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Luther College consists of a High school and Post-secondary campus federated by the University of Regina. Students from countries like the USA, India, Israel, Nigeria, Vietnam, etc have chosen Luther as their home. The University of Regina provides a high quality of teaching and research opportunities. Luther’s college emphasis on interdisciplinary studies.

Admission at Luther occurs in 3 intakes Fall, Winter, and Summer. Luther College partnered with around 450 universities across 70 different countries. Luther College offers various awards and scholarships. It issued 100,000CAD of financial aid to students in 2018. The institute has an acceptance rate of 63%.

When was Luther College Established?

Luther College at the University of Regina was established in 1913.

Where is Luther College?

Luther College is located in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. The campus of Luther College is the same as the University of Regina and is extended in an area of over 200 acres.

Luther College Accreditation

Luther College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission since 1915.

Education at Luther College

Luther College courses under the specializations of arts, media, sciences, etc. All Luther College students are students of the University of Regina and hence must meet the admission requirements of the University of Regina. Luther students pay fees the same as the University of Regina and receive a University of Regina degree. International students must satisfy English proficiency requirements in addition to basic requirements for admission. Luther College offers more than 20 programs. 

Why Choose Luther College?

  • It is ranked 51st position in the best value schools
  • Luther College offers a University of Regina degree for its aspirants with which the students are guaranteed confirmed jobs after they graduate
  • Luther College has outstanding academic programs and university preparation
  • The alumni of Luther are recipients of Rhodes scholars and Nobel prize awards

Student Enrollment and Staff at Luther College 

Luther College educates 420 high school students, and 1200 university students. 13% of the total students are from an international background. The student to teachers ratio in Luther College is 17:1. The institute has an acceptance rate of 63%. Enrolment details of students and faculty are given below:

Total Student Enrollment


Faculty Members


Total Number of Programs Offered


Faculties/ Departments at Luther College

Luther College offers a wide range of programs and courses to students from all over the world. The different academic areas of expertise at Luther College are given below:

Humanities Pure Science
Business Management Applied Science
Health and Medicine Creative Arts and Design
Social Studies Media

Financial Aid and Scholarships at Luther College

Luther College offers several scholarships and awards to students based on academic merit and extracurricular involvement. Listed below are a few funding options available for international students at Luther College:

  • The Luther Medal of Distinction Award
  • Dr. Rex Schneider University Scholarship
  • Luther College Entrance Awards
  • James Kurtz Memorial Scholarship in Media, Art, and Performance

Student Services

Luther College offers on-campus residence with all the amenities like food, internet, security facilities. Student support services are available which organizes webinars, workshops, orientations, etc. Luther College also supports students by providing them with student loans, special scholarships, and bursaries. 

  • Residence
  • Food services
  • Library
  • Financial aid
  • Student support
  • Athletic facilities
  • Recreational facilities
  • Clubs 
  • Security

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University Stats

Student Population at Luther College

Luther College enrolls over 1200 students under various undergraduate courses every year. The bachelor's degree courses include arts, science, media, etc. Luther College has a student-to-faculty ratio of 17:1. More than 20 programs are offered in Luther. It encompasses a total faculty experts of 50 members.

Luther College Rankings

Luther College is ranked 100th position among all National Liberal Arts colleges under the category of arts by US news rankings survey 2020. Following are the rankings of Luther by a survey conducted by US News in 2020.

National Liberal Arts Colleges


Best value schools


Top performers on social mobility


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Student-Faculty Ratio


Male-Female Ratio


International Students


Total Enrolment


Admission Details

How can I get into Luther College?

For admissions at Luther College, the students need to apply through the application portal of the University of Regina. Students have to select a program from the course list. The intake happens in 3 seasons in Fall, Winter, and Summer. The basic admission requirements include official transcripts, English language test scores, copy of passport, and Statement of purpose.

  • The application is available at the University of Regina portal.
  • The application fee is around $100 CAD.

Acceptance Rate

Minimum Score
TOEFL Requirements


Minimum Score
IELTS Requirements


Application Website

Accepts Direct Application


Accepts Common Application


Total Applications


Average Tuition Fees

Luther College offers more than 20 courses. The tuition fee varies for different programs. The average tuition for undergraduate programs is $15,879/ year. The tuition fee is charged per year. Luther College offers various scholarships and financial aid for international students varying from $750 to $1500.

Degree Type Tuition Fees
Diploma -
Undergraduate $17400
Post Graduate -

Application Details

Students need to fill the application form in the official application portal of the University of Regina. During the application submissions, students are required to supplement with official documents and transcripts. The application fee is 100 CAD for international students. The minimum IELTS score is 6.6 and the minimum TOEFL score is 80. The application deadlines for different seasons for international students is given below.

  • Fall 2022: August 1, 2022
  • Summer 2022: January 31, 2022 (Closed)
  • Winter 2022: November 1, 2022
Events Dates
Application Deadline

Other Fees

What is the Annual Average Cost to attend Luther College?

The other fees include accommodation, medical expenses, books, and supplies. The accommodation charges are approximately $9,980. The books and supplies fee is around $1000- $2000 per year for all the programs. The students also have to bear their own expenses.

Average Annual Tuition Fees
Average Accommodation
Application Fees

Courses Fees

Luther College offers more than 20 programs. A bachelor’s degree is a 120-credit-hour program that includes a set of core requirements. A bachelor’s degree with honors is specialized with deeper training in the core subject. The courses fees vary for different programs. The tuition fees for the Bachelor of Sciences in Chemistry is $ 16,789. Bachelor of Arts in Health Studies will cost approximately $ 15,879. Luther College's courses & tuition fees are as listed below: 

Diploma Courses:

Bachelor Courses:

Certificate Courses:

Diploma in Computer Science

Course Fees: $15879

Bachelor of Arts [B.A]

Course Fees: $15879

Bachelor of Science [B.Sc]

Course Fees: $16789

Diploma in Liberal Arts

Course Fees: $15879

Certificate in Economics

Course Fees: $15879

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Contact Information

Luther College is located in the University of Regina Campus, Regina, SK, Canada. The contact details of Luther College are given below.

Regina, Saskatchewan



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Toll-Free No

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