Ph.D Hindi Syllabus and Subjects


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Surobhi Chatterjee

Updated on Jan 4, 2023 by Surobhi Chatterjee

Surobhi Chatterjee

Updated on Jan 4, 2023 by Surobhi Chatterjee

The Ph.D. in Hindi syllabus is divided into six semesters which is two every year. A Ph.D. in Hindi course imparts specific theoretical knowledge in the subject areas to the students, such as Research, Shodh, Medieval period, Reetikaal, Broad Perspective of Indian Renaissance and Hindi Renaissance, Gandhism, Indian Theater, and Western Theater concepts, and so on. 

Semester Wise Ph.D. in Hindi

Like any other academic degree, Ph.D. in Hindi Subjects and Syllabus teaches students in classrooms through theory and practical lectures, workshops, projects, thesis, among other things. The Ph.D. in Hindi Subjects list consists of 4-8 core subjects compulsory in the doctorate course. The Ph.D. Hindi course is semester-wise, and the course curriculum comprises four parts: foundation, core, electives, and research projects. The syllabus for Ph.D. in Hindi specialized wise are:

PhD Hindi First Year Syllabus

Semester I

Semester II

Dissertation Design

Research: Intent, Nature, and Purpose

Methodology And Utility Of Material Compilation In Research

Shodh: Anusandhaan, Gaveshana Aur Sarvekshan

Shodh Ke Saadhan Evan Upkaran

In Research, Preconception, Imagination, Contrast, and Hypothesis

Shodh Kee Pravidhi Aur Prakriya

Facts and Truths In Research

Aitihasik Evam Sanskritik

Literary Research And Scientific Research

Research Proposal

Research Project

PhD Hindi Second Year Syllabus

Semester III

Semester IV

Rhythmic Poetry: Traditions and Discourses

Medieval Period: Time, Society and Culture

Reetikaaleen Kaviyon Kee Soundarya - Drashti

Nature of Medieval Perception

ReetiKaal Aur Molly- Bodh

Concept of Medievalism

Bhakti Movement and Hindi Pradesh

All India Perspective Of The Bhakti Movement

PhD Hindi Third Year Syllabus

Semester V

Semester VI

Asmitaamoolak Vimarsh : Stree Vimarsh, Dalit Vimarsh, Aadivaasee Vimarsh

Broad Perspective of Indian Renaissance and Hindi Renaissance

Humanism, Nationalism, Orientalism

Hindi Literature Existentialism And Psychoanalysis

Marxist Literature Thinking: Basis and Superstructure, Class Basis of Literature, Relative Autonomy of Literature, Content, and Form

Gandhism: Truth, Ahimsa and Swaraj, Gandhism 

Research Proposal

Research Project

Ph.D. in Hindi Subjects

All Ph.D in Hindi subjects are taught in different specialization courses, which help students understand the knowledge and pursue a better career ahead. The Ph.D. in Hindi subjects like Research, Broad Perspective of Indian Renaissance and Hindi Renaissance, etc. taught in the course curriculum are necessary for the graduates to expand their knowledge in the theoretical and practical aspects.

  • Research: intent, nature, and purpose
  • Medieval period: time, society and culture
  • Reetikaal, Broad Perspective of Indian Renaissance and Hindi Renaissance
  • Gandhism
  • Bloomfield and Structural Linguistics
  • Theory of developmental studies
  • Indian Theater and Western Theater concepts

The Ph.D. in Hindi Course Structure

The Ph.D. in Hindi syllabus and course curriculum is structured into two categories, namely core and practical subjects. The course for the curriculum has been divided into six semesters, with two each year. Some of the Ph.D. in Hindi course details are:

  • III-V Years
  • Core and Theory subjects
  • Projects/Assignments
  • Research and Viva

The Ph.D. in Hindi Teaching Methodology and Techniques

The Ph.D. in Hindi degree course curriculum includes various teaching methods and techniques that help students understand multiple topics taught in their classes. Some of the different teaching methodologies and techniques adopted in the course curriculum of The Ph.D. in Hindi degree course are as follows:

  • Live Demo Sessions
  • The emphasis of Practical and Theoretical Learning
  • Guest Lectures, Seminars, and Workshop
  • Group Assignment and Discussion
  • Learning through Industrial Visit
  • Practical Development
  • Research Work

The Ph.D. in Hindi Projects

Project Topics for the Ph.D. in Hindi is an amazing resource opportunity for students from Hindi arts and literature backgrounds and masters (Ph.D./MA) looking to complete a ground-breaking career. The Ph.D. in Hindi project or research topics are related to the medieval period, drama, Hindi literature, linguistics, ancient Hindi period, folks and tales, laws, politics, etc. The students can take Ph.D. in Hindi project topics based on their interest in languages, history, social science and complete the project work. Some of the best project topics for a Ph.D. in Hindi is:

  • Shri Lal Shukl Ke Sahitya Mein Rajneetik Chetna
  • Pandit Chanderdhar Sharma Guleri Ke Sahitya Ka Vishleshan Atmak Adhiayan
  • Kubernath Rai Ke Lalit Nibandhon Ka Saanskritik Vishleshan
  • Sawadesh Deepak Ke Sahitya Mein Kathya Aur Shilp
  • 'Ashak' Ke Upnayason Mein Panjab Ke Shahari Madhiyavarg Ki Chetna
  • Braj Aur Punjabi Ke Vivah Sambandhi Lok Geeton Ka Tulnatmak Adhyayan

The Ph.D. in Hindi Reference Books

Best books for Ph.D. in Hindi help students understand various subjects and topics covered in the course curriculum. The Ph.D. in Hindi reference books help doctorates expand their knowledge and vision about multiple topics covered in their classes. Some of the very best Ph.D. in Hindi books are:

The Ph.D. in Hindi Reference Books



  Childhood And Growing Up in Hindi Medium

Rajesh Kumar Vashist

Adham Ka Aaklan

S.K. Mangal, Shubhra Mangal

Hindi Adhyapan Padhdhati

Vinod Patil 


Harivansh Rai Bacchan


Prem Changed 

Other Category Courses