Lambton College, Sarnia, Ontario

1457 London Rd, Sarnia, ON N7S 6K4
Estd 1969

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Lambton College is one of the best universities in Sarnia offering quality education to both domestic and international students from all over the world. It is the second college in the New Ontario system, and a beacon of education, training, and applied research.

When was Lambton College established?

Since its establishment in 1969, Lambton College Sarnia has been providing quality education to both Canadian and international students and has truly evolved from a public not-for-profit college to a global post-secondary education provider.

Where is Lambton College?

The main campus of Lambton College is located in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. The other Lambton College campuses are located in Mississauga and Toronto. The international campus of Lambton College is located in Changchun, China.

Lambton College Affiliations

Lambton College Sarnia is affiliated with the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA), Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE), Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC), and Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan).

Education at Lambton College Sarnia

Lambton College Sarnia provides undergraduate and graduate-level programs in the form of diplomas, degrees, apprenticeships, etc. The courses and programs are offered in different fields of study such as nursing, management, data analytics, and many more.

Why Choose Lambton College?

According to Research Infosource Inc., Lambton College is now ranked as the No.1 research college in Canada based on research income. In the 2018 ranking, which is based on the 2016-2017 fiscal year, the College recorded a total Research Income of $11,397,150. The institute helps the students get the most out of their education and get the best career training. Here are some reasons why you should choose Lambton College:

  1. Innovation & Research Programs
  2. Center of Excellence in Energy & Bio-Industrial Technology 
  3. Mobile Learning
  4. Explorer friendly
  5. Real-world experience
  6. Work experience opportunities
  7. Some of the lowest tuition fees in Canada 
  8. Supportive campus and community life
  9. Higher-level study opportunities in Canada and the United States
  10. Higher popular diploma and postgraduate programs

Student Satisfaction Rate

Given below are the student satisfaction rate and employer satisfaction rate at Lambton College Sarnia:


Lambton College

Student Satisfaction Rate 


Graduate Satisfaction Rate


Employer Satisfaction Rate


Graduation Rate


Graduate Employment Rate


Faculties and Departments at Lambton College 

Lambton College offers 100+ degree programs, academic upgrading, diploma, and training programs. There are nearly 10 areas of interest available which are:

  1. Business
  2. Community Service
  3. Creative Design
  4. Fire Sciences
  5. Health Sciences
  6. Information Technology
  7. Technology & Trades
  8. Corporate Training
  9. International Education
  10. Online Education

Lambton College Research & Innovation

The Research & Innovation Department at Lambton College is working with small to medium businesses (SMEs) as well as organizations from various sectors in many research areas. Lambton College has expanded a strong network in applied research. It offers high-quality labs, facilities, and research teams for research projects. You can find a wide range of research areas such as :

Advanced Manufacturing

Hydrogen Generation & Fuel Cells

Advanced Material Development

Information Technology


Instrumentation , Process Control & Optimization

Economics & Business

Renewable Energy Conversion, Strong & Management

Fire & Public Safety

Social Science & Community Services

Health & Wellness

Water & wastewater

Financial Aid and Scholarships at Lambton College Sarnia

The Office of the Registrar & Financial Aid Services provides financial assistance to international students in the form of scholarships, student emergency funds, and work-study options. The students are supported through various financial aid programs such as OSAP loans, bursaries, scholarships, and also on-campus employment. Lambton College provides approximately $1,00,000 for bursaries, scholarships, and on-campus employment services each year to help the students. All international students demonstrating strong English proficiency and academic excellence are eligible to receive a $1,000 scholarship.

  • International students should submit the application directly to Lambton College provided he/ she will be pursuing a degree longer than 2 years duration.
  • International students should also submit the English language proficiency test scores such as TOEFL or IELTS to be eligible for the scholarship.
  • The minimum overall score for academic IELTS should be 7.0.
  • The minimum overall score for TOEFL iBT should be 94.
  • International students should maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 during the first two semesters of academic study. 

Student Services 

Lambton College provides a range of support and services for students and businesses. Some of the amenities provided at Lambton College are: 

  • Residence
  • Financial Aid
  • Academic Upgrading
  • Accessibility Center
  • Athletics & Recreation
  • Corporate Training
  • Counseling and Tutoring
  • Lambton College Campus Shop
  • Co-op & Career Service
  • Cube Entrepreneurship 
  • Online Training Development
  • Esport Arena
  • Lambton College Library
  • Placements

University Stats

Student Population at Lambton College Sarnia

Lambton College Sarnia is home to around 3500 full-time students and 6500 part-time students. The international student population at Lambton College is 3,500. The institute helps the students get the most out of their education and provides various supports and facilities.

