Red River College Rankings

2055 Notre Dame Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3H 0J9
Estd 1938

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RRC is closely associated with Notre Dame and is known as Community College as its former name suggests. The center is invested in training people interested in acquiring good skills in the fields of science, technology, commerce and e-commerce, and the arts. It is committed to providing quality education with an impeccable blend of culture, discipline, diversity, and morality.

Red River College Ranking Highlights

RRC has eight campuses in Manitoba, including several regional associations. It has about 22,000 students, and incoming students are joining a large global learning community. Twenty-four percent of RRC’s students are international students, representing more than 60 countries. Given below are some of the ranking highlights of Red River College.

  • 94% of graduates get a job at Red River College after graduation
  • 96% of employers are more satisfied with the RRC job
  • 98% of RRC grads prefer to live and work in Manitoba
  • 45% of first-year students with full-time, pre-secondary experience attend RRC
  • 24% of RRC students are foreign or foreign students, representing more than 60 countries

Red River College World Rankings

The second study-related difference was assigned to the RRC within a month. On October 9, the college won a silver medal in the Applied Research category at the World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnic Awards in Melbourne, Australia. Given below are some of the world rankings awarded to Red River College :

Ranked By World Ranking 2021
Times Higher Education --
QS World University Rankings --
Continental ranking 1731
World Ranking 7597

Red River College National Rankings

The RRC programs used for research and innovation open doors for small and medium enterprises in areas such as aerospace, advanced manufacturing, catering, green energy, and automotive technology, enabling them to access RRC research facilities and technology. They also provide a way for students to connect and receive industry expert training in their fields. It is one of Canada's Top 10 Research Institutes. Given below are some of the national rankings awarded to Red River College :

  • At the World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnic Awards, Red River College won a Silver Medal in Applied Research.
  • The school received high praise for the experience learned with the help of the aerospace faculty and college.
  • The culinary arts (services) program offered by the college is highly respected
  • The center has been one of Manitoba's top owners for 4 consecutive years