PGDCA Syllabus & Subjects:

The syllabus included in the Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications [PGDCA] curriculum, which is widely followed throughout the nation is tabulated below. While minor variations in the syllabus structure may be noticed, the crux of the curriculum remains the same.

Full-time (1-year) course:

PGDCA Syllabus - Semester 1 PGDCA Syllabus - Semester 2
Computer Fundamentals Visual Basic
Application Software Packages Object-Oriented Programming
Programming in ‘C’ Concept of DBMS through FoxPro
Computer Organisation and Architecture Introduction to Internet Technologies
System Analysis and Design Introduction to Linux
Practical Lab-1 (PC Software +Programming) Practical Lab-2 (Programming + DBMS + Internet)

Part-time (2-year) course:

PGDCA Syllabus - Semester I PGDCA Syllabus - Semester II
Fundamentals of Information Technology Visual Basic
Programming Java
Soft Skills DBMS
Practical Work Practical Work


PGDCA Syllabus - Semester III PGDCA Syllabus - Semester IV
Software Engineering and Data Structure and Algorithms
Business Process PPM & OB
Oracle Project
Web Programming Practical Work
Practical Work -

PGDCA Subjects:

The subjects which are included in the curriculum of the PGDCA course are enlisted below. While minor variations may be observed in the subject composition of certain colleges and institutes, the crux of the subject composition is maintained throughout.

  1. Fundamentals of Information Technology
  2. Programming in C and C++
  3. Visual Basic
  4. Java
  5. Database Management System [DBMS]
  6. Software Engineering and Business Process
  7. Oracle
  8. Web Programming
  9. Data Structure and Algorithms
  10. PPM & OB
  11. Computer Organization and Architecture
  12. System Analysis and Design
  13. Introduction to Internet Technologies
  14. Introduction to Linux
  15. Principles and Practices of Management and Organizational Behaviour

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