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Kripal Thapa

Updated on Oct 3, 2022 by Kripal Thapa

Kripal Thapa

Updated on Oct 3, 2022 by Kripal Thapa

PhD in Engineering syllabus can differ for the students based on the specialization that the students decide to pursue. PhD in Engineering is of 3 years in which the courses are spread across six semesters. The PhD in Engineering subjects are designed to give the students a deeper understanding of the course and specialization they choose to pursue.

Semester Wise PhD Engineering Syllabus

The PhD Engineering course is all about research and learning. There are various subjects which are categorized in the semester wise pattern. The PhD Engineering Course Engineering syllabus is Research Methodology, Ethics of Research, and Literature Review.

PhD Engineering First Year Syllabus

The table below shows the list of PhD Engineering first-year syllabus:

Semester I Semester II
Formal Methods: Program Correctness, Hoare Logic, Program Semantics And Model Checking Parallel And Distributed Systems
Foundations Of Computing Software Systems
Final Research Independent Research With Seminars

PhD Engineering Second Year Syllabus

The table below contains the list of PhD Engineering subjects in the second year:

Semester III Semester IV
Philosophical and Sociological Basis of Educational Research  Final Research Proposal
Supervisor Directed Course (Need-based) and Research Supervisor Directed Course (Need-based) and Research

PhD Engineering Third Year Syllabus

The table below contains the list of PhD Engineering subjects in the Third year:

Semester V  Semester VI
Independent Research with Seminars Independent Research with Seminars

PhD in Engineering Subjects

The PhD Engineering Course syllabus depends on the specialization that a student chooses to focus on. Core subjects are subjects that would help students to learn how to conduct productive and ethical research. The electives are the optional subjects that students choose based on their specialization.

  • Research Methodology
  • Ethics of Research
  • Literature Review
  • Ethics of Using Social Media in Research
  • Research Tools
  • Proposing a Research
  • Formulation of Research Proposal

PhD in Engineering Course Structure

The subjects are decided to keep in mind that PhD Engineering is usually the final degree that a student gains. Therefore it needs to be ensured that all the important information is provided to the students. 

The students can choose electives based on their specialization and areas of interest and submit a research-based final dissertation at the end of their degree. The course structure is:

  • Vi Semesters
  • Core And Elective Subjects
  • Dissertation Submission

PhD in Engineering Teaching Methodology and Techniques

PhD Engineering encompasses different teaching methods. Apart from traditional lecture-based training, the students are trained with group projects and other action-based learning methods. 

At the end of their degree, students are expected to submit a final research dissertation in the final semester. The research project motivates the students for deeper research, understanding others' perceptions, brainstorming and teamwork. In short, the teaching methodology and techniques are:

  • Research Sessions
  • Group Projects
  • Case Methodology 
  • Workshop
  • Final Dissertation Submission

PhD in Engineering Course Projects

PhD Engineering subjects and syllabus are centred around teaching students how to conduct a research project independently and write a dissertation at the end of their degree. 

The research ensures that the subject they decide to focus on is done properly and is in-depth. The difference between the research conducted at the doctoral level and that at the master's level is that at the doctoral level, the research is to understand the existing trends and facts or a subject and improve and add to the existing research.

Popular PhD Engineering dissertation topics are:

  • The Birth Of Communism 
  • Media And Politics
  • Journalism And Its Relationship To the Public
  • The Relationship Between Politics And Literature In The 19th Century.
  • An Analysis And Case Study Of Artists And Art During Times Of War.

PhD in Engineering Course Books

Before starting any education, students must ensure that they have all the resources to pursue the course with ease. Purchasing or renting out books on the subjects and specialization is key as it helps students plan how they would want to pursue their education. Below is a general list of some books which introduce students to research methods and will help them when they plan to make a dissertation structure:

Name of the Book Author
Research in Education Best, John W. & James Kahn
Applying Educational Research: A Practical Guide For Teachers Borg, Walter R. 
Educational Research An introduction Borg, Walter R. & Meridith, D. Gall
Methods of Educational Research Engelhart, Max D.

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