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The University of New England (UNE) is a public research university in Australia that aims for students’ satisfaction and innovative experience in research. It is a global leader in innovative research and learning environment. UNE is an excellent choice to build social as well as professional networks. The university offers a wide range of courses and so a student will leave from here with more than just a degree.

When was the University of New England Established?

The UNE was established in 1938 as the New England University College and then later it gained independence in 1954 under the University of New England Act. It had gone through many major changes since then.

Where is the University of New England?

The main campus of UNE is located in Armidale in northern central New South Wales, Australia. The university is five kilometres to the northwest of the city centre and acquires an area of 260 acres. It has many other campuses in several parts of Armidale.

University of England Accreditation

The UNE has been awarded continuous accreditation by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE) since 1966. It has also been allowed to self-accredit a lot of its online courses. 

Education at University of England

The University of England provides a wide range of over 200 courses and has been a pioneer in the provision of high-quality and practical education. It offers graduate, undergraduate, diploma, and certificate degrees. The university is a leader in providing primary, secondary, early childhood, tertiary, and vocational education.

University of New England Highlights 

The UNE is well-known for its environmental research and so is a leading university in innovative and creative education. There are certain highlights that increase the credibility of the university and attract more students. Those are:

Established 1938
Type Public
Campus setting Rural
Establishment Year 1938
Courses On-campus and online
Number of online courses 170
Total students 25,328
International students 7.3%

Why Choose the University of England?

The University of England is one of the oldest and most respected universities in the world. It has a reputation for excellent teaching, education, and research. It has enrolled around 22,000 students for its graduate and undergraduate coursework. The university aims at providing the best possible teaching experience and learning environment. Some other reasons to opt for UNE are:

  • The University of England has been ranked in the top 10 most beautiful universities in Australia by the Times Higher Education and so it has attracted around 1,185 international students.
  • The university also helps the students to improve their English and build a huge network with renowned organizations and companies.
  • The UNE is an excellent research centre with more than 700 PhD candidates pursuing world-class fundamental and applied research in various fields.
  • Armidale is a beautiful location and is famous for magnificent gorges with a rich and vibrant cultural heritage. This diverse environment attracts students from around 70 countries thus maintaining their community aspect.
  • The students experience close interaction and personal attention with their academic staff that encourages them to have in-depth discussions and ask questions freely.
  • The university homes more than 17,000 online students by offering them flexible distance learning options that allow them to manage their courses along with their families. 
  • The university has a completely different team for international students that supports them with every possible facility and also distance learning procedures.
  • The university homes many notable alumni and over 100,000 students who have been graduated from the university have successful careers in various fields. They include Richard Torbay, Natalie Bennett, Tony Windsor, David Elliot, and many more.

Faculties and Departments at the University of New England

The UNE is a global leader in providing innovative research to its students and also offers many courses that help the understudies to excel in their academics. These courses have various faculties and departments that support the students with personal interaction and real-life experiences. UNE is home to 3 main faculties which have various departments under them including:

Faculty of Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences, and Education

  1. Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary Education
  2. Post School and Professional Education
  3. English, Media, and Communications
  4. Languages, Linguistics, and Cultures
  5. Sociology and Criminology
  6. Classical languages and Social Sciences
  7. Studies in Religion
  8. Music, Theatre and Performance

Faculty of Medicine and Health

  1. Community Services
  2. Health Management
  3. Nursing
  4. Pharmacy
  5. Psychology and Social Work
  6. Medicine
  7. Mental Health Practice
  8. Counselling 

Faculty of Science, Agriculture, Business, and Law

  1. School of Science and Technology
  2. School of Environmental and Rural Science
  3. UNE Business School
  4. School of Law

Financial Aid and Scholarships at the University of New England

The students at UNE are presented with a full package including financial aid and scholarships to assist them in their tuition fees. The amount of these scholarships and grants differ according to the courses and degree a student is enrolled in. The scholarships also assist the students in managing their living expenses and they include:

  • Merit Scholarships: UNE offers a full-time merit scholarship to its scholar and high-achieving students pursuing graduate and undergraduate coursework. It costs around $20,000 to $30,000 per year. 
  • Australian Government Scholarships: These grants are provided to the scholar students of UNE who scored excellent grades in their academics by the Australian Agency International Development.
  • Bursaries for International Students: This UNE International Bursary covers annual tuition fees for the students. 
  • Postgraduate Research Scholarships: This scholarship is provided to PhD students and thus assists them in reducing 50% tuition fees.

