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Download NCERT Books of all subjects in PDF format for classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 totally free. No sign-up. No redirection.

The National Council of Educational Research & Training or NCERT is an autonomous organization of Government that is mainly responsible for designing textbooks for classes 1st to 12th for schools that follow the CBSE curriculum. Apart from this, NCERT also prints sample question papers & books based on the CBSE syllabus for private & Government schools. NCERT has raised the educational standards of CBSE schools by developing high-quality books that help in imparting extensive subject knowledge to the students. This page talks in length about the different NCERT Books followed by CBSE schools for classes 1st to 12th and NCERT Books free download pdf for classes 1st to 12th. Since the world is embracing the digital wave, it is time for us to move our school NCERT textbook studies online. If you are here looking for NCERT e-books download, then you have come to the right place. Want to get the CBSE Biology book for class 12? Or CBSE 4th class textbook? Not to worry, everything is just a click away, and it is free! 

You may directly jump to any of the classes by clicking below. You will find the link for downloading all the free NCERT books pdf here.

You may directly jump to any of the classes by clicking below. You will find the link for downloading all classes free NCERT books pdf here.

Download NCERT Books for Classes 1-12th

NCERT books are updated frequently to keep up with the latest changes & advancements made, if any, in the course content or syllabus. The review of the books is done periodically so that any valuable or necessary recommendation, the suggestion of members of the Textbook Development Committee or feedback of users are also integrated into the book to bring out a better & fully updated version of it. The textbooks designed by NCERT offer its young learners dual benefits by preparing them for their school exams, CBSE board exams. The NCERT books for class 6th to 12th also makes students ready for different competitive examinations like JEE, UPSC IAS, National Talent Search Examination. There are many subjects from NCERT Books 6th to 12th Class in IAS prelims for most of which NCERT textbooks are followed thoroughly. 

NCERT textbooks provide adequate, in-depth & accurate information to its learners, ensuring that they know everything about the subject that is important for them to know & no vital information or topic is missed out. All the chapters, topics are carefully selected & worked upon after a lot of extensive research & this is what makes NCERT textbooks unique & distinct. Undoubtedly much effort, different valuable suggestions, recommendations, extensive research goes into the making of each textbook that finally brings out the book best in both quality & quantity

There are many outstanding features of NCERT textbooks which give it an extra edge over other competitors & make it distinct as well as unique. Some of the features are as such:

  1. Reader-friendly language: NCERT has always strictly adhered to its easy-to-understand language policy & believed that the language should never act as a barrier for young learners from acquiring a clear understanding of the chapter.
  2. Many practice exercises: One of the best features of NCERT textbooks is that it includes plenty of exercises aimed to enhance the grasping power of students over the subjects & chapters in particular. Exercises are designed aiming to develop & explore all the different aspects of a students knowledge.
  3. Offers in-depth knowledge: NCERT textbooks are designed & framed in a way where special attention is given to impart extensive & in-depth knowledge to students who are to be filled with the right kind of knowledge. Seeing the content of the books, it may seem to one that it is all-to-the-point, but in fact, it is all-inclusive & in-depth.
  4. Based on CBSE Curriculum: As it is already known that schools following the CBSE curriculum follow NCERT textbooks, it is designed entirely based on the curriculum & nothing beyond the curriculum is included in the books. The curriculum followed by CBSE also covers the syllabus followed by different competitive exams like UPSC, JEE, etc.

We have all subjects textbooks for classes 1st to 12th with a short description of all the chapters of every subject. You can also download all NCERT books pdf for free using given links and many more surprises. The entire content of any chapter of any subject can be quickly & smoothly downloaded without any hassle. All the NCERT e-books pdf provided here will help you ace your board exams alongside preparing you for competitive examination. If you still have doubts on how to download the CBSE curriculums NCERT textbooks for all classes, keep on reading! 

Download NCERT Books Class 1

CBSE structured NCERT 1st class books as an introduction to advanced concepts that would be taught in higher classes. NCERT books for class 1 are created to provide the perfect learning platform for students of grade 1 as it helps them understand the basic building blocks essential for conceptual learning. The NCERT 1st Class Books covers all these fundamental topics not only to help the students score good marks but also to grow themselves better. It is crucial for a child to create a strong base first and then move forward from there.

We have provided you with an easy pdf download link of the NCERT Class 1 books. The page covers textbooks of all subjects published by NCERT for class 1 in Hindi, English, and Urdu. The download format of individual chapters for each subject is available.

Download NCERT Books pdf for Class 1

Download NCERT Books Class 2

CBSE excitedly designed Class 2 books to help students in developing their learning skills. The NCERT Books for Class 2 will help the children of the Central Board Of Secondary Education affiliated school to enhance their skills for academic achievements. These books are prepared to make learning an exciting experience for young minds. All the NCERT books for class 2 have easy language, useful content and are designed according to the syllabus prescribed by CBSE.

NCERT Class 2 books for English, Hindi, Mathematics, and Urdu are available in the pdf format. We have included books like NCERT Books for Class 2 EVS, NCERT Books for Class 2 Maths, NCERT Books for Class 2 English, NCERT Books for Class 2 Hindi and others.

Download NCERT Books pdf for Class 2

Download NCERT Books Class 3

National Council for Education, Research, and Training aim to develop effective and efficient learning. They offer students a unique method to enhance conceptual learning. The people of high intellect have prepared all the books after going through numerous books. As a student reaches Class 3, he/she will already be having two years of knowledge beforehand itself. So it is imperative to merge that along with new learning that students have to do to carry forward on to the next grade.

NCERT Books for Class 3 consists of five subjects- English, Maths, Hindi, Environmental Studies and Urdu. NCERT Class 3 books pdf download options for every subject are available here. Each book has its corresponding syllabus, and it has been listed out in an excellent order which is easy to understand and proceed further for the students.

Download NCERT Books pdf for Class 3

Download NCERT Books Class 4

NCERT books for class 4 aims to build a strong foundation by learning fun and exciting lessons and activities. Since CBSE is in charge of what the course should contain, they make it as easy as possible for the child to learn the subject efficiently. We have NCERTs latest updated edition books for Class 4 Science, Maths, English, EVS, Hindi, and the other books that are required for the student.

NCERT books for class 4 are available for subjects- English, Hindi, Maths, Urdu, and Environmental Studies. All the books have been designed to give conceptual clarity for every subject.

Download NCERT Books pdf for Class 4

Download NCERT Books for Class 5

NCERT books for class 5 aims to build a strong foundation by learning through fun-filled activities. Since CBSE is in charge of what the course should contain, they have people working on day in and out, to make it as easy as possible for the child to learn the subject efficiently. The knowledge that the child has gotten until now is a lot; it will be challenging to go back to the basics from here. So, NCERT books for Class 5 all subjects are structured in such a manner that it helps the students to know how the concepts are being applied in real-life so that they can have real-time exposure. 

NCERT Class 5 books are prepared in such a manner that the students can easily understand the more profound insight into the topic. On our page, we have listed NCERT books for class 5 all subjects - English, Hindi, Maths, Urdu, and environmental science. Go through the content and download your free pdf textbook for class 5 today!

Download NCERT Books pdf for Class 5

Download NCERT Books for Class 6

CBSE Board Class 6 has many subjects, namely English, Maths, Science, Social Science, Hindi, Urdu, Sanskrit. Each & every subject’s textbook is designed by NCERT in the best way possible to make a student's learning experience filled with fun, zeal & enthusiasm. We believe each subject has a unique role to play in the overall development & career shaping process of a student. NCERT books from class 6 to class 12 also build a solid groundwork for jobs in the Government sector. 

Here we have NCERT Class 6 books PDF format for subjects like English, Hindi, Maths, Science, and Social Science enclosed in the table below. You can read as well as quickly download the entire content of any of your desired NCERT textbooks in PDF format for free from the table below.

Download NCERT Books pdf for Class 6

Download NCERT Books for Class 7

CBSE Board has a well-balanced combination of subjects, namely English, Maths, Science, Social Science, Sanskrit. NCERT has designed its textbooks for all the different subjects of Class 7 with more emphasis being placed on keeping its student-friendly to make the young learners' learning experience pleasant & fun-filled.

Here we have a compilation of NCERT Class 7 textbooks for all subjects available in PDF format including CBSE class 7 books for English, Maths, Science, Social Science. Every subject’s textbook available in a PDF and comprises download links along with a summary of every chapter for a better understanding. You can read as well as download the entire NCERT class 7 textbook’s content of any desired subject in PDF format from the table below.

Download NCERT Books pdf for Class 7

Download NCERT Books for Class 8

NCERT offers a plethora of knowledge to young learners through its well-designed textbooks for subjects like English, Science, Hindi, Urdu, Sanskrit, Mathematics, History, Civics, Geography, etc. for Class 8. NCERT designs the textbooks of various subjects in a manner that mainly aims to simplify the learning process for students & to help them study at ease. 

The table below comprises NCERT Class 8 textbooks of different subjects like Maths, English, Science, Social Science that are available in PDF format. Every subject’s textbook, which is available as an NCERT e-book PDF consists of a summary or description of each chapter for better understanding along with pdf download links. You can read as well as quickly download the textbook of any desired subject from the table below.

Download NCERT Books pdf for Class 8

Download NCERT Books for Class 9

Coming to the NCERT book for class 9 this is the penultimate stage where students have to face the significant 10th boards, which is a massive thing for them to ace it. When students reach class 9, they need to be crystal clear with their concepts, and so teachers need to guide them on the right path. CBSE textbooks for Class 9 build a solid groundwork for the classes to come.

We have provided a plethora of knowledge to young learners by providing the Class 9 Books in pdf format. Every subject’s textbook is available in a PDF and comprises download links along with a summary of every chapter for a better understanding. You can download the NCERT e-books for all subjects in a PDF format from the below table.

Download NCERT Books pdf for Class 9

Download NCERT Books for Class 10

For Class 10 students NCERT Books play a crucial role, as they need it to clear the CBSE board exams that follow after. NCERT books for class 10 are the perfect way to start your preparation. CBSE board exams have many questions from the NCERT textbooks itself, so this is an excellent place to start. The course plan set by CBSE is spanned out well, and you can understand each chapter as they proceed in an easy to understand manner, one after the other.

NCERT Books for Class 10 consist of Science, Maths, English, Hindi, Social Science, Sanskrit, Urdu, and Yoga. You can read or download Class 10 NCERT books in a pdf format. 

Download NCERT Books pdf for Class 10

Download NCERT Books for Class 11

NCERT books for Class 11 are constructive for the students' academic preparation. NCERT has its own set of books for every subject that needs understanding the concept with practical implementation, which also requires solving each chapter from this book. NCERT books for Class 11 aim to create a strong base for students by not only clearing the concepts but also by sharing relevant examples which in turn facilitates the learning of crystal clear concepts.

NCERT Books for Class 11 consist of English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science -CCT, Psychology, Business Studies, Accountancy, Economics, History, Geography, Political Science, and Physical Education. All these CBSE textbooks’ download is just a click away.

Download NCERT Books pdf for Class 11

Download NCERT Books for Class 12

NCERT Books for Class 12 consists of English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Psychology, Business Studies, Accountancy, Economics, History, Geography, Political Science, and Sociology books. The books have been published by NCERT and are equipped well enough to prepare for CBSE board exams as well as competitive exams. All the books are as per NCERTs latest edition textbooks. Moreover, you can also read the book’s chapter-wise or download an e-book pdf format.

Download NCERT Books pdf for Class 12

FAQs on NCERT Books

What is NCERT?

Ans. The National Council of Education Research and Training (NCERT) is an autonomous organization under the Government of India which was established in 1961 as a literary, scientific, and charitable Society under the Societies Registration Act. Its headquarters is located at Sri Aurobindo Marg in New Delhi. The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) was set up by the Government of India to assist and advise the Central and State governments on policies and programs for qualitative improvement in school education.

What are NCERT Books?

Ans. NCERT books are concept and skill-based knowledge books. It aims at providing a conceptual understanding of every subject. NCERT Books are available in English, Hindi, and Urdu medium. NCERT books are multidimensional that develop confidence among students to create a strong base of knowledge.

  1. They offer an easy understanding of every subject.
  2. NCERT Books 6th to12th is the excellent source material for public sector jobs and Government jobs like banking, staff commission or the most opted civil services exams.
  3. NCERT Books are the best materials for any civil service aspirant. Concepts in NCERT books 6th to 12th should be solid to clear any civil service exams.

What is the Full Form of NCERT?

Ans. The full form of NCERT is the National Council of Education Research and Training.

NCERT is an organization that publishes books not only for school education but also for competitive exam preparation. The competitive exams like NEET, IIT-JEE can easily be cracked with the help of NCERT books. The NCERT is a body having a reputed team of academicians and scholars that frame an education system in such a manner that students can excel in every field.

How to Read NCERT for UPSC?

Ans. There are the following steps to be followed while reading the NCERT textbook efficiently for any UPSC exam.

Before starting to read, let us prepare ourselves:

Before starting to read, take a stopwatch and record the time required to read one page of a particular NCERT textbook properly. Then see the number of pages that are present in that textbook and multiply that number by the time required for reading one page. Calculating will give you a time frame of exactly how much time you require to read one textbook thoroughly.

Since now you know how much time is required to read one book we can start reading.

1st Reading:

Whenever you start reading any book, keep a highlighter marker, pen, and rough copy readily available near you. Once you start reading, keep marking all the new words or topics that you come across. As soon as you come across any new topic, try to find out the meaning and concept behind it immediately and start keeping a note of it. 

2nd Reading:

2nd reading should be done within a gap of 2-3 days maximum. When you start your second reading, try to recollect the concepts that you had studied earlier and seen how much you can remember correctly. Based on that, you should determine the intensity of your second reading. While doing the second reading again, try to mark essential topics that you may have missed in the previous reading. This reading will help you become familiar with all the chapters in the book.

3rd Reading:

This time you do not have to go into full details about the topic; hence this reading will not take much time. Try to do this within a 2-3 days gap. In this reading brush up on all the essential topics that you have marked in your earlier readings. This should be sufficient to help you grasp all the concepts in the book thoroughly.

Testing Yourselves:

Now since you are familiar with the textbook, you can start solving questions from all the chapters present in your textbook and try to find out which topics you are lagging on and resolve the issue. If you religiously follow all the steps mentioned above for all the textbooks that are required for UPSC, then surely you will attain many benefits.

Is NCERT Enough for NEET?

Ans. NCERT textbooks are the Bible for appearing for the NEET exam. NCERT books can solve 70% of your problem of where to study. If you study the NCERT textbook for biology thoroughly, then it is sufficient for you to score 300 *(Only if you revise more than three times)*. However, for NEET, NCERT is sufficient only for Biology, except that for other subjects like Physics and chemistry you need to follow some different books apart from the NCERT textbooks. The most common books students follow for physics is H.C Verma and I.E Irodov which provide a broad scope of grasping essential topics. And for chemist O.P Tandon is a classic book to follow apart from NCERT.

How to Read NCERT For NEET?

Ans. When it comes to preparation for the NEET Exam, going through the NCERT textbook for Biology is highly recommended by many people. However, often the question comes to the minds of the aspirants that how the NCERT Books should be studied. So the NCERT books firstly should be studied line by line because there are questions in the exam which are asked directly from the chapters itself so reading the book line by line will give a clear idea about the concepts. Also, make a note of the essential topics. Doing so will help at the time of revision of the exam. One should also keep highlighting the critical points so that they can remember it till the exam time. When talking from an exam perspective, biology should be started at first due to excessive weightage followed by physics and chemistry, but in the end, it is a personal choice which subject should be picked first.

Is NCERT enough for JEE Mains?

Ans. If we strictly talk about JEE mains, then NCERT is not sufficient for JEE. Although NCERT for Math, Physics, and Chemistry is enough for you to ace the board exams, the NCERT textbook for Physics and Chemistry might not be enough to score well in Jee Main. NCERT provides the outline of the syllabus that needs to be followed for JEE, but the level of study you get from NCERT is not sufficient for clearing JEE mains. For Physics, the level of explanation in NCERT is not up to mark; hence it's better to follow some different books like H.C Verma and D.C Pandey. For Chemistry also you need to follow some different books like O.P Tandon.

What is NCERT Exemplar?

Ans. NCERT exemplars are practicing books that contain additional high-level questions and are meant for in-depth learning of the course. They are mainly for JEE mains or JEE advanced exams. The exemplar book contains conceptual sums, which cover CBSE board exams and competitive exams.

The NCERT exemplars are meant to provide in-depth learning to the candidates. They are designed in such a manner so that students can get themselves exposed to a variety of whole new questions. It mostly contains application-based questions that help students to get an idea about the practical implementation of the concepts—some of the unique qualities of the NCERT exemplars are-easy to understand. NCERT exemplars also help in clearing basics, have a straightforward language and a plethora of questions for practice. All these features help to reduce examination stress and ace the preparation.

Which NCERT Books to Read for UPSC?

Ans. UPSC is one of the toughest recruitment exams in India. UPSC exams are divided into UPSC Prelims, UPSC Mains, and Personal Interviews. The first stage to becoming a civil service officer is UPSC Prelims. To clear UPSC exams candidate's preparation should be top-notch. To get your preparations to that level NCERT books are perfect materials. However, there is a question that pops in your mind "How to Read NCERT Books for IAS Preparation". Here we have a list of books that you need to follow for UPSC preparation. 

NCERT History Books needed for UPSC:

History is one of the crucial subjects of UPSC. Topics in the history of the NCERT Books for class 6 to 12 are presented in a manner that a candidate need not refer to any other books. Following is the list of books on NCERT History for UPSC preparation.

  • Class VI - Our Past
  • Class VII - Our Past - I
  • Class VIII - Our Past II and III
  • Class IX - India and the Contemporary World - I
  • Class IX - India and the Contemporary World - II
  • Class X - Themes In World History
  • Class XII - Themes In Indian History - I
  • Class XII - Themes in Indian History - II
  • Class XII - Themes In Indian History - III

NCERT Geography Books for UPSC:

Geography is a crucial subject in UPSC. It is asked in prelims as well as in Mains. Candidates are thus required to prepare all the concepts with clarity about the same. The NCERT textbooks not only provide the theoretical framework but also provide the candidates with in-depth knowledge of the concepts. Following is the list of books that a candidate should study for preparation.

  • Class VI - The Earth Our Habitat
  • Class VII - Our Environment
  • Class VIII - Resource and Development
  • Class IX - Contemporary India - I
  • Class X - Contemporary India - II
  • Class XI - Fundamentals of Physical Geography
  • Class XI - India - Physical Environment
  • Class XII - Fundamentals of Human Geography
  • NCERT Class XII - India - People and Economy

NCERT Civics book for UPSC:

A candidate when going to appear for an exam like UPSC is expected to develop a fair understanding of the Indian Polity. The NCERT Books shall provide with the essentials of the Indian Political System so that candidates can develop an honest insight about the same. Following books should be referred by the candidates when talking about Indian Political System

  • Class VI - Social Science: Social & Political Life I
  • Class VII - Social Science: Social & Political Life II
  • Class VIII - Social Science: Social & Political Life III
  • Class XI - Sociology: Understanding Society
  • Class XII - Indian Society
  • Class XII - Social Change and Development in India

When did NCERT Introduce the National Curriculum Framework?

Ans. NCERT introduced the National Curriculum Framework in 1975, 1988, 2000, and 2005. According to this framework, the syllabi of all the textbooks and teaching practices are being provided. This framework was designed, so it becomes clear what is expected of a candidate at the end of the academic year. It was designed to cater to the needs of the students.

Will NCERT books change in 2020?

Ans. According to the latest reports, we get to know that CBSE has planned to reduce the syllabus for school students scientifically to lessen the load so that they can make time for extracurricular activities to improve their holistic development. The NCERT is planning to reduce the syllabus by 15-20%, thus helping the students to focus on extracurricular activities also. The significant change can be seen in subjects like social science as compared to other subjects.

How to Download NCERT Books?

Ans. GetMyUni helps students and teachers to download NCERT books of all classes from 1 to 12 in PDF format for free. You can select the desired class and subject on the same page. The NCERT textbooks for all classes are easy to find out and download from Getmyuni. NCERT books free pdf download for class 1st to 12th are available on our webpage. The parents, as well as the students, can visit the official website of the NCERT to download NCERT books for class 1st to 12th. 

Is NCERT Enough for AIIMS?

Ans. For AIIMS the syllabus is quite tricky than NEET or AIPMT because the standard is much higher for AIIMS since the motive of the exam is to reject more people than to select. The number of candidates that appear for this exam is vast, so the medical council tries to keep the paper on the problematic side. NCERT provides the basics as well as deep concepts, but one can never be confident and say that questions will be asked from NCERT textbooks only. So it is always advisable to follow other reference books to keep up with the standard of the examination.

Is NCERT Enough for Class 10 Boards?

Ans.  From my own experience, I can say that if you have completed the NCERT textbooks for class 10th at least twice, then you are good to go for your 10th board exams. The 10th boards are purely based on NCERT textbooks and do not require any other reference books to follow.

How Many Questions in NEET Biology are from NCERT?

Ans. In NEET there are 90 questions from Biology, and out of those 90 questions, almost 50-55 questions come from NCERT textbooks or related to NCERT. So if you are thorough with the NCERT textbook, then you can score good marks.

Is it Important to Solve the Questions Given at the Back of Each Chapter?

Ans. Yes, it is of utmost importance to solve the questions given at the back of each chapter of all NCERT books. The questions given at the back of each chapter not only helps the students to get to know about their understanding level, but it also helps the students to know which is the most important topic from an examination point of view so that the candidates can prepare accordingly. It also helps the candidates to test their level of preparation. So, one should solve these questions diligently.

How to Get the Solutions of NCERT Books?

Ans. Often the students are confused about the solutions of the NCERT Books, and they are not able to find reliable sources from where they could find the Uniexact solutions to the problems of NCERT so as to avoid any hassle, GetMyu provides students with the solutions of NCERT Books.