PhD in Commerce Subjects & Syllabus: 

The PhD in Commerce course subjects include theories on accounting, finance, management and market. A sample syllabus schedule is given below. 

Research Methodology

Research Methodology Subjects
S.No Subjects
1 Introduction to Research Methodology
2 Data Analysis for the Research Methods
3 Data Collection and Sampling
4 Research Report Writing

Research Proposal and Presentation

This paper is more of a self learning one as it involves studying a topic through research and presenting it to the lecturers and department faculties

Research Proposal and Presentation Subjects
S.No Subjects
1 Literature Review
2 Writing Research Proposal 
3 Presentation
PhD in Commerce Subjects
S.No Subjects
1 Contemporary Research in Accounting 
2 Capital Market Theories 
3 Basic Economic Concepts
4 Accounting Theory 
5 Corporate Finance Theories
6 Contemporary Management Theory
7 Classical Management Theory
8 Theory of Entrepreneurship I 
9 Theory of Entrepreneurship II

 Entrepreneurship and Management Theory ted Subjects and Syllabus: 

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