Student Services

The University of New England offers various facilities and services to both domestic and international students. These services provide a comfortable life to the understudies and help them in their learning process. These services are offered by the student support team and the faculties including:


Equipped Laboratories

Research Centers

Natural History Museum

Legal Office

Regional Study Centers

Course Advice and Administration

Medical Centers

Career Services

Financial Advice

University Stats

Student Population at the University of New England

Armidale is a beautiful location and so is the university. The professional research experience given by the university attracts a huge student population. The UNE also has a multicultural diversity which is shown by the population of the students here. The university enrols all undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctorate students.

  • Total students: 22,500
  • International Students: 1,150
  • Undergraduate Students: 14,856
  • Graduate Students: 6,218

University of New England Rankings

The University of New England is one of the oldest universities in the field of research and so has been awarded high rankings by world-class organizations. This ranking help to increase the credibility of the university. The UNE has been given a five-star rating by international students for its housing and research education. Following are the other rankings received by the university:



ARWU (Shanghai Ranking)


QS Global University Ranking


US News & World Report


Best Colleges in National Universities


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Student-Faculty Ratio


Male-Female Ratio


International Students


Total Enrolment


Admission Details

How can I get into the University of New England?

The University of New England aims at offering world-class education and innovative research to its students. This criterion attracts a huge number of students who are willing to know about the admission procedure of the university. UNE has a different yet simple admission procedure for both international and domestic students. It also differs according to the course. The following points must be considered while seeking admission at the University of New England:

  • The University follows a trimester pattern and accepts admission in three trimesters. Whereas the admission deadline for each trimester differs according to the course of study. 
  • The admissions are taken place through an online portal by filling an application form on the university’s official website.
  • The international students must have an average score of 60% in their CBSCE or 12th class examination.
  • The students applying for the university must have a minimum of a 6.0 IELTS score.

Following documents are required while taking admission at the university:

  1. Official Academic records
  2. English Language Proficiency test results
  3. Proof of IELTS and TOEFL test results
  4. Letters of recommendation
  5. A resume or CV as proof of work experience
  6. A Student Visa for International Students

Acceptance Rate

Minimum Score
TOEFL Requirements

Min. 79

Minimum Score
IELTS Requirements

Min. 6

Application Website

Accepts Direct Application


Total Applications


Average Tuition Fees

The UNE offers a variety of courses and so has a different fee structure for each course. The fee structure also differs according to the local and foreign students. The tuition fee includes only the teaching and research costs. The fee structure according to the location of the student is as follows:

  • Domestic Students - $34,380
  • International Students - $38,750
  • Undergraduate Students - $21,726
  • Graduate students - $26,069
Degree Type Tuition Fees
Diploma -
Undergraduate $21,726
Post Graduate $26,069

Application Details

The UNE accepts admissions by filling an online application at a particular application fee. The application fee at the University of New England is approximately 50 AUD. These applications can differ according to the national and international students as well as according to the course of study. These applications follow a trimester pattern and have certain deadlines as follows.

Trimester 1

March 15, 2022 (Closed)

Trimester 2

June 18, 2022

Trimester 3

October 30, 2022

Events Dates
Application Deadline

Other Fees

What is the Average Annual Cost to attend the University of New England?

The University of New England also has certain other expenses that help the international students to survive at the university. These expenses include housing, traveling, books, food, and other miscellaneous expenses. They are as follows:

Types of Expenses





$120 - $600



Gas and Electricity


Phone and Internet


Average Annual Tuition Fees
Average Accommodation
Application Fees

Courses Fees

The University offers a wide range of courses in fields like science, education, engineering, medical, social sciences, arts, computer and technology and many more. The course fee for each subject differs and it also varies for graduate and undergraduate degrees.

Bachelor Courses:

Bachelor of Medical Science [B.M.Sc]

Course Fees: $21726

Bachelor of Computer Science [B.C.S]

Course Fees: $24332

Bachelor of Arts [B.A]-Bachelor of Laws [L.L.B]

Course Fees: $21726

Bachelor of Pharmacy [B.Pharma]

Course Fees: $24332

Bachelor of Laws [L.L.B]

Course Fees: $20286

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Contact Information

For further admission or course-related queries, contact +61-2-6773-3333 or email the university at 

Armidale, New South Wales



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