PGDCA Syllabus and Subjects 2024

Duration: 1 Year
Avg Fees: ₹7K - 1 LPA

The PGDCA Syllabus focuses on providing both theoretical and practical knowledge of computer science and its applications over two semesters in one year. The subjects in the PGDCA course syllabus include C programming, Visual Basic, IT & OS, to name a few.

The PGDCA course is a  skill-based course with advanced technical expertise in computer and IT.  Graduate of the course has a wide range of job opportunities, including Web Design, UI/UX interface design, Technical Consulting, and Quality Analysis.

Table of Contents

Semester-Wise PGDCA Syllabus

PGDCA Syllabus is covered for a duration of one year. The semester-wise PGDCA Syllabus focuses on studying the subjects of programming, fundamentals of the subject, web programming, internet technologies, software development, data structuring etc. Listed below is the semester-wise PGDCA Course Syllabus: 

PGDCA 1st Sem Syllabus

Given below is the PGDCA Syllabus in 1st sem for reference:

PGDCA 1st Sem Subjects


Fundamentals of Computers & Information Technology

Brief History of Development of Computers, Input/Output & Storage Unit, Number System.

Introduction to Operating Systems (Dos, Windows, Linux) 

Introduction, History & Versions of DOS, DOS Basics - Physical Structure of Disk, Drive Name, FAT.

Visual Basic

VB Environment, VB The language, Visual Basic Controls from Toolbox, Managing Menus.

PC Packages

Office Packages-Office activities and their software requirement, Advanced Features of MS-Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook.

 C Programming

C Fundamentals, Built-in operators and function, Decision and Case Control Structure, 

Database Management System

Database System Concept & Data Modeling, Data Model, Relation Model, MYSQL/SQL.

PGDCA 1st sem Practicals 

In the list below are the practicals offred 1st sem of PGDCA syllabus:

  • Computer Fundamentals Lab
  • Data Communication & Networking Lab
  • Introduction to Operating Systems

PGDCA 2nd Sem Syllabus

Given below is the PGDCA Syllabus in 2nd sem for reference:

PGDCA 2nd Sem Subjects


Web Design (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML)

Image Editing Tools,  Basic tags used in HTML, Elements In HTML, Attributes In HTML, Formatting In HTML, Meta Tags and their use, Commenting a HTML Code.

System Analysis and Design

System Concept: Definition, Characteristics, Elements of system, Initial Investigation, Tools of Structured Analysis.

Internet & E-Commerce

Internet, E-Mail, Word wide web (www), Html, Javascript Overview, syntax & conventions, E - Commerce, Concepts, Advantages and disadvantages.

Financial Accounting with Tally

Basic Concepts of Accounting, Financial Statements, Financial Statement Analysis, Create, Alter & Display Groups and Ledgers.

Cloud Computing

Evolution of Cloud Computing, Service and Deployment Models, Service Level Agreement (SLA) Management.

PGDCA 2nd sem Practicals 

In the list below are the practicals offred 2nd sem of PGDCA syllabus:

  • Application Development Using PHP Lab
  • Introduction to Android Programming & Python Lab
  • Programming in Java Lab

Odisha State Open University PGDCA Syllabus

Odisha State Open University in Sambalpur is a public university that specializes in distance learning. They offer a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programs, including an 18-month (1.5 year) PGDCA course. See the PGDCA syllabus table below for OSOU:

PGDCA 1st Year Syllabus

Semester I Semester II
Computer Fundamentals Web Design (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML)
Office Automation (Word, Excel, Power Point) Database Management System 
Data Communication & Networking Application Development Using PHP
Computer Fundamentals Lab Web Design Lab 
Office Automation Lab  Database Management System Lab
Data Communication & Networking Lab Application Development Using PHP Lab
- Project Work

PGDCA 2nd Year Syllabus

Semester III
Programming in Java
Introduction to Android Programming & Python
Introduction to Multimedia & Photoshop
Programming in Java Lab
Introduction to Android Programming & Python Lab
Introduction to Multimedia & Photoshop Lab


MCNUJC is a government university in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. It offers full-time UG, PG, and Ph.D. programs, including PGDCA  course. Check the table for PGDCA syllabus at MCNUJC.

Semester I Semester II
Fundamentals of Computers & Information Technology Programming with Visual Basic.Net
Introduction to Operating Systems (Dos, Windows, Linux) Internet & E-Commerce
PC Pakages System Analysis and Design
- Project Work

Electives- I : A) Foxpro

                   B) MS Access

Electives- I : A) .OOPS and Programming with C++

                   B) Financial Accounting with Tally

PGDCA Course Subjects

The PGDCA Subjects give the students a thorough understanding of computer programming concepts and practical application abilities. Given below is a list of PGDCA 1st sem subject name and PGDCA second sem subjects divided into core, elective and practical subjects:

Core PGDCA Subjects

The core subjects of the PGDCA Syllabus provide an important framework for the advanced study of computer applications and their related field. Below is a list of PGDCA Subjects: 