Lambton College Rankings

Lambton College is one of the top 50 research colleges in Canada. It has been ranked at the top by several national and international ranking agencies. Lambton College rankings are awarded based on several ranking factors such as employment rate, research excellence, funding and endowment, reputation, etc. Some of the rankings awarded by different ranking agencies are given below:

  • Ranked #1 among research colleges in Canada based on research income.
  • Ranked #2 in Canada for the number of partnerships at a medium-sized college.
  • Ranked #5 in Canada for its research intensity.
  • Ranked #6 in Canada for research growth.

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Student-Faculty Ratio


Male-Female Ratio


International Students


Total Enrolment


Admission Details

How can I get into Lambton College?

At Lambton College Sarnia campus, the admission process differs based on the student category which includes full-time applicants, part-time applicants, international applicants, etc. Full-Time applicants will be required to have an application number, fees payment, and college transcripts at the time of admission. International students are required to complete the online orientation course and the online registration process before arriving at Lambton College Sarnia.

Lambton College admission requirements may include having a minimum score of TOEFL and IELTS, college transcripts, and other related documents. Admission will close once the enrollment capacity of each program is reached. Lambton College acceptance rate and other admission requirements are given below:

Acceptance Rate

Minimum Score
TOEFL Requirements


Minimum Score
IELTS Requirements

Min. 6

Application Website

Accepts Direct Application


Total Applications


Average Tuition Fees

Lambton College offers a range of programs such as undergraduate, graduate, diploma, certificate, and apprenticeship and Lambton College online courses in a variety of areas of interest. The college also provides financial aid through various financial aid programs including scholarships, student emergency funds, and work-study. Below are the average tuition fees for undergraduate and graduate programs:

Degree Type Tuition Fees
Diploma $10432
Undergraduate $10263
Post Graduate -

Application Details

Before beginning the application process, the applicants will be required to have high school/ post-secondary electronic copies of transcripts, IELTS or TOFEL score, signed notice of disclosure forms. International students should also pay the application fee of $114. Below are the key dates for the 2022 application in Lambton College Sarnia campus:

Events Dates
Application Deadline

Other Fees

Lambton College provides on-campus accommodation, food services, and other facilities for the students. International students are required to bear the living expenses in addition to the tuition fees at the College. Below are the Lambton College fees details for these services:

Average Annual Tuition Fees
Average Accommodation
Application Fees

Courses Fees

Lambton College ensures excellent education and training for its students at low tuition fees and living costs. The average fees for undergraduate, Lambton College graduate programs, and Lambton College courses as listed below:

Advanced Certificate Courses:

Diploma Courses:

Certificate Courses:

Graduate Certificate in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Course Fees: $12570

Diploma in International Business

Course Fees: $11820

Graduate Certificate in Business Management

Course Fees: $10539

Certificate in Marketing Management - Professional Sales

Course Fees: $13035

Graduate Certificate in Quality Engineering Management

Course Fees: $13766

View All Courses

Lambton College, Sarnia, Sarnia FAQs

Lambton College, Sarnia, Sarnia FAQs


How is Lambton College?

Lambton College is a public institution that is known for sporting activities and post-secondary academic education. It is known to have a relaxed and comfortable campus life for its students. Lambton College has been rated 8.3 out of 10 by international students.


How many days classes are conducted in Lambton College?

The classes at Lambton College are conducted during the Spring and Winter sessions. The Winter classes are conducted from March 8th to May 5th whereas the Spring classes are conducted from May 10 to July 2.


Why study at Lambton College?

The students should choose Lambton College because of the following reasons:

  • It offers innovative research programs
  • It gives a real-life experience to its students
  • It has one of the lowest tuition fees in Canada
  • The research job salary is around $11,397,150.
  • Offers many student services

What is Lambton College’s ranking in Canada?

Lambton College is ranked as 1st in Canada for its research income and 2nd for its international partnerships.


Is Lambton College under SDS and SPP?

Yes, Lambton College is recognized under Student Direct Stream (SDS), Ontario. It is also under Student Partners Program (SPP), Ontario.

Contact Information

Lambton College's address is at 1457, London Road, Sarnia, ON, N7S, 6K4, Canada. Lambton College campuses are also located in Mississauga and Toronto. Lambton College location and other contact details are given below:

London, Ontario



Contact No


Toll-Free No

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