Doctorate studies in Economics are aimed to focus more on research work. However, to broaden their learning vision, minimal coursework is included in the curriculum to equip the graduates with the technical knowledge required for their thesis. The subjects pursued will have a greater emphasis on the foundations pursued in postgraduate degrees. 

The coursework is split into 4 mandatory papers with one optional stream. The number of specialized electives depends upon the institute’s course structure which isn't fixed. The course work is limited and provides basics for research work, which will bring in more job scopes for Ph.D. Economics Graduates. The following subjects are included in the curriculum which is aimed to provide adequate theoretical knowledge for research work. This syllabus structure is  followed by major universities across India:

PhD in Economics Subjects:

Some of the subjects included in the PhD Economics Syllabus are: 


PhD Economics Syllabus
SI No Subjects
1 Introduction to Research Methodology
2 Advanced Economic Theory
3 Data Collection and Organization
4 Probability Distribution and Testing of Hypothesis
5 Econometric Methods
6 Topics in Mathematical Economics
7 Econometric Methods
8 Advanced Econometrics
9 Advanced Microeconomic Theory
10 Advanced Macroeconomics Theory


PhD Economics Syllabus
Paper-2[Development Economics]
SI No Subjects
1 International Trade and Development
2 Poverty and inequality
3 Rural development
4 Urbanization and development
5 Labour and migration
6 Economics of the computer and information science
7 Health and education
8 Environment and development
9 Governance and the political economy of development
10 International Macroeconomics
11 Industrial Economics
12 Political Economy of Development


PhD Economics Syllabus
Paper-3 Mandatory(Financial Studies)
SI No Subjects
1 Overview of Financial Markets
2 Modeling the behavior of asset prices
3 Hedging strategies with financial markets
4 Trading strategies in financial markets
5 Interest rate derivative
6 Role of Financial Intermediaries
7 Macro-economic consequences of Financial Imperfections


PhD Economics Syllabus
SI No Subjects
1 Advanced Economic Theory
2 International Trade and Finance
3 Economics of Planning
4 Public Finance
5 Theory of Economic Growth and Technical Progress
6 Development of Economics
7 Agrarian Development
8 Welfare Economics
9 Economics of Education and Development
10 Economics of Energy


PhD Economics Syllabus
SI No Subjects
1 Thesis presentation
2 Comprehensive Viva Voce

Other Related Syllabus and Subjects:




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