal. The Committee meets once a term and reviews the requirements of the library. It ascertains whether the library has enough number of copies to meet the demand of the books which are used by the majority of the students and instructs the librarian accordingly.
AACSA:AACSA is an organization which recruits the students of our college to undertake various Social activities. Sri.M.Jonathan Wycliffe is the Coordinator of AACSA. It is maintained with the assistance of UGC –CPE Grants. AACSA organized Blood Group Testing Camp in the college recently. The volunteers tested the blood samples of about 500 students of the college and noted their blood groups and addresses. In times of emergency, these students are contacted so that they can volunteer to donate blood to the needy.
BANK:The college campus houses a Corporation Bank. It was started in 1980.It provides various services to the staff and the students and the general public .
POST OFFICE:There is a Post Office on college campus. It provides various services to the staff and the students and the general public.
BOYS HOSTEL:Tapan Das Tomal Chand Boys’ Hostel was inaugurated in 1967. It has 34 rooms which provide accommodation to the UG and PG Students of our college. There are about 75 inmates at present.
WOMEN’S HOSTEL:A Women’s hostel is under construction with the financial assistance of the UGC. It is likely to be inaugurated at the beginning of next academic year.

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