  • Business Process
  • Oracle
  • Java
  • C++ Programming
  • PPM & OB
  • Fundamentals of Information Technology
  • Web Programming
  • Computer Organisation and Architecture
  • Problem Solving and Programming through C

Elective PGDCA Subjects

The elective subjects provide candidates with a range of skills that help them excel further in their career advancement. Below is a list of electives offered in the PGDCA Course Syllabus:

  • Foxpro
  • MS-Access 
  • Databased using MySQL
  • Fundamentals of Multimedia
  • OOPS & Programming with C++
  • Financial Accounting With Tally
  • Development Of Android Applications 
  • Big Data
  • Web Development Using Laravel Framework  

PGDCA Practical Subjects

Practical subjects, also known as lab subjects, train candidates in the development of skills in computer applications. Below are the practical courses offered in PGDCA Subjects:

  • PC Packages 
  • Computer Fundamentals Lab
  • Data Communication & Networking Lab 
  • Introduction to Operating Systems 
  • Programming with Visual Basic.NET
  • Application Development Using PHP Lab
  • Database Management System Lab
  • Introduction to Android Programming & Python Lab
  • Introduction to Multimedia & Photoshop Lab

PGDCA Subjects in Detail

PGDCA Syllabus includes a wide range of subjects such as JavaScript, Python, C++, etc. Some of the PGDCA Subjects are given in detail below:

PGDCA Subjects Topics Covered
PC Packages Office Activates and Their Software Requirements, Word-processing, Spreadsheet, Presentation Graphics, Database, Introduction and Comparison of Various Office Suites.
Foxpro The RDBMS for PC, Concept of Database, FoxPro - Versions, features, Requirement of Hardware and Software FoxPro - Menu System.
Fundamentals of Information Technology  Block Diagram of Elements of Digital Computer-their functions, Memory, CPU, I-O devices, Secondary Storages, Magnetic Tape, Disk, CD-ROM, Other recent developments-Scanners, Digitizer, Plotters.
System Analysis and Design Initial Investigation: Determining Users Requirements and Analysis, Fact Finding Process and Techniques, Feasibility Study: Determination of Feasibility Study.
Programming with Visual Basic.Net The VB.NET Language-Variables-Declaring variables, Data Type of variables, Forcing variables declarations, Scope & lifetime of a variable, Constants, Arrays.
'C' Programming C Character Set, Identifiers and Keywords under ANSI C. Data Types, Constants: int, float, double, char. Qualifiers: long, short, unsigned and signed.

PGDCA Course Structure

The PGDCA Course Subjects are divided into theoretical teaching and practical/lab work during the two-semester-long duration. The course also includes skill-based elective subjects. Give below is the PGDCA Course Syllabus structure:

  • II Semesters
  • Core subjects
  • Practical work/ Lab training
  • Individual project
  • Group project
  • Workshop

PGDCA Teaching Methodology and Techniques

The PGDCA Course Syllabus encompasses non-conventional methods to enable students in developing their computer skills and applications knowledge along with polishing their soft skills. Some of the PGDCA teaching methodology and techniques are listed below:

  • Audio training
  • Visual training
  • One-to-one communication
  • Online added computer materials
  • Practical work
  • Counselling sessions

PGDCA Course Projects

The PGDCA Syllabus has projects at the end of the course that serves as the basis of qualification. The candidates need to complete the projects to get the proper credit points required for graduation. Here are some of the popular PGDCA project areas listed belo

  • ATM-based Broadband ISDN and Congestion Control
  • Credit Card Processing and Data Mining
  • Voice Biometrics and the Implementation of a Network Security Layer
  • Middlebox Architecture and Its Design and Implementation
  • Java and Static Analysis Perspective On Smart Card Security
  • Java Applications for a Bluetooth Platform
  • The Identification of Facial Features Using the E-attendance Method
  • Data Mining for Credit Card Processing
  • Face recognition in e-attendance
  • Data Leakage Detection Using Cloud Computing

Reference Books for PGDCA Subjects

The PGDCA Course Syllabus is dynamic. Below listed are some of the popular PGDCA reference books for students to refer:

PGDCA Reference Books

Name of the Books


An Introduction to Database Management Systems

Bipin C. Desai

Programming in ANSI C

E. Balaguruswamy

Object-oriented Programming in C++

Nabajyoti Barkakati

IT Tools and Applications

Ramesh Bangia

Born to Code in C

Herbert Schildt

Computer Database Organization

James Martin


What are the PGDCA Course Subjects?

Some of PGDCA Subjects are Fundamentals of Computers and IT, Introduction to OS, IS, Web Design, etc.

Is PGDCA same as MCA?

PGDCA is a basic diploma that gives students a framework and knowledge of computer applications while MCA is an advanced technical course where candidates are provided in-depth information on computer technology.

Is PGDCA a higher degree than BCA?

Yes, candidates wishing to pursue PGDCA have to take up BCA as their UG course.

Is doing PGDCA enough to get a job?

Yes, PGDCA Course candidates can get a job in the IT field easily after graduation.