It is a dream for many students worldwide to study in the UK and eventually work there someday. Part-time jobs in the UK for international students are numerous. Students planning on pursuing their higher studies and subsequent careers must consider taking up one as it will help them assimilate into the UK more easily.

Some of the reasons as to why it makes sense to take up a part-time job in the UK for international students are:

  • Utilizing the time outside class hours to earn some extra money
  • Paying off student loans
  • Acquiring skills and work experience

In the UK, international students can work for up to 20 hours a week and pursue their courses. During university breaks, students can work up to 40 hours a week.

Part Time Job Options/ Profiles for International Students in the UK

For international students, generally, there are two kinds of jobs that they can take up: on-campus and off-campus jobs.

On-Campus Jobs

On-campus jobs are preferable for international students as they have the opportunity to work and earn a salary within the confines of the university. In addition, students can opt to work within the various departments of the university. Apart from this, students can also choose to work in the university’s libraries, bookstores, cafeterias, gyms, laboratories, computer labs, and campus guides.

Students can choose to work in their first year and are allowed to work for up to 20 hours a week. During the university breaks and holidays, they can work for up to 40 hours a week. On-campus jobs are limited and are only available to meritorious or deserving students.

Off-Campus Jobs

Off-campus jobs are easier for students to find and they can take up jobs as delivery executives, front desk workers, cashiers, bookstore assistants, grocery store assistants, call-centre executives and as waiters/ waitresses at restaurants, among many others. 

As with on-campus jobs, students are allowed to work in their off-campus jobs for up to 20 hours a week outside university hours. However, students will need permission from their respective university authorities. During university breaks and holidays, students can work for more than 20 hours, or full time, in their respective jobs.

The table below contains the list and pay grade of off-campus jobs that students can opt for:

Job Profile Salary per hour (in GBP)
Retail Assistant 8 - 9
Cashier 8 - 10
Delivery Executive 4 - 6
Clerk 12 - 14
Library Assistant 10 - 12
Waiter/ Waitress 18 - 20

Pay Scale and Taxes for International Students in the UK

While working part-time jobs, students have to keep in mind the rules and regulations of their respective universities. There are many job profiles that students can take up part-time, and the pay along with the working hours may differ for each job. Students have to make their decisions in regards to the job of their preference based on their university schedules. In the UK, students are paid on an hourly basis.

Students have to pay taxes while working in the UK, depending on their income earned and their eligibility for personal allowance. If the income earned is above the tax allowance, then students will have to pay income tax.

Part-Time Job Regulations for International Students in the UK

While looking for part-time jobs in the UK, international students need to be wary of the policy and regulations regarding working part-time as students in the UK. Understanding the regulations regarding part-time work in the UK is imperative, as it can help reduce the conflict between work and student life and generally ensure that the student is not violating any of the country's laws or policies of the employer and university.

Students also have to ensure that they achieve a balance between studying and working. This means that students must remember that their goal is to get that university education, so their studies will take precedence over part-time work.

Finally, it makes sense for students to look for part-time work in the vicinity of their university campus. Students need not break their heads while searching for part-time work near their university campuses as there is plenty of help and resources to help guide students with the same.

Below are some of the part-time job regulations for international students in the UK:

  • Students enrolled in full-time university programs are allowed to work for up to 20 hours a week. For this, the student visa needs to be issued for full-time degree programs at universities.
  • Students enrolled in programs other than full-time degrees can work for up to 10 hours a week.
  • Students enrolled in part-time programs are not allowed to work in the UK. This means that they cannot be self-employed or do business, nor can they work as professional athletes or entertainers.

How to find Jobs in the UK?

On-campus jobs are limited and are only available to deserving students. For other students, there is always the option of off-campus part-time work. This may seem like a daunting task for many students, but as mentioned above, there are plenty of resources and help available to enable them to find part-time work. Finding a job off-campus is not difficult, and students are mostly only expected to have good communication skills. However, the onus is on students to find the right job that fits their profile.

Students should work on a CV even when looking for part-time work, as a CV adds value to their profile and increases their chances of landing a job.

Students can opt for the following means of looking for part-time work while studying in the UK:

  • Students can look through local newspapers and classifieds when searching for part-time work.
  • Students can also look through job portals on the internet. Job portals are convenient as they can apply for their desired job directly through the job portal and get shortlisted.
  • If all else fails, students can seek help from the careers team of their respective universities. The career team will help students find out what the most suitable job is for them in the local area. The career team will also help deserving students find on-campus jobs as per their profile and requirements. 